Why Customer Centricity Will Win You More Business (in 2020)


But, despite so much talk, few companies actually understand how to keep their customer focus sharp and, more importantly, why this area is worth more attention. Here’s why: Customers are No Longer Enticed by Products Alone. Free product walkthrough videos and demos.

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Product-Led Growth (PLG): The Ultimate SaaS Business Growth Strategy To Pursue


The competition today, both in the product and services space, is tougher than ever. As we highlighted in our previous post on customer-centricity , most buyers are no longer interested in the product itself. What is Product-Led Growth? Improve Targeting and Product Positioning.

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Boy Scouts et al. - Operating nonprofits like businesses

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  The latter imitates the best practices of consumer products companies like Coca-Cola.  Had the Boy Scouts had highly paid public affairs employees and consultants it might not have made the policy decision to exclude gays. 

MomsRising.org, et al. - What biz needs to learn about messaging/marketing

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Within Mommy communications, biz can find the new best practices for a mutating global economy continually disrupted by technology.    If consumer products companies want to listen it, they're certainly welcome. 

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Be a Star: 8 Tips to Make the Most of Your TV Appearance

Fripp THE Executive Speech Coach

The Escape production crew interviewed me the afternoon of Friday June 8 at the Bay Club and shot some “B-roll” footage of me training clients. That is not to say you shouldn’t practice your sound bites and know your message; it means that you need to preserve your own honest emotions and expressions. A guy from a video production company saw me and we are talking about a video. Be a Star: 8 Tips to Make the Most of Your TV Appearance.