Product Management: 6 Solid Best Practices For Newbie PMs


A product manager ensures that the product a company releases aligns with customers’ needs and expectations. So no wonder that the product management process can seem overwhelming if you’re new to the field or the company! What is Product Management?

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Product Review: Logitech Spotlight Remote

Manner of Speaking

Slides are a staple of most presentations. And if you use slides, you should use a good remote to go through them. My latest remote is the Logitech Spotlight. I have been using it for the past couple of months and am … Continue reading → Slide Presentation Logitech presentations Spotlight

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Multitasking & Context Switching Ruin Your Productivity


But hey, we all know that staying productive can be tough. You’ll learn exactly what context switching and multitasking are and get some tips on how to overcome both of these productivity-breakers! 4 Productivity Tips That Work. While these are certain productive tasks, they are almost rote and do not require sustained focus. Thus, juggling tasks of this nature means that your brain needs time for refocusing, and that’s when you break the streak of being productive.

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Product Placement Exercise

The Communication Blog

The recent release of Skyfall and the news that Heineken spent $45 million dollars to have James Bond drink its beer makes a perfect introduction to the issue of product placement. The following is a brief discussion of product placement and an exercise I developed for the artifactual communication chapter in my nonverbal communication book—still in manuscript. The actor and the movie give the product an image that the advertiser assumes will help sell the product.

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Product-Led Growth (PLG): The Ultimate SaaS Business Growth Strategy To Pursue


The competition today, both in the product and services space, is tougher than ever. As we highlighted in our previous post on customer-centricity , most buyers are no longer interested in the product itself. What is Product-Led Growth? Improve Targeting and Product Positioning.

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Noisli: A Simple, Effective Productivity Hack

Manner of Speaking

Preparing a good speech or presentation takes time and focus, both of which are often in short supply these days. In this post, I’d like to offer you a suggestion that might help you with the latter. For the past … Continue reading → Preparation focus Noisli white noise

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How to Boost Productivity using the Pomodoro Technique®


Many analysts are now arguing the strain on productivity that digital devices are causing. To boost productivity and to enhance the quality of work, it might be time to go Pomodoro®. Pomodoro during this time has been discovered and rediscovered by many to enhance productivity.

9-Step “Create Anything” Outline for Information Products

Succeed Speaking

So do you currently have products or resources that allow your attendees to “take you home&# with them? Business Strategy Product Creation Writing Books Information Products Product Creation for SpeakersDo you have a message and/or expertise that can help people? Of course you do. Are you able to “download&# everything you have to offer in a 45-90 minute keynote? Of course not.

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Productive Photo Walk Today

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

That doesn't mean I haven't been productive. Yeah, it's been quiet on this blog. In fact, as I'm writing this, I'm posting more of my most recent work from this morning's stroll through Martinsburg, WV. To see everything I'm putting out there, just hop over to my flickr page. To see what I consider to be my best work, follow the link below to my little home on 500px. mikepulsifer on 500px. Grab Bag

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Business Bullet Journal Guide: A Great Strategy to Max Your Productivity


And then there are those long-term goals – development of new products/services, expanding into new markets, or moving forward with digital transformations. With all of the daily demands, though, it is easy to finish a day and feel that nothing productive was accomplished.

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Make the product unique, not the packaging

Speak Schmeak

My hubby, a marketing manager and buyer for a specialty foods store, was visited by a vendor with a new product, a product that is similar to other products in its category, except for one thing: the size of the packaging, which is a good 1-2 inches taller than the other packaging in the category.

How to Enhance Productivity Using the Getting Things Done Concept


GTD and Other Productivity Methods. There are a number of productivity methods that you can use with the GTD method or opt for as alternatives to GTD. You can also mix other productivity techniques such as Pomodoro and Parkinson’s Law to further improve productivity.

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Gillette's "We Believe" Commercial = Product Suicide

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Some rant that they will never again buy products from Gillette or its parent company P&G. It's product suicide.  Gillette wants us to believe it comes to praise the values of the #MeToo Movement.

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6 Add-Ins That Will Boost Your Productivity

Presentation Guru

Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word are some of the most used software applications in the entire world, with over a billion users. If you are reading this, there is a good chance you are yourself a frequent users of them.

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Use your customers to improve your product

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

I am sure that they are using the community-gathered information to add new words to the dictionary to make for an ultimately better product. This is a simple and elegant way to make a better product, and to have happier customers. What are you doing to make your products better?

Create a product catalog with custom layouts

PowerPoint Tips

Sales reps can use PowerPoint to create a product catalog that they bring to potential customers. From the point of view of the Sales Manager, PowerPoint product catalogs ensure that the catalog always looks professionally laid out and the content is always up to date.

Five Reasons YOU Need Products – and “More Money” Is Not One of Them

Succeed Speaking

Rarely do I talk to a speaker who is indifferent about having products in his or her business. Most speakers are either enthusiastic about the benefits products bring to their businesses, or they hate products and say, “I don’t want to sell anything!&#

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Revealed! The Productivity Secrets of Laura Stack

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Laura Stack is a personal productivity expert, author, and professional speaker. Her mission is to build high-performance productivity cultures in organizations by creating Maximum Results in Minimum Time®. She is the president of The Productivity Pro®, Inc., a time management training firm, specializing in productivity improvement in high-stress organizations as well as the current president [.].

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Blog Carnival Today! Sales Coaching: Top Tips for Increased Productivity

DeFinis Communications

The Secret to Sales Productivity: Customer Data. The most productive sales people are those with the most current, accurate customer data. The One Tip that Could Significantly Impact Your Productivity. Three Tips to Boost Sales Productivity. Sometimes the shortest path to improved productivity is to eliminate what no longer serves you well. Sales Coaching: Top Tips for Increased Productivity. Productivity Tips from the Field.

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What We Can Learn from the Products that Made History

Presentation Guru

What can we learn from great speakers who have had to pitch to the entire world? While we’ve detailed the importance of sales pitches and how to spread your message through digital mediums before, we’ve never really looked into some of the more successful combinations of the two.

2017 84 & partner to offer 3 products in 1

PowerPoint Tips and I have partnered to offer a great joint product that contains: Green PowerPoint template package. Click here to see 2 of the variations in each package, plus read more about this joint product. But you can get this joint product for only $50!

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Make the product unique, not the packaging

Speak Schmeak

My hubby, a marketing manager and buyer for a specialty foods store, was visited by a vendor with a new product, a product that is similar to other products in its category, except for one thing: the size of the packaging, which is a good 1-2 inches taller than the other packaging in the category.

Two products updated for PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint Tips

I’ve just updated two of my products for PowerPoint 2010: 7 Steps to Great Images , my short e-book on quick image edits you can do to make a big difference right away. Create an Outstanding Presentation Self-Study Course , my full-length presentation skills course. If you bought one of these from me in the last two years and have upgraded to PowerPoint 2010, e-mail me (go to and click the Contact link). I’ll send you the updated version for free.

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Emerging Global Meme of Work Less, Boost Productivity - The Absolute Genius of Work/Life Balance Policies

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

After Microsoft Japan established the three-day weekend, productivity shot up 39.9%.  Work/Life balance is good for business.    That's what Daily Mail reports.   That model of working less instead of working more is catching on.

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Steve Jobs - Was He Psychic & Did That Help with Product Development?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The stretch from that is that such an ability to intuit the future helped with his product development. Over and over again, Steve Jobs told his illegitimate daughter Lisa two things. One, that he would someday be famous. And, two, that he would die young. Both happened.

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Now This: "Graham Chase Robinson v. Robert De Niro and Canal Productions"

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Today, announces law firm Sanford Heisler Sharp, Graham Chase Robinson filed a lawsuit against Robert De Niro and his business entity Canal Productions. There she had worked her way up to Vice President of Production and Finance. 

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Product Review: Anoto penPresenter

Beyond Bullet Points

I can see the potential of this product for those who have the right printer. Though the cost is higher than other similar products, this one lets you print your own slides instead of having to buy paper refills.

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Product Review: Papershow

Beyond Bullet Points

Canson, the company behind the product, might want to consider adding features to the software that allow users to use the mouse and keyboard to interact with the Papershow document.

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Romney Camp Refuses Questions About Its False Claims About Jeep Moving Production To China

TJ Walker Interactive

Uncategorized china Jeep Mitt Romney Moving Production

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Enraged? Planning to Post Negative Online Review about Product/Service? Not So Fast

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

As CBS reports, leaving comments about products, services, terms and conditions, and more has become as embedded a habit as surfing the internet. Essentially they are intended to deter any further badmouthing of their service or product.

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Developing Product: Risks and Rewards

Speaker Launcher

Imagine being on vacation and coming home to several thousand in on-line product sales? So what are some of the things we need to think of when developing product and how can we reduce our risk? If you are a sales expert then creating products for sales people makes perfect sense.

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Make Many Products from Every Presentation

Pivotal Public Speaking

Do you have products you sell along with your seminar?”. “No.”. She’s figured out how to produce products from every presentation, with little effort, that have brought her a lot of additional income.”. Tags: public speaking and business public speaking business products

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World’s best productivity strategy

Pivotal Public Speaking

You will be a lot more productive once you recognize that: 1. success goals productivityWe are all staring down the barrel of the same reality– the clock is ticking and no matter how you look at it, we are approaching the home stretch of 2011. You must consider the remaining 100 days of this year as a now or never opportunity to finish the year strong, to exceed expectations, and for some use it as a final chance at redemption.

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Hot Tip To Increase Productivity

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?

The office, with bandwidth on tap, is now the enemy of productivity. I am Captain Productivity! Tags: Trends Bluetooth Earpiece Man Collis Ta'eed facebook internet-free cafes productivity swine flu twitter wireless Pic: Ted Percival.

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Product Launches Should be a Big Deal

Duarte Blog

He made it sound like they’re all building a camel instead of a visionary or revolutionary product. They’ve given us a lot of feedback that has allowed us to build a product that I think takes things really to a very, very new level.

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Gorgeous and Cheap Video Production Technique

Great Public Speaking

Complimentary video to teach you how to make gorgeous backgrounds on your video productions for literally pennies. Would you like to have a powerpacked day of training?

Focus on Your Pitch Not Your Product

SpeakerSue Says...

It’s all about the pitch; the way you present your ideas about your product determines how safe and smart your buyer feels about taking a chance with your product. Two things: -Knowing your product. Pitch.

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7 Insights from the Jabberwocky Product Launch

Duarte Blog

Have you ever done a presentation for a product you didn’t believe in? How ’bout for a product that doesn’t even exist? Here are a few insights for Ted and Veronica, that you may find helpful, too: You need a product AND a presentation.

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Female Professionals Learn to Think Like Lawyers - "Caroline Ruiz v. New Avon and Avon Products"

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Distressed Avon should be braced for lots more stress. This time it will be on its branding as a business that empowers women. Eventually, the pressure also could be financial if there is a verdict against it in a jury trial or if it ponies up a hefty settlement. 

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Labor Day, Productivity, Overwork, Disruptive Business Models, And Bob Dilenschneider's Oped

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

On , Dilenschneider states: "America's 157 million workers - up 2 million from one year ago - are collectively the most productive in the world."  But more to the point, productivity in itself has become increasingly irrelevant in an era of disruption.

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Ultimate Revenge: Soakin' All The Cheater's Apple Products

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

After all, Apple products are pricey. Probably even a twisted mind like Edgar Allen Poe's couldn't have thought this one up for revenge. As Jeff Leeson reports in Mashable : " Twitter user @fooolishnessfly2. took revenge on her cheating boyfriend by rounding up all of his Apple gadgets and dumping them in a bathtub." " Her next step was to post of photo of that push-back on Twitter.

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Product Review: NXPowerLite

Beyond Bullet Points

In an earlier post I covered how you can shrink your PowerPoint files using PowerPoint tools , which mentioned that specialized software can do a better job of shrinking files depending on your needs.

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Disruptive: Not everyone's product/service choice (American Express learns)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Credit cards are so old economy.  But that's the platform on which American Express is enhancing its rewards program.  Rewards represent the front lines in the war among financial service providers.

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