PowerPoint Tip: Video Best Practices

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This past week I posted a new article on the web site about best practices when using video clips in sales presentations. In the article, posted on the site at [link] , I talk about four best practices that you should follow when adding video to your PowerPoint presentation. The single biggest problem with most videos not shot by professional videographers is the low lighting levels.

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How virtual presentations can help your live presentations

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It's important to get practice in all of these, as the skills you develop when speaking without an audience can enhance skills you already have for speaking to a live audience. It's a natural form of interaction that can be almost effortless with practice and experience.

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If you have to use an auto cue or teleprompter

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As part of the process I wrote three scripts and emailed them to the videographer so that they were loaded onto an auto-cue ready for the shoot. 2) Practice! The more you practice your script the more natural and comfortable you will sound. Like anything else you still need to prepare and practice if you are going to make the most of it. The other day I went into the studio to record some short video clips for my website.

Why you should attend PowerPoint Live

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The sessions are very practical, so you leave with ideas you can implement immediately to improve your presentations. This is one of the premier gathering places for presentation designers, so you will see and hear the latest and freshest ideas from the top people in the business, like Nancy Duarte, whose firm does Al Gore’s Academy Award winning presentation, and Julie Terberg, whose innovative use of the animation features rival professional videographers.

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Dear Speakers - James Duncan Davidson - James Duncan Davidson


On the other hand, you shouldn’t make it hard on the photographers and videographers that are trying to capture your image. These are practical suggestions, Duncan. At a recent event, I discovered both how out-of-practice Id become and the extent to which you never forget how to ride a bicycle. It might be convenient for a videographer, but it is hell for an audience. Much easier to understand than to actually do it all correctly but practice makes perfect.

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