Why Customer Centricity Will Win You More Business (in 2020)


Customer centricity definition is pretty simple: create the best possible customer experience (CX) you can by placing the customer in the heart of your company’s marketing, product development, and operations. As the definition points out, CX is only one aspect of a customer-centric culture. Or, in other words, “sprays and prays” that more people will buy from them instead of cultivating, long-term profitable relationships with the existing customers.

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How to Prepare a Listing Presentation: Guide for Real Estate Pros


To win more listings, move on from having a polite “pre-sales” chit chat with prospects to doing full-scale presentations of your services. But of course, there will be other agents knocking on the seller’s door, offering their services. In fact, 55% of sellers interview two or three agents before making the decision. So how do you get chosen among the sea of other agents? Total number of clients you have worked with.