White Papers & Thought Leadership - 6 Must-Dos

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A growing platform for how they are doing that is through the  white paper.  A white paper, of course, requires an investment of resources, including the ghostwriting services of communications experts such as myself. White papers are simply one tactic. 

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How to become a good speaker

PowerPoint Tips

Lack of practice. Practice, practice, practice. Then stand up and practice giving the talk at least two more time. Practice with a projector to make sure you don’t have connection problems. Check out the tips and white paper below for more information.

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Headlines, Even For Fortune 500 Client Assignments: From Clever to Shocking

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

It was for a white paper on social media.  And smart law practices are doing deep dives on the liability issues associated with drones. Clever word play for headlines used to get us ghostwriters plenty of repeat business.

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Blockchain - Rather than Eliminating Legal Sector Jobs, It's Creating New Ones

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Among the law firms with blockchain practices is Perkins-Coie. Law firms without blockchain practices will find that they could be closed out of new business. The hype in some media was that blockchain would destroy many niches in the legal sector.

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Over-40 - Why You're Not Seeing Those Help-Wanted Ads on Facebook, et al.

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There is also the recruiting practice of focusing primarily on college campuses. A major lawsuit against PwC objects to that practice. One way Facebook pitches itself to potential advertisers is its ability to micro-target ads.

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Improve your presentations 80% in 20% of your time

PowerPoint Tips

Practice delivering your presentation several times until it’s smooth. White Paper: From Death by PowerPoint to Life by PowerPoint with the Telln ‘n’ Show SM Method. The Pareto principle , also known as the 80-20 rule , states that, in many situations, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. For example, Microsoft noted that by fixing the top 20% of the most reported bugs, 80% of the errors and crashes would be eliminated.

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How to Develop an Effective Lead Generation Strategy


And that’s where you will need to apply lead generation best practices to enhance your process of identifying, capturing and engaging only with those prospects, who are clearly ready to buy from you. Getting plenty of traffic does not automatically equals sales and profits.

Social Media: Oh, we already have lots of webinars on that

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  Now, of course, not leveraging in a strategic way the best practices of social media is a competitive disadvantage.      I just finished a white paper for a communications firm about how government agencies could comply with the spirit and letter of the President's mandate to be more open to the people.    Communications pros have to return to a mix of best practices overall and to create their own innovations.

Pessimism great for us free agents

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  No, I can't put together a documentation manual for software but I can produce a white paper on emerging best practices in cloud computing. It's palpable: the economic pessimism.    A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll confirms that.    It found, report  Peter Wallsten and Eliza Gray in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, that two-thirds of Americans believe that the economy hasn't bottomed out, not yet.

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Like Yoda You Must Be

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They are the ones who have to go out and put your ideas into practice. Perhaps you can offer genuinely helpful charts, checklists, sample budgets, industry stats and benchmarks, plans, white papers, diagrams, a PDF of a chapter in your book or a good app. Give practical examples of how your solutions can be applied or share innovative techniques being used in the field.

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How to write, sell, and market a business book – III: The Proposal

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

   The one crucial element here is whether or not the book will be more complicated than words printed on paper.    Publishers look askance at any and all variations from black print on white paper because they add to the price.    Chapter Outline Here’s the chance to thrill your reader with teasers, promises, explanations and insights that practically give away the book. 

How Professional Speakers Can Get Big Visibility with Authentic Marketing Messages


Offer a free report or white paper through a link either to a squeeze page or to your free ezine. Many speakers I know practice this. How Professional Speakers Can Get Big Visibility with Authentic Marketing Messages Are you a professional speaker? Is your present marketing working? Working well enough so that you have enough profits to vacation each year, buy a nice car, or pay your childs tuition? Now you can replace low results marketing with these five solutions.

Web Ink Now: Top ten tips for incredibly successful public speaking


Prepare and practice. I was curious though, as an experienced speaker, when you were first starting out how many times would you practice your presentation before your speaking engagement? Practice in front of a webcam? They used to do a practice called table topics where you would learn to speak on the fly about any object, subject or situation that was presented to you.

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How to Successfully Moderate a Conference Panel, A Comprehensive Guide " Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing


Research the topic The most entertaining panels have a dash of debate, look at an issue from many angles, practical steps to get started, and tell a few jokes. There is a very thin division between this and a vendor pitch, so it’s best to remember that a panel is more like a white paper, not a brochure. That’s a best practice, as then the audience may create several tags –causing confusion.

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