Public Speaking Publicity: How to Write a Bio for Your Press Kit

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Most bios I read are more potent than sleeping pills. Some of the most talented authors write the worst bios. So do most professional speakers, who cram their entire life's history into their introduction, putting the audience to sleep long before they take the microphone. Don't even ask me what I think about the bios written by engineers, architects, accountants and attorneys. Why, oh why, do we make ourselves sound so boring?

The Marketing tools vital to a public speaking career

Pivotal Public Speaking

And a number of should-haves: a social media presence, a blog, a press kit, handouts, YouTube videos. Nick Morgan has written a very useful, practical post here. I just love his introduction: Let’s talk about the marketing materials you need to develop a paid public speaking career. There are a few essentials: a DVD, a website, a book, a one-sheet. And after that, the only limit is your imagination.


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Let it go: How to tell when your public speaking script should be frozen

The Eloquent Woman

Disney press kit image from the movie Frozen) Get involved in more conversations on public speaking with The Eloquent Woman. When I'm coaching speakers who are preparing and then memorizing a script for a talk--often a talk in the style of TED--we invest a lot of time on the script early in the process. We discuss concepts, go through drafts, reorganize, restate, revise. And then we do it again, as much as is needed to make the talk work for both speaker and audience.

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Authors, Publicity is Your Ticket to Success

Great Public Speaking

> Designing a press release that will generate results and get the media to pick up the phone and call you. => > How to create a press kit that will get you noticed and get you coverage. Join me for a complimentary teleclass with the fantastic Rick Frishman. How Authors use Publicity to Make Massive Book Sales" When: January 23rd, 8:00PM EST. We are giving away 16 tickets to Author 101 University but you must be on the call live to win!

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Does your conference have a "women to watch" list of female speakers?

The Eloquent Woman

Put that list on your website, in your registration materials and press kits, and at the venue. Thanks to the Amazing Women Rock blog, we have this handy guide to all the women speaking this week at TEDGlobal , taking place July 11-15 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Blog founder Susan Macaulay, who has attended TEDGlobal, pulled the list together and notes that TED still averages just 30 percent women speakers.

How to develop a paid public speaking career – VI: Marketing you should do

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  So focus on the social media you understand best – perhaps creating a Facebook fan page, for example – start your blog and contribute regularly to it, post some YouTube videos in your channel, put your slides on line, create a pdf version of your press kit – just get started.  It’s difficult to imagine maintaining a public speaking career these days without a social media presence, a blog, or YouTube videos, but some do. 

Public Speaking: Articles — Written by You, Written About You, Promoting You

Great Public Speaking

Turn them into demo tapes, an online press kit, one-sheets, and articles written by you and about you. Articles written by you and articles written about you are good to have to add to your online press kit. If you have ever been in a position to do sales or marketing, you have undoubtedly heard someone ask, “How can I get my name out there?” I’ve heard that question many times, though the answer has often been vague.


Great Public Speaking

You can get hired directly from the website and on many occasions with no press kit and no video 2. To stimulate interest, send press releases, post cards, email, faxes to your target publications. KICK START YOUR MEDIA MARKETING: 16 WAYS TO GET SPEAKING CLIENTS TO CALL YOU PART I Media is more than the standard radio, TV and print. Here are 8 of the 16 things I do to get publicity and because I'm a ham and also because I can't stand cold calling. Create a Great Website.

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Public Speaking : Referral Fees

Great Public Speaking

I offer 10 percent if someone calls because of Joe and makes me jump through all the normal hoops to send press kits, demo materials and keeps me on the phone for hours to see if I'm the right fit for their audience. You can be a really great platform speaker and still not get people to refer you for other speaking engagements. I don't know why that is.

Thinking Like a Tourist

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Get a tourism press kit from your Chamber of Commerce. I remember hearing of someone who lived in New York City and had never been to the Statue of Liberty. They could see the statue from their apartment window. I can relate to that. I lived in the San Francisco bay area for twelve years. During that time, I never took a ride on a Cable Car. My first Cable Car ride was on a return trip as a tourist after I had moved to Missouri.

How to develop a paid public speaking career – V: What you need

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  And a number of should-haves: a social media presence, a blog, a press kit, handouts, YouTube videos.  Let’s talk about the marketing materials you need to develop a paid public speaking career.    There are a few essentials:  a DVD, a website, a book, a one-sheet.    And after that, the only limit is your imagination. 

Positioning/Promoting Your Book: That Online Video Trailer

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  It can also be part of a press kit. "About 90% of your book's success is how effectively you position and promote it." " That's what I warn prospects investigating my ghostwriting services.    I add: This even applies to brandnames who publish books. 

Expressing your uniqueness in print

Another 10 to 15 percent are avid-readers who read everything (yes, even every article reprint in your press kit), and are great detail-oriented, bottom-line proofreaders. The One-Sheet is the most important part of your Presentation Kit.

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