NCAA Football program uses PowerPoint

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I found this article (at [link] ) that shares how the University of Tennessee football players find that they have been able to absorb their playbook quicker because of the PowerPoint slides that the coaches have used. It is quite obvious in football that practicing what is taught is essential. People need to have time to practice what you are teaching or sharing.

Coaching a cadre of scientists to give TED-quality talks

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After the workshop, we set up 1:1 coaching and script reviews over a series of months to help them polish and practice the talks.

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Five Ways to Speak Like Obama | BNET

To achieve the body language that’s effective for you, focus on a single attribute — for example, calm — and practice implementing it in the basic motions of your day, from getting dressed in the morning, to leaving your home for work, to greeting your friends and colleagues. Practice calmly walking up to the lectern or the front of the room. And, while it mentions "practice," I suggest a stronger directive: Number 7: Speak often.

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Who's on First:Selling Your Programs to Education Committees

The committee usually chooses speakers who they have used before or someone has told them You need to get this speaker," explains Susan Taylor of the Tennessee Association for Home Care. Because many committee members dont see it, your material is practically worthless unless it is used as backup for interest generated from the preview and the name recognition.