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From Bullet Points to Visual Presentation – and Why It Matters

Presentation Guru

From Bullet Points to Visual Presentation – Finding the Right Images

Presentation Guru

There is an art to finding visuals that support your message.

2017 18

Hans Rosling: Upgrading our worldview via data visualization

Presentation Zen

His latest short presentation was posted this week and it's a great reminder of how to present a visualization in a simple, clear, and engaging way.

2015 61

resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences

Manner of Speaking

The same holds true for public speaking and presentation skills. It presents the same information, but in a creative and compelling format.

The Visual Thinking Revolution is Here!

Duarte Blog

CEO Patrick van der Pijl and Doodle Revolution’s Sunni Brown kicked off the conference with an expansive discussion on the future of visual thinking.

150+ Free PowerPoint Slides to Make Great Visually Appealing Presentations


Here is a compilation of some of our top free PowerPoint slide designs that you can use the next time you need to make a business presentation.

2015 33

Review of a new e-book: Visual Presentations

PowerPoint Tips

I recently received a free copy of a new e-book, Visual Presentations: Boring Slides to Visual Presentations in 3 Easy Steps, by M.S.

2 Great Visual Storytelling Books for Children

Presentation Zen

As it is the Christmas season, I thought I would recommend two books here that do a great job of presenting their material in an engaging, visual way.

2016 25

Kamishibai: Lessons in visual storytelling from Japan

Presentation Zen

The presenter changes the card, varying the speed of the transition to match the flow of the story he is telling. Kami (?) means play/drama.

Impact of Visual Aids in Presentations


Before you start making a presentation you need to ask yourself what your main goal is, and what message you want to convey. Presentation Tips

Maine 22

Interview with visual language expert Connie Malamed

PowerPoint Tips

Connie is the author of Visual Language for Designers. Your book is called Visual Language for Designers.

How to Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences

Presentation Guru

The same holds true for public speaking and presentation skills.

2017 12

Want your data to go viral? Make it visual.

Duarte Blog

Strategy Video Brian Dennehy Long Island Index Rauch Foundation RSA statistics viral video visualizeThe more clicks, the better.

Viral 50

Communication Visuals

The Communication Blog

So, I thought Pinterest would be a great medium to disseminate visuals that may prove useful in teaching communication. The boards you may find interesting in preparing slide presentations are those on illusions , communication , and choices. communication visuals illusions images for choice images for communication Pinterest

Four ways to reach the visual learners in your audience

Executive Speech Coach

The majority of people are visual learners. The eye is only one source of visual input. Text on a slide is not a visual. Warning!

2015 18

Hans Rosling: The Jedi Master of data visualization

Presentation Zen

Hans Rosling is one of my presentation heroes; he's been featured or mentioned in all my books and several times on over the years.

Better Presentations – A Guide For Scholars, Researchers and Wonks

Presentation Guru

Jon Schwabish is a Government Economist turned presentation guru. He’s a straight-talking, smart, presentation expert with a book to sell.

The Sales Presentation Paradox

Presentation Guru

For many businesses, the task of creating visual presentations can be seen as a chore – despite their importance.

Sales 30

Why speakers should use the invisible visual

The Eloquent Woman

You've heard that visuals are critical to getting your spoken point across, and that a picture's worth a thousand words. Your words count here.

Are you a visual learner?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

One of the clichés I hear all the time in defense of slides, or in support of adding something visual to a presentation, is the claim that “I’m a visual learner.”    Back in the last century, a bit of pop science proclaimed that there are visual, aural, and kinesthetic learners, and each needed to be catered to. 

Why you present

PowerPoint Tips

I think it’s fascinating to understand the variety of reasons why you present. Why do you present? I received 158 answers.

2016 34

Brain Science Supports More Visual Slides

Professionally Speaking...

visual cues) used instead of, or in addition to, words make information clearer, easier to access and more memorable. Diagrammer ™.

2016 11

What Is The Best Multi-Touch Presentation Tool Around?

Presentation Guru

At Presentation Guru, we continuously try and keep our audience updated with the newest technology available.

The Best Websites for Google Slides, Prezi and PowerPoint Templates

Presentation Guru

… Resources Templates featured PowerPoint Presentation Design Prezi Templates Visual Aids

2017 26

Presentation Tip: Design visuals vs. Content visuals

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

Some presenters think that adding visuals, especially pictures, will instantly improve their slides. I agree that visuals can improve your slides, but only if those visuals help communicate your message more effectively. In this article I want to discuss the difference between design visuals and content visuals.

Making presentations with an iPad. It’s time.

The Presenter's Blog

Some months ago I blogged about presenting with an iPad. At the time I was still tiptoeing into the world of Keynote and tablet-based presenting. I’ve come to value the way that iPad lets you flick mid-presentation between KeyNote and news/video apps such as the New York Times. Philips Bluetooth speaker. All day battery.

Turn a presentation into a report or e-book

PowerPoint Tips

You might find it valuable to create a report or e-book from a presentation. But how do you turn a presentation into a report or e-book?

2015 83

Review: “HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations” by Nancy Duarte

The Presenter's Blog

If you track the world of presentation skills, then you’ll know the name Nancy Duarte as a multi-channel celebrity of the public-speaking world.

2013 21

Using Visuals in Financial Presentations « TJWALKER INTERACTIVE

TJ Walker Interactive

News analyzed from a communication perspective. How do I Keep my Audience Awake? You can follow any responses to this entry through RSS 2.0.


Hans Rosling: Doctor, Professor & Presenter Extraordinaire

Presentation Zen

The Zen Master of data visualization has died. 3) For the public, students, and policy makers, it is presented in a boring way. Indeed.

2017 42

Changing your presentation: When is it too late?

Joan Detz Speaker Services

You can make changes to your presentation anytime. But – and this is a big but – changes always present a cost. Audio Visual, PowerPoint & Podcasts Career info Presentation skills SpeechwritingIn theory, it’s never too late.

Fees 17

A Fast, Easy Way to Add Images to Your Presentation

Presentation Guru

Subscribing to pricey image libraries is probably not something the everyday presenter would consider.

The flipped presentation

PowerPoint Tips

Let’s say that you’re giving a presentation that requires you to provide a lot of detailed information to your audience. Flip it!

2013 57

10 tips for improving your presentations & speeches

Presentation Zen

The title of the talk is "10 Ways to Make Better Presentations: Lessons from Storytellers." The 15-minute talk can be viewed below. I misspoke.

2014 62

Visual storytelling lessons from Citizen Kane, one of Roger Ebert's favorite films

Presentation Zen

presentations? which we can extrapolate lessons for our own presentations or speeches. Most good presentations and keynote addresses.

2013 35

Find a Presentation Designer Here

Speaking about Presenting

Are you looking for a presentation designer? Rick Altman, Better Presenting. Philippa Leguen de LaCroix, Cornerstone Presentations.

Create a Visual Summary Slide

PowerPoint Tips

So I use a visual summary slide. PowerPoint visual summary slide. PowerPoint visual summary slide with SmartArt.

Content, visuals, sound: a well-synced presentation

Speak Schmeak

Notice how his visuals enhance the presentation. But what I want to mention about this video has nothing to do with listening.

Public Speaking - Visual Humor

Great Public Speaking

These pieces of visual humor are seen in newspapers and magazines in most areas of the world.

Speakers' great examples of the invisible visual

The Eloquent Woman

In a speech loaded with analogies, metaphors and description, the gloves stand out for me as the most memorable visual. The twist?