How to Create an Effective Brainstorming Process in Your Company


If you have fallen out of this practice, here’s your quick refresher on the subject. The original rules he laid out for a brainstorming process were these: groups should throw out as many ideas as possible, no matter how “crazy” they may seem.

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Public Speaking Best Practices from My Clients

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I had several interesting calls this week which revealed tips to fit nicely into a “Best Practice” list. I haven’t practiced the 3, 4, & 5 syllable word drills you gave me.”. Practice by giving the presentation out loud and not just reviewing it in my head.

Mindset mastery is an ongoing process

Speak Schmeak

He just plain gets out of practice, and not just with speaking, but with his mindset. Like anything else that requires practice and repetition, getting your mindset in order is not a "one and done" kind of deal. It requires belief, practice, repetition and commitment.

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Bill Evans on the Creative Process & Self-Teaching

Presentation Zen

The whole process of learning the facility to play jazz, is to take these problems from the outer level in, one by one, and to stay with it at a very intense conscience concentration level, until that process becomes secondary and subconscious. But one must practice well.

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Age Discrimination at the Front End: The Hiring Process

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

That tended to prevent those over-40 from entering the formal recruitment process.  "The U.S.

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My Parakeet: A Lesson for Perfect Practice

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They say “practice makes perfect.” The only way to improve your competence at something as important as public speaking is to practice. But here’s the real secret: it isn’t enough to simply practice. After weeks of practice it finally happened.

10 Ways to Prepare for a TED Style Talk

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Delivery Event Strategy Tips INK Conference practice preparation present process rehearsal speech TED TED Talk TED Talks TEDx TEDxEast tipsThere’s one question I’m asked frequently: how to give a TED Talk that works. I’ve given all types of talks.

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Learning to speak is a process

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When you're just starting out, pick one new skill to practice each time you speak, and focus only on that. If stories and analogies are lacking, just practice those for a while. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of real-world experience. It's a process.

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Brain Space - For Lease To Process Extreme Angst

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Despite five years of mindfulness practice, my brain remains wired to process extreme angst. The unique benefit you will receive if you lease space in that brain is that your worries will be managed without dangerous side effects.

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From Creative Process to Global Politics: Insights from SXSW Interactive

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We still have plenty to process, but here are some of the highlights. He draws single cell cartoons for the New Yorker and TEXAS MONTHLY, and he walked us through his creative process, from coming up with an idea to drawing a cartoon and writing a caption. Practice everyday.

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Why Your Unhappy Lawyer Is Still Practicing Law

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

" Ibarra defines that as: " the process of disengaging from a central, behaviorally-anchored identity while exploring new possible selves, and eventually, integrating an alternate identity." The legal-sector manpower game has become increasingly brutal.

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The camera and Brett Kavanaugh

Manner of Speaking

The fight over the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh was the ugliest confirmation process for an American Supreme Court Justice that I have seen. I’m not American, but I am a lawyer, and I thought it was a sad indictment on … Continue reading → Video Brett Kavanaugh Christine Blasey Ford Heidi Heitkamp practice Presentation public speaking

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Make your talk better with practice and memorization

The Eloquent Woman

As speaker coach at the TEDMED conference, I can attest that memorizing the talks is the most-feared part of the process for speakers. From the article: All the live practice began to reshape the talk itself. This, too, comes easier with practice.

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"Jiantao" Or Public Apology In China - Counterproductive Communications Process For Your Reputation Management

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As Andrew Browne reports in The Wall Street Journal , the practice has been brought back by China's president, Xi Jinping. Constituencies want to see a change in the company's practices or different behavior on the part of the human being.

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7 secret advantages of the speaker who practices

The Eloquent Woman

As a speaker coach and trainer, I can tell you that the one thing I always recommend is the same thing my trainees rarely do: Practice, and lots of it. I don't just recommend practice for your speech or presentation because it sounds good. You'll get better at it with practice.

How To Use Hoshin Kanri For Business Planning


Strategic planning, or more specifically, strategic execution fails as executives are tied with too many priorities, and they allow the active review processes to go amis. Two of the major encompassing components of the Hoshin planning process are PDCA and Catchball.

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Guest Posting: How to write a really good three-minute speech in 10 minutes, by David Murray

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

This posting recently appeared there and I was impressed by the practical advice it contains. It captures the essence of the speechwriting process. Speechwriting Practical TipsDavid Murray is the editor of Vital Speeches of the Day.

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10 Ways to Prepare for a TED-format Talk

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The culling process forces you to convey only the most important information for spreading your idea. During this process it became clear to me that my big idea could be communicated much more effectively than it had been. Practice with clock counting up.

From the vault: 7 secret advantages of the speaker who practices

The Eloquent Woman

As a speaker coach and trainer, I can tell you that the one thing I always recommend is the same thing my trainees rarely do: Practice, and lots of it. I don''t just recommend practice for your speech or presentation because it sounds good. You''ll get better at it with practice.

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Salespeople who practice sell more…

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When I start getting tired, I’ll be able to remind myself that I did it in a practice run. Sales professionals often forget that they need to force themselves to do the same practice run. (Of Of course, if they never try new ideas, or push themselves to do something better or differently, they’re right; there is no need to practice (and you probably don’t need their outdated skills anymore). How will you practice using it?

4 stepping stones to get speaking practice

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If you're not ready for a prime-time slot as a speaker , but still want to get some practice, try these smaller stepping stones on your path toward public speaking: Ask a question when someone else is speaking. Not ready for a keynote speech, big presentation, commencement address?

The Secret to Being a Great Presenter: Continuous Learning

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Whatever the driver, continuous learning is a process that requires a deep personal desire, a commitment of time, and the willingness to exert effort. You can see how quickly your practice time will accumulate! Continuous learning is a key indicator of success.

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How to become a good speaker

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Lack of practice. When you’re comfortable with your presentation and with the audience, you can finally start to enjoy the process of speaking. Practice, practice, practice. Then stand up and practice giving the talk at least two more time.

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9 not-to-miss reasons for video practice

The Eloquent Woman

Do you really need video practice to speak well? But I'd say to any would-be speaker: Take any opportunity you can to practice on video, even if it's on your own. You don't need to practice on video every time, but it's a great aid to the speaker, and easier than ever to do.

Answer W5 before you write your next email

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An excerpt on email writing from Harness the Business Writing Process and from Harness the Email Writing Process : I know those who primarily write short messages sometimes feel that following the writing process will add significantly to the time they spend writing email messages. When you take the short-cut, you will still follow the writing process – that’s crucial to becoming an effective writer. This is just an exercise to take you through the W5 process.

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Using a video camera can be a painful, but enlightening, way to improve speaking skills

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While practicing your speeches is very important and video tapping those can be beneficial, using a live performance will provide much better feedback. A practice is exactly that, a practice. Then keep fixing what needs to be fixed - just keep repeating the process.

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Trust Me. Give Your Speech, Change the World.

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I mentally walk through this process now before I walk on any stage: Most of the non-verbal mistakes that speakers make stem from not being open to others. And that leaders need to practice to look spontaneous.

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Shatter Your Writer's Block Pt I: Speechwriting in Reverse

Speak and Deliver

It was through the Toastmasters contest process, as I competed year after year for the World Championship of Public Speaking, that I forced myself to wordsmith. In fact, I did this just last week, at a club contest that I intended on being just a practice for my home club contest.

Presentations: 5 Boring Behaviors and How to Fix Them

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BORING BEHAVIOR: Not Allowing or Encouraging Any Audience Interaction SOLUTION: Recognize that all audiences need a break from listening and some time to process what they're hearing.

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Communication Strategies: Feedback

The Communication Blog

12.06.2010 Communication Strategies: Feedback Throughout the communication process, you exchange feedback—messages sent back to the speaker concerning reactions to what is said. For example, in talking with someone who is trying to become a more effective interviewer, you might critically evaluate a practice interview but also express support for the effort.

SOCIAL MEDIA: KEY TO YOUR CAREER | Communication Steroids

Communication Steroids

70 percent check social media profiles at some point during the hiring process.* Doing it, and doing right, let’s a prospective employer know you are not mired in past practices; that you are willing to change and embrace new, innovative techniques.

Speaking Lesson from Gabrielle Giffords

Green Room Speakers

Gabrielle Giffords recovery process inspirational, particularly as a speech trainer. This reminds me of an earlier post, in which I quoted speaking advice from Roger Love, one of the foremost vocal coaches in the world: Try practicing singing your speech.

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Tips From the Acting Stage, Episode #3

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They don't speak too fast or too slowly, because they have practiced their lines until they get just the right tone and pace. But I am saying that if you practice your presentation enough times to become very familiar with your content and how you want to say it, you can come across as polished and intentional as an actor delivering lines. Tags: Practice and Rehearsal Presentation Tips and Techniques business presentation rehearsal story line

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Toastmasters Friday: How Smooth is Your Choreography?

Speak and Deliver

I mentioned last week I was joining Solar Speak, a club that is in the process of rebuilding on a foundation of six members. The strong transitions from President to Toastmaster to Evaluator to Speaker, etc, that come from repeated practice.

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Write Like You Speak - Listen to Yourself!

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Notice the difference in how your brain processes the same ideas from written to vocal. Transcription Write Your Speech Practice Speech Writing Write Like You Speak Winging It Wing Your SpeechSo glad we're in the computer age.

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Speaking Perfection is a Myth

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You have practiced more than once - at minimum in front of your dog. It is a lifelong process, even for the best of the best. Speaking Coach Practice Make a Point Toastmasters Paralysis of Perfection Start Speaking Speech Outline

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The Executive’s Guide to Digital Transformation


As a leader, it is your responsibility to understand exactly how emerging technologies are changing the standard business processes, modern workplace and managerial best practices. At the same time, the digital transformational process is multi-fold and difficult.

Managerial Guide to After Action Review (AAR)


Instead, they practice continuous evaluation throughout the project lifecycle. The AAR process was first designed by the U.S. In the late 90s, the AAR practice made its way to the industry. Problems can be discovered early on in the process and modifications made at that point.

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How To Prepare For A Job Interview: The Art of the First Interview

Matt Eventoff

1) Practice interview questions and answers – Since first grade you have heard that practice makes perfect. What is true is that practice does make you better. LeBron practices. Peyton Manning practices. Beyoncé practices. Maria Sharapova practices.

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Demosthenes and Modern Oratory

Matt Eventoff

Demosthenes is relevant here because of his dedication to practice and preparation. Sometimes passed two or three months in an underground cave, practicing his oratory. While I would never advocate living in a cave or practicing with pebbles in your mouth to improve oratorical skill, there are steps everyone can take to practice and improve. I will write a post at a later date detailing this process. Demosthenes is one of my favorite orators to study.

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Why can't every talk be a TED talk?

Speak Schmeak

Not only do I teach skills, but I also give my participants time to practice the skills they've learned. There's also a lot of "white space," time to process what the group is learning, to take breaks and to sleep on new concepts. TEDxUCLA TED talks are the "it-girl" of speaking.

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How to prepare for your Q&A session

Speaking about Presenting

Here’s the 3 step process I followed. And if you have strong views about the legalization of marijuana, don’t get side-tracked by my content, this post is about my process :-)). Practice Out Loud. I practiced answering each question over and over again. As I practiced articulating my answers I often came up with improvements to my original. In 2001, I was a candidate for the Green Party in New Zealand.

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Learning is not a one-way street

Speak Schmeak

Have you had a client unwilling to question their own current beliefs and practices, or unwilling to do work outside of the coaching sessions? Of course, coaching is a delicate process. The audience member or client cannot just “take” from the process and not “give.”

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