Which projector do you recommend?

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A reader asked: A client needs a new business projector. Which projector do you use and why? Do you have advice about how to shop for a projector? Here are some of the more comment specs you’ll see for projectors.

No projector? No problem. Use QR codes + SlideShare to share your slides

The Eloquent Woman

Here's a useful and easy social-media option speakers can use to put their slides into the hands of the audience right away--even if there's no projector or the projector's not working. And of course, every speaker should have this tactic as a backup plan should the projector fail.

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How To Give A Great Presentation With Just Your Phone

Presentation Guru

Projectors Technology Apps & Add-Ins presentation technologyMobile devices are becoming increasingly capable of doing more than offering the means for checking emails, sending text messages, and playing frivolous games. And of course, they can also be used to make calls!

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InFocus: Great people, great projectors

Presentation Zen

You know, a projector to show PowerPoint slides," she replied, with a look on her face that said she clearly thought I was from another planet. SInce I moved back to Japan I've been using several of the outstanding Japanese projectors. "Do you need an in-focus for your meeting?"

Public Speaking - Projector Set Up

Great Public Speaking

Make sure there are one or two spare projection bulbs with the projector and that they work. It's even better to use a projector that allows you to switch bulbs instantly if one burns out. When using projected visuals, or any visuals, it is important to incorporate them into your presentation from the beginning. You will want to plan your visuals to enhance your presentation. You don't want them to compete with you for attention.

Presentation Tidbits - Projector Connection and Selection

PPT - Powerful Presentation Techniques

The first gives an excellent reminder in 6 easy steps on how to connect a laptop to your projector and the other gives 3 questions to ask when choosing a projector to purchase. I like the 3 questions but would add in a 4th - will you be traveling with your projector? If the answer is yes you need to include the size, weight and carrier options for the projector you are considering. I apologize for not posting for a couple of weeks.

Dealing with poor projectors

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

I have been corresponding over the past few weeks with a subscriber in an Asian country who is having challenges with projectors. The greatest challenge is that the projectors that are supplied for his talks are usually old models with bulbs that are past their prime. I shared two strategies that might help him and help you when faced with situations where the projector is not very good.

Projector thoughts from PC Magazine

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

Today PC Magazine published an article reviewing some projectors and started with a review of what factors they consider important for selecting a projector. First, he says that for most business presentations an SVGA (800 x 600) resolution projector is just fine. If all you are displaying is text, that may be OK, but today's top presenters are using visuals to support their message which require an XGA resolution projector as the minimum acceptable.

Worst PPT Slide Contest Winners at InFocus

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InFocus, the projector manufacturer, has just finished its Worst PPT Slide Contest and announced the winners! You can view them here. They asked me to write a guest blog post to help people avoid the pitfalls that you see in these slides. You can r ead my advice on their blog. I hope you find it useful! Miscellaneous PowerPoint Tips

Technology is a luxury, not a necessity

Speak Schmeak

If your computer dies or isn''t compatible with the projector, if the projector bulb burns out, if your teleprompter croaks, your presentation still must continue.

PowerPoint Tip: What to look for in a travelling projector

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

I have been asked twice recently about what specifications or features I would consider when purchasing a projector to take with you to present to small to mid sized groups (2-100 people). lb projector is just a little more than a 4 lb one - it is almost 38% heavier and your arm will tell you after only a few trips. Don't be convinced that a lower priced SVGA projector will properly project an XGA signal because it won't.

Presentation delivery tips for the greatest impact

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Years ago, projectors were less powerful and it was hard to see the screen when the lights were on, but that’s changed. I just did a webinar for the Canadian Association of Communicators in Education called “Presentations that Impact Lives.”

Presenting with an iPad

The Presenter's Blog

Simple to connect to a projector via a VGA connector. Unable to plug-into the power while connected to a projector. Many audiences breath a sigh of relief when that projector goes off, so it can be used to indicate a shift from presentation into discussion or activity.

Presenter View: Your secret presentation tool

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That’s because Presenter View is designed to be used with your computer plus a projector. The problem is that you usually don’t have a projector with you when you’re practicing (although practicing with a projector is a great idea).

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The Power-Cut Presenter

The Presenter's Blog

The same thing happens when the bulb in the projector decides to pop. They then look to the projector, and next they look to you, the presenter. Once back into his stride, the COO could deliver the presentation as if the projector had never failed.

Set up your show

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Usually a second monitor is an LCD projector, but it can also be a second monitor attached to your computer. You may want to match the native resolution of your projector. Recently, a reader asked me how to present without using any of the animation he had created.

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5 principles for easier and faster slide creation

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These days most projectors, screens, and TVs are widescreen and a standard-sized (4:3) presentation will make you look a little out of date. I recently made over some webinar slides for a client and I can honestly say that the slides were the most messed up of any I’d ever seen.

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Microsoft releases a public beta of Office 2013–the next version of Office

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That’s because wide-screen projectors are becoming more popular. Microsoft has just released a public beta (pre-release vesion) of the next version of Office, called Office 2013. You can get it here.

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Presenter View; a quick tip

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

If you setup Presenter View, you can see a great summary of your presentation on your laptop screen, and show the regular presentation on the projector screen. Here is a quick tip to make your PowerPoint presentations a little more effective.

A Tale Of Two Brown Bags

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

One thing I didn’t do that hit me out of nowhere was consider the less than optimal quality of the projector. When I got to my example of a good corporate template, the template’s and the projector’s shortcomings became quite clear. However, this projector has been notoriously difficult to calibrate and I should have remembered that. Testing the slides on this projector is something I should have considered and planned for.

Presentation Tip: Be prepared: VGA is going away

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

For many years presenters have walked into a room and connected their laptop to the projector using a VGA cable. There are no projectors around. With more and more organizations moving away from projectors to TVs in meeting rooms, presenters will want to make sure they can connect using a digital connection. When organizations still use projectors, the new ones they are installing are set up to use HDMI connections.

Big Meeting Coming Up? Close the Slideshow; Pick Up the SlideDocs

Duarte Blog

For internal meetings where the goal is to build consensus, consider turning off the projector. Presentations have long been a staple in meetings. And, like everything popular, they’re also getting some backlash.

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Presentation Tip: Should you switch to 16:9 slides?

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

Because widescreen formats are becoming more popular for projectors and TVs used in presentations. First, ask the organizer of the event or the venue you will be speaking in what aspect ratio the projector or screen will be using. In those cases, the decision is quite easy: Use the aspect ratio that matches the projector or screen. What if the organizer doesn’t know or you don’t know what projector the room will have?

Five finds for speakers in work presentations & meetings

The Eloquent Woman

Here are five new tools, ideas and resources that have come across my desk recently to give you an edge in work-related speaking situations: Projector phone: The newly announced Samsung Galaxy Beam smartphone might whittle your presentation kit down to size, since it includes a projector. It's an " ultra-bright 15-lumen projector which lets you project a 50-inch wide image on a wall."

How to Play a PowerPoint Slideshow on TV


PowerPoint presentations are often presented via projectors, where an individual can copy files to a computer which is connected to the projector in the hall. However, sometimes the projector is replaced with a large monitor or TV. There are many ways by which you can connect your computer or mobile device to a TV for presenting your slides.

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4 finds to streamline your public speaking and presenting

The Eloquent Woman

No projectors needed. Presentations (most of the time) involve technology and tech headaches to match. But what if I told you that new tech tools are making it possible for you to juggle fewer devices and types of software for your next presentation?

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Superior Presentations 75: The Most Striking PowerPoint Slide to Include in Every PowerPoint Presentation

Executive Speech Coach

Here are three ways to use this technique Start your presentation with a blank screen Set up your computer and projector before your presentation.

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Visited by Captain Chaos? Resistance is futile

The Presenter's Blog

And then one day, a minute into a critical presentation, the bulb in the projector popped. S**t happens. Two little words that while vaguely profane, sum up most of the misfortunes that befall and befuddle presenters.

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How can I give a presentation using my iPad

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

The iPad is not yet the ideal presenter tool but it has got much better and it is now quite possible to create or import a presentation and display it on a projector using the iPad. It allows you to connect your iPad to a projector or external monitor. An external projector or monitor.

Public Speaking: The Keystone Effect

Great Public Speaking

When a projector is not exactly on a level plain with a projection screen the projected image is not symmetrical. Most of the time the projector is lower than the screen so the top of the image is wider than the bottom of the image and looks like a"keystone." Many LCD projectors can adjust for keystone electronically. seminar training projectors presentation skills get paid to speak public speaking membership site Tom Antion

Why you need to take every speaking opportunity

Speak Schmeak

In the process of connecting my computer to the projector, I realized I had left my cable in my other presentation bag. I forgot my stuff. I had a workshop Friday morning, and I thought I was ready, but I wasn't. I had finished my slides, I had finished my notes, I had printed my handouts.

Edward de Bono: The Pen Is Mightier Than The PowerPoint

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?

Not for de Bono, who sits next his overhead projector, sideways to the audience. For those with a long memory, early PowerPoint was hailed as a great, professional-looking alternative to scratchy overhead projector images. Edward de Bono ponders the human need for PowerPoint.

TED Talk: A story of survival, resilience, and hope (redux)

Presentation Zen

Projecting a powerful image for people to see—with their eyes and their hearts—does not necessarily require a projector. Storytelling takes listeners on a journey of transformation. The journey is a progression that reveals a change and the unexpected.

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The Correct Use of Darkness

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?

In the olden days, even expensive projectors were Jessica Simpson-dim, which meant room lights at zero and blinding spotlights on the presenter. Today’s projectors are bright enough to work under most lighting conditions. If you’ve got a really large screen, or a room with strong light coming through the windows, rent a brighter projector and keep the lights up. I’m in a very dark place right now.

PPT Remote Control for the iPhone

PPT - Powerful Presentation Techniques

The New York Times reported that touchscreen smartphones like the iPhone have found new utility as universal remotes for televisions and for projectors using PowerPoint.

What can a speaker learn from a tattoo artist?

Speak Schmeak

A speaker also has tools of the trade, whether it's PowerPoint and a projector, or her own method of using notes and a timer. Tattoo artists must be some of the most confident professionals out there, along with firefighters and astronauts.

September's top 10 #publicspeaking tips and issues

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No projector? No problem--Use QR codes and SlideShare to share your slides offers a high-tech but simple way to recover when the projector breaks--or just isn't there.

Are you making these rookie mistakes?

Speak Schmeak

Even with careful planning, projector light bulbs burn out, computers wig out and speakers freak out. There's nothing wrong with being an inexperienced speaker. We all have to start somewhere, and it's usually at the beginning. But don't let your inexperience ruin the audience's experience.

Speaking Tools Beyond Your Equipment

Pivotal Public Speaking

He or she may rely on laptops, projectors, PA systems, and so on, all in an effort to enhance the ability to communicate. When making a speech or presentation, a typical speaker usually has a number of tools to help convey their message. The best speaking tools, however, can’t be found in electronic shops or purchased online. The greatest speaking tools are actually within the person speaking. Let’s take a look at three of these speaking tools, which you can also use yourself.

Public Speaking - What to Do When Things Go Wrong

Great Public Speaking

Fifteen minutes into the program the video projector , an integral part of the program, conked-out. Since the projector was to be used throughout the day, something had to be done and done quickly. I told the audience to take a break and started scrambling to check out the projector.