Book Review: Speechwriting In Theory and Practice

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Speechwriting In Theory and Practice, by Jens E. Kjeldsen, Amos Kiewe, Marie Lund and Jette Barnholdt Hansen Reviewed by Neil Hrab, Rhetoric Editor, Vital Speeches of the Day A Book We’ve Long Awaited Speechwriters have hoped for a long time to see a book like this appear in print. Speechwriting in Theory and Practice’s 13 […]. Speechwriting Book Review

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NY Speechwriters Conference Debrief 1 of 3: David Murray

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The Silicon Valley Speechwriters Roundtable conference call took place May 21 at the end of the first day of the Professional Speechwriters Association (PSA) World Conference held May 22-23 at New York University. Podcasts Speechwriting Brian Jenner David Murray

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Guest Posting: How to write a really good three-minute speech in 10 minutes, by David Murray

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This posting recently appeared there and I was impressed by the practical advice it contains. It captures the essence of the speechwriting process. Speechwriting Practical TipsDavid Murray is the editor of Vital Speeches of the Day.

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New Speechwriting Book Available


My new book – 10 Steps to Writing a Vital Speech – is being published by the best brand in executive communications and speechwriting: Vital Speeches of the Day. They make great Christmas gifts for the favorite speechwriter in your life. Audience Books editing Speeches speechwriting

Practice Twitter To Cut The Blather

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?

All presenters should Twitter, to practice compressing an idea into 140 characters. Tags: Speechwriting clarity kevin rudd Presentations twitter More clarity, more impact. End of post. Blather.

Shatter Your Writer's Block Pt I: Speechwriting in Reverse

Speak and Deliver

So when I have the opportunity, I''ll practice a speech from an outline (real or mental), record it, and then go back and transcribe, edit, and prepare it for prime-time. In fact, I did this just last week, at a club contest that I intended on being just a practice for my home club contest.

The commute communicator: Practicing speeches in your car

The Eloquent Woman

"I''m still practicing my speech on my way to the office! He''s one of many speakers I coach who don''t have much time to practice, thanks to their busy schedules. Yet I know that practice may be the single most important determinant in whether their speeches are a success.

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7 secret advantages of the speaker who practices

The Eloquent Woman

As a speaker coach and trainer, I can tell you that the one thing I always recommend is the same thing my trainees rarely do: Practice, and lots of it. I don't just recommend practice for your speech or presentation because it sounds good. You'll get better at it with practice.

Public speaking pet peeves from frequent speakers & speechwriters

The Eloquent Woman

Inside Voice is the interview series in which we ask speakers and speechwriters to share their public speaking insights, lessons learned, and best practices. That's his pet peeve as a speechwriter.

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Guest Blog: A Corporate Speechwriter’s Halloween Tour of Medieval England

DeFinis Communications

A veteran speechwriter and executive communications specialist, Ian Griffin helps CEOs and senior managers develop strategic messaging and content for presentations to audiences worldwide. What about the speechwriter? Who would the speechwriter dress up as for a Medieval Halloween Ball?

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Oxford notebook: Women speakers, speechwriters at #uksgox2014

The Eloquent Woman

The second half of my England trip was to Oxford, where I attended the spring conference of the UK Speechwriters Guild and European Speechwriters Network and offered a pre-conference workshop, the UK debut of my Be The Eloquent Woman workshop.

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practicing figures of speech online

The Eloquent Woman

I'd recommend this resource for beginning speakers looking to build a set of speaking (and speechwriting) skills--and for experienced speakers who want to fine-tune or upgrade their presentations.

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Practical to political: The all-in-one on women speakers & wardrobes

The Eloquent Woman

At the same time, there are practical issues prompted by wardrobes for women speakers, who begin with far more choice in what to wear.

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From the vault: 7 secret advantages of the speaker who practices

The Eloquent Woman

As a speaker coach and trainer, I can tell you that the one thing I always recommend is the same thing my trainees rarely do: Practice, and lots of it. I don''t just recommend practice for your speech or presentation because it sounds good. You''ll get better at it with practice.

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'Clap on the name': a practical tip for Ed Miliband and/or his speechwriters

Max Atkinson

Yesterday, I mentioned an example in Ed Miliband's first speech as Labour Party leader where the audience might have applauded more promptly had the two parts of a positive-negative contrast been written the other way around.

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Practical advice for freelance writing

Joan Detz Speaker Services

I received this note from freelance writer/editor Chris Dodd, who attended one of my speechwriting seminars many years ago: “Good luck with your session on bylined writing [Sat Aug 20]. I used to do a column for Writer’s Digest on where and how to sell your work. Do you advise writers to study a publication before pitching or sending their work, and to follow the writer’s guidelines? Can’t emphasize that enough.

Sit up straight! Your elders did know best

Presentation Guru

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DIY: Be your own speechwriter (Lesson 3)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Therefore, those of you who want to be your own speechwriter have to first do the hard job of learning about your best self for your own talks.  With practice, you will improve your performance. 

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Excellent resources for speechwriters

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Speechwriters can find source material in six broad categories: Engineering and Health Care. Engineering Education, Practice and the Profession. Every year, the National Academies publishes more than 100 studies on issues related to engineering, technology and quality of life. Engineering, Energy and the Environment. Engineering, the Economy and Society. National Security and Resilience. Public Policy and Program Reviews.

Scary thoughts for speechwriters

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In a nod to Halloween, I’m sharing some of the scariest lines a professional speechwriter can hear from any speaker: “They only gave me 15 minutes, but I’ll need to take at least 30 to say everything.” ” “Oh, I never practice my presentations for this meeting.

Good News For Speechwriters: CEOs talking again

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

CEO Douglas Parker are making these public appearances in employee locations a regular practice.    This is good news for us speechwriters.  The recovery is a reality.    And, as THE WALL STREET JOURNAL reports, Chief Executive Officers are returning to their public speaking, particularly to internal audiences.    Some such as US Airways Group Inc.

H-P: Object lesson to ghostwriters/speechwriters not playing new game

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

 The world of ghostwriting and speechwriting has gone through paradigm shifts in demand and expectations.  It's the courage and energy to try deviating from the supposed best practices of ghostwriting and speechwriting.

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'Objects as visual aids': UK Speechwriters' Guild Conference, 2010

Max Atkinson

It was potentially relevant for an audience of speechwriters, most of whom would have had conversations, if not arguments, with their clients about whether to use PowerPoint or some other type of visual aid.

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Your Dog, The Speech Coach

DeFinis Communications

When you have an important speech to deliver it’s critical to practice out loud at least three times. Typically, I recommend that you practice alone in a room, or in front of a mirror, or in front of a friend, family member or colleague. I don’t believe I’ve ever recommended practicing your speech in front of your trusted canine but apparently I’ve been missing out on a great resource. Speech Preparation Speechwriting Speaking Tips Vocal Skills

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iPad app Prompster is all-in-one speechwriter, recorder & teleprompter

The Eloquent Woman

Teleprompters were once the province of conventions and television studios. I've told you about open-source software that will put a teleprompter on your desktop or laptop. Now, iPad owners can take the teleprompter with them with new app Prompster , demonstrated in the video at the end of this post.

What can speechwriters learn from dentists?

Joan Detz Speaker Services

Something jumped out: Each dental practice listed the various languages spoken in its office. Whether you’re looking for a full-time PR job or hoping to get freelance speechwriting work, foreign language skills (even very basic ones) are always a plus. A few days ago, I looked at an online list of dentists. Sometimes it was just English.

Book Review: 10 Steps to Writing a Vital Speech, by Fletcher Dean

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

10 Steps to Writing a Vital Speech: The Definitive Guide to Professional Speechwriting, by Fletcher Dean Fletcher Dean is a working speechwriter at the Dow Chemical Company where he is Director of Leadership Communications. He’s also a regular presenter at the Ragan Speechwriters Conference and delivered a half-day workshop at the 2012 event on How [.] An added bonus are the Last Word and the Appendix which list practical tips that are worth the price of the book.

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9 secrets communicators will never tell you

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Holland wonders “What “secrets” would we never tell our clients about the work we do or about their own communication practices?&# His list of nine secrets lifts the lid on the frustrations speechwriters and other communications professionals have with corporate clients. Tags: Business Communication Speechwriting Communications professional Robert J.

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Speechwriting seminar: Master level lesson … from Defense Secretary Gates

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To those of you who have attended my annual master-level speechwriting seminar: Remember how I emphasized the importance of where and when a speech is given? Gates: In a blunt speech given on Saturday, May 8, Defense Secretary Gates challenged some of the Pentagon’s spending practices. . That’s master-level speechwriting at work. (As Interested in the next master-level speechwriting seminar?

Delayed applause, poor speechwriting & delivery strike again in George Osborne's speech

Max Atkinson

Delayed applause for Ed Miliband's claims on the 'centre ground' 'Clap on the name': a practical tip for Ed Miliband and/or his speechwriters Delayed applause for William Hague's boast about being in government What a peculiar Tory backdrop, Part 2: What do the flags mean?

Fear of Public Speaking: Speak Anyway

Speak and Deliver

Practice. Even without an audience, forcing yourself to practice creates more confidence in your material and builds valuable mind-memory to fall back on in the moment. Practice in front of your lamp or into your hairbrush or a peanut gallery of stuffed animals, but practice.

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Write Like You Speak - Listen to Yourself!

Speak and Deliver

Your speechwriting speed will increase, and your writing will become more concise. Transcription Write Your Speech Practice Speech Writing Write Like You Speak Winging It Wing Your SpeechSo glad we're in the computer age.

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The 135 Rule


The 135 Rule lasts as long as the first practice. So if you can be in the room – with a stopwatch – when the speaker practices, do it. Audience editing Speeches speechwritingHeres a question that comes up nearly every week from someone: How much do I need to write for a speech of XX minutes? Seems like an innocent question. Unfortunately, reality and experience suggest otherwise.

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Speaking of Self-Sabatoge.

Speak and Deliver

Reluctanceto Practice - big surprise here, right? Practice comes in a lot offorms, but one of the best is still speaking in front of your coach,and going over the HD video. Even if you hire a speechwriter, you're going tohave to at least rewrite to be authentic and effective.

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How to write funny

Joan Detz Speaker Services

Here’s a practical book that will help you add humor to every kind of writing: How To Write Funny (edited by John B. SpeechwritingI’m often asked about adding humor to speeches. Kachuba, Writer’s Digest Books).

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New Study Says Foreign Accents Hurt Speaker Credibility: What Can You Do?


So make sure your foreign speakers practice. Most of this boils down one simple tenet of good speechwriting: respect your audience. Good writing, practice, something worthwhile to say - all of them are important. Tags: Audience Speeches speechwriting

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Toastmasters Friday: Writing a World Championship Speech - Speechstorming

Speak and Deliver

Practice at your home club. World Championship of Public Speaking Editing Contests Speechwriting Toastmasters BrainstormingFor those of you not watching my every move, I'll recap a bit.

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Are you hiding behind your written remarks? Stand and deliver

The Eloquent Woman

Here's how to come out from behind the notecards to stand and deliver: Be frank with your speechwriter. Practice out loud, with a trainer--and the writer--in tow. Bonus: If you work with a speechwriter on a regular basis, she'll do a much better job if she can sit in on your practices.

2010 72

Does your speech need Spanx? 5 ways to rein it in

The Eloquent Woman

This takes practice, but there's a reason these approaches are popular with audiences: They keep the pace moving forward, and proscribe the slides and the talking. Tags: speechwriter secrets You've tried and tried, but it just won't fit.

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Want to get attention for your consulting business?

Joan Detz Speaker Services

Robert Lerose (a marketing writer who has attended several of my speechwriting sessions) spoke at the international conference of a professional trade association. I intend to add public speaking to my mix of self-promotion activities to build my copywriting and speechwriting practice.&# . Tags: careers in speechwriting If you want to build your consulting business, consider giving presentations at conferences.

A List of the “Best of the Best” in Public Speaking Information

DeFinis Communications

Speechwriting. Ranking these sites exactly would have been too difficult and subjective; coming to a consensus on 101 great sites to include on a comprehensive list was more practical. In many career paths (business, media, PR, etc,), public speaking skills are essential.

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Presenting in your 2nd language: My article for @Toastmasters

The Eloquent Woman

Not mentioned in the article is a new resource for those of you who wish to practice your speaking skills in English. SpellUp is a new experiment and game from Google: You use your voice to spell and play word games with it, as a practice tool.

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7 Tips to Ensure You’re Understood when Speaking to a Foreign Audience

Speaking about Presenting

Below I’ve outlined some practical and easy-to-implement tips for anyone addressing an audience of ‘foreigners’ Use these for minimizing inevitable cross-cultural misunderstandings and appealing to a larger crowd. This is a guest post by Leon Potgieter.

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