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6 steps to harness energy for vocal power

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Delivery Executive Presence Vocal Production energy focus posture vocal power How Green is Your Voice? We all want to be green. But as Kermit so wisely said, “it’s not easy being green.” Especially for people who have to get up and speak or sing in front of others. For us, energy efficiency is the ability to focus nerves, adrenaline, thought, talent, hopes, dreams, worries, feelings, […].

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Help for Tired Voices: The 5 Habits of a Healthy Voice

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vocal health vocal power buzz in voice frog in throat laryngitis teachers and voices tired voice World Voice Day It’s 4pm on a Thursday, and it’s been another long week of phone calls, meetings and non-stop talking. There is one more meeting on the calendar and your voice is so nearly gone that it actually hurts to speak. It takes a lot of effort to get through the frog in your throat to find […].

2014 206

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The Case for Cracking a Smile

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Presence engagement perception public speaking tips vocal powerLast week I was observing a wonderfully talented speaker. He was expressive, had an interesting voice, and used perfect pacing. However, there was something missing until…he smiled. It was a big, genuine smile that caused crow’s feet to blossom around his eyes (a Guy Kawasaki must!) and added a new sparkle to his voice. And […].

2015 169

Would it help if I sounded like a man? 5 Techniques for Quiet Talkers

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Many women think that a powerful voice is a low voice. Executive Presence gender mask resonance vocal powerPerhaps believing this to be the case, as women have stepped into more and more leadership positions in business, politics and the community, the average pitch of women’s voices in the western world has dropped significantly. On the average, women now speak only 2/3 […].

2015 159

5 ways to improve your voice in 2017

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Miscellaneous Vocal Health practicing public speaking tips vocal powerMany of us start the New Year with goals and promises to improve our lives. Of course, old habits die hard, and new ones may not stick. It takes anywhere from 21-254 days to form a new behavior, depending on the complexity of the behavior and the amount of time spent working on the change. […].

2017 136

An interview with your voice

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Musings Vocal Health exercises perception personal brand vocal powerHow well do you know your voice? Seems like a funny question, right? Just today, I told someone what I do for a living and they said, “There’s nothing you can do about your voice. It is what it is.” And I responded, “Not true. There’s a lot you can do to create a voice […].

2015 152

How Green is Your Voice? Take the test

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vocal delivery vocal power energy efficiency vocal impact voice problems To my knowledge, when world leaders met to discuss climate change, they did not discuss the ways in which speakers and singers waste physical energy. However, many speakers and singers do just that, with detriment to their talk or song and, ultimately, their message. But how do you know if you are wasting energy, why […].

2014 172

Women’s Voices in Business: Strategies for dealing with 3 common issues

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communication vocal delivery vocal power delivery gender characteristics of speech International Women''s Day vocal impact women women''s voices This week, I attended a conference for women presented by one of my corporate clients. There was a lot of discussion around Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, of course, and lots of tips on how to do that. Naturally, I didn’t think there was nearly enough said about the effect that a woman’s voice has […].

2014 182

Why a six-pack packs a punch for voice users

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Vocal Health breath support practicing Transverse abdominus vocal powerWhen I tell people they need to breathe, they often look at me funny. That look says, “Of course I am breathing. I am alive, aren’t I?” Even though studies have shown that singers use 75-100% vital lung capacity to sing, where speaking requires only about 60% vital lung capacity, when I train voices, I […].

2017 113

How to inspire others

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Is it power? Musings be inspirational engagement inspiration perception vocal powerWhat makes a talk or conversation inspiring? Is it magic? Is it beauty that inspires? Is it joy, pain, or sorrow? Leaders often feel a need to be inspiring because they want to get people to embrace their ideas and follow their lead. Performers want to capture the moment to bring an […].

2017 119

Pause: Create a Powerful Presence Through Silence

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For this reason alone, silence is a powerful tool. Speaking vocal delivery vocal power breathing delivery vocal impactIn a non-stop world, we have become non-stop speakers. Silence also allows you to breathe, and give your audience time to breathe as well. In our crazy world, silence is not easy to find, and it’s just not that easy to use either. Here are some [.].

Power 186

Vocal Impact Weekly Tip: Purpose and Repartée

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Intention Public Speaking conversations engagement networking personal brand practicing vocal power Is there method to your madness? Recently, a client asked me how to prepare to network at an upcoming conference that she will be attending. She is somewhat reserved and doesn’t enjoy small talk. We discussed lots of the basics, but in the end, her strategy wasn’t clear until she understood her intention for talking […].

2015 158

The Aging Voice: Thicker middle, thinner voice

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Vocal Health aging voice ENT exercises otolaryngology Speech Language Pathologist tired voice vocal powerIf you are over 50, you may have noticed your voice growing weaker, or phlegmier, or sounding more tired than it used to. Sorry to say, but the process that makes your knees sag also makes your vocal folds get thinner and lose strength and tone. Without sufficient bulk, the cords’ opposing tissues can’t meet […].

2016 129

How to create a strong voice, Part 1: Resonate!

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vocal delivery vocal health vocal power delivery mask resonance vocal impact Do you lose your voice at parties and conferences because you can’t be heard over the noise? Ever wondered how to create a voice that is strong- one that carries well over a distance? You’re not alone I love my blog. It connects me with people all over the world. Many write to me via [.].

2013 195

3 Steps to Create a Voice for Your Costume

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vocal power A few years ago, I published a post called “How to Disguise Your Voice.” Surprisingly, it continues to be one of the most popular posts on this blog. Part of me wants to take offense because that post is not nearly as scholarly as many of my other posts ; part of me thinks the […].

2013 184

Vocal space: Can I please hear you “Wow” me?

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Vocal Image exercises perception vocal powerOne of the most common vocal habits that we hear in business presentations is people dropping the volume of their last words to an almost inaudible level. I am quite sure the habit is a result of people being hunched over their computers all day, speaking into headsets rather than across a room. Headset mics […].

2018 100

How to create a strong voice, Part 4: Practice

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Speaking vocal health vocal power voice lessons breathing practicing public speaking tips World Voice Day Since I still practice the old-fashioned way, in a room or in my car going over and over what’s in my head…or in the shower… it hadn’t occurred to me that there were apps out there that could help someone practice delivery/performance skills until I received a note from a reader via the contact form […].

What babies can teach us about better speaking

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Speaking vocal health vocal power breathing Lung Cancer Awareness public speaking tips voice problems Breathing is a good idea. I think most of us can agree on that. And most people figure there’s only one way to go about it. Breathe in, breathe out. Simple. And yet, even though as babies we breathe efficiently and effectively, over time, hunching over desks, or sucking in a gut for passing admirers […].

2014 146

Your (Executive) Presence is Required

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Executive Presence Presence mask resonance perception public speaking tips vocal powerHow to demonstrate Executive Presence through your voice In 2012, the Center for Talent Innovation published a now-famous study about executive presence. The study, based on interviews with thousands of people, concludes that executive presence depends on getting three things right: appearance, communication, and gravitas (itself a set of behaviors). How you look, how you […].

How to create a strong voice, Part 2, Envision

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You can’t just increase the volume to create power in a voice. intention vocal power delivery Life of Pi Vision vocal impact You must have a strong vocal physique and a voice that reverberates and this should be combined with intention and practice. This approach reaps rewards. That’s why my techie clients have given it an acronym…the REAP approach to a strong voice. REAP stands [.].

2013 165

How to create a strong voice, Part 3: Align

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vocal health vocal image vocal power breathing Leslie Howard pelvic floor vocal impact Regular readers of this blog know that my mantra for alignment is this: For greatest vocal impact, align your intention with your content and both with your delivery. However, this post takes another, more physical look at alignment involving Posture, Presence and…(the REAL secret sauce) the Pelvic Floor. What are you talking about, Kate?) A […].

2013 163

Raise Your Voice! Autistic girl finds hers

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Raise Your Voice Speaking vocal health vocal power autism Expression TEDx voice problems In September, I was honored to coach a father/daughter team at TEDx OrangeCoast. The talk was about their experience with autism. You will be amazed by their story. The once-silent Leya is now blooming, and has become a vibrant, passionate speaker on behalf of children who are without communication. The message is one that needs […].

2013 157

Finally, a 2015 trend you can really use

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Musings mask resonance practicing vocal power Happy HolidaysThe year in review from the standpoint of Google searches tells a lot about what interests people. Although my own little year in review is based on searches too, I admit that it cannot compete with the search trends that lead to results such as the Kardashians’ lips or pumpkin seed recipes. No, people find […].

2015 119

How to Create a Sexy Voice

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vocal image vocal power sexy voice Valentine's DayThe other day, I was speaking with a woman who has chronic laryngitis. Her voice is very low and husky, and she gets lots of comments on “that sexy voice.” To me, it sounds tired and unhealthy, but I know people who want that sound because they DO think it’s sexy. So the questions I [.].

2012 182

What is your vocal variety saying about you?

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vocal delivery vocal image vocal power delivery Expression vocal impact vocal varietyVocal Variety is a term used by many speakers to describe variations in the sounds created by speaking. Other terms for this are inflection, expression or prosody. Vocal Variety is generally thought to be good. It creates interest and helps a speaker to have more influence over the audience. Toastmasters has a vocal variety speech [.].

2011 184

Vocal Impact Tip: How to get over the sound of your voice

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That’s right, the voice you have perfected to be so incredibly sexy and powerful is NOT […]. Is that my voice? The best way to know what your voice sounds like to others is to record it and listen to it. Right? Wrong! In fact you will probably never hear your voice as others hear it. Vocal Image #worldvoiceday2015 exercises listening recording upspeak

2015 130

Do you tic when you talk?

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Stage Fright perception practicing vocal power vocal ticWhen I was in high school, I had a French teacher who grunted between every few words; little pig-like grunts would come from her mouth even when she was not speaking. It was awkward for us, to say the least, and she was the brunt of many jokes. However, she was either completely unaware of […].

2016 100

This is why your communication doesn’t have impact

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Speaking vocal delivery vocal power cadence delivery public speaking tipsThe spoken run on sentence is also full of run on ideas and thoughts that confuse our communication because we stop being able to concentrate when there is no conclusion and too much data in what we hear as one long string of sound after awhile so we stop listening. Get it? Well, that is [.].

2010 187

You had me at “hello”

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Practical application vocal power voice lessons Boyd Blackwood breathing intention Life''s a pitch podcast vocal health Recently, I was interviewed by Boyd Blackwood as part of his very informative podcast series on iTunes called “Life’s a Pitch.” ” Boyd has interviews with many pros on the topic of presenting and persuading in order to prosper, and I highly recommend the series. The interviews are lively, entertaining and always informative and actionable, and […].

2014 116

How to kick the habit of too many filler words…and why you must!

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communication vocal delivery vocal power delivery postaweek2011 public speaking tipsSo, I ‘m going to pick on the word “so.” So, it’s so common at the beginning of sentences that it doesn’t mean anything anymore. In fact, “so” appeared on the annual Lake Superior State University list of banished words as long ago as 1999. So, blogger Terry Odell writes of a software for [.].

2011 173

Who Let The Frogs Out?: 3 Quick Remedies for Voice Malfunctions

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vocal health vocal power delivery frog in throat laryngitis tired voicePulled from the archives, this post is still one of the most popular on this blog, along with its sequel, More Quick Remedies for Voice Malfunctions. We just added a new pic. You are just about to make your point, bringing your dynamic and well-prepared speech to its exciting climax, when you open your mouth [.].

2012 151

9 ways to make your topic sound exciting…even when it’s not!

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Speaking vocal delivery vocal image vocal power color delivery Expression public speaking tipsThe other day, I attended a presentation at a two-hour “All-hands” meeting. There were 200 people in the room. There were 800 others listening or watching via IPTV. Most of the presenters went over time, and their presentations were full of data and slides that were hard to read. People were squirming in their chairs, [.].

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Cupid’s Arrow Valentine Giveaway: Free Voice Coaching Session

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communication vocal power voice lessons postaweek2011 vocal health vocal imageIt’s time to say what you’ve wanted to say for a very long time. You have arranged for a romantic dinner, candlelight, soft music, flowers, and all the other trappings of the perfect Cupid storm on Valentine’s Day. I’m sure the little cherub is with you, but you may still be nervous to say what [.].

2011 177

The Power of Intention: The secrets your voice reveals

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I am often surprised by the lack of research in the area of voice as a barometer for the psyche, but we all know it is. I got a voice mail from my daughter the other day. All she said was, “Hi, Mom. Call me,” but I knew something was wrong. Fortunately, it was [.]. communication intention Speaking vocal image

2010 155

Intention: The prescription for an authentic voice

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intention vocal power authentic voice delivery postaweek2011 public speaking tips vocal imageRecently, I sat on a plane, connected to “GoGoWireless”, and “IM’d” with my seat mate while we both listened to our favorite music via Bose headphones. So who needs a voice? That experience was in contrast to this one: Later that day, I attended a presentation via Webex, and heard the presenter, but never saw [.].

2012 140

3 Ways to Keep the Clock from Ruining Your Vocal Impact

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Speaking vocal delivery vocal power articulation Expression intention public speaking tips vocal impactScenario 1: You are in the zone with your talk. The audience is with you, and you are just about to hit them with your Zinger point. Suddenly you get a nod from the time keeper. You have 5 minutes. You thought you had 15. You have lost track of time. What do you [.].

2010 174

10 Ways to Love Your Voice!

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singing Speaking vocal delivery vocal health vocal power World Voice DayThis Friday, April 16, is World Voice Day. World Voice Day is a day to celebrate your remarkable voice. It was started in 2002 by otolaryngologists and other voice professionals who wanted to focus awareness on the use, care, and problems associated with the human voice. There are concerts, voice clinics and festivals in various [.].

2010 184

Top Ten Terrible Turnoffs for Speakers

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vocal power Expression public speaking tipsRecently, I spoke with Sue Gaulke, founder of Speakers Training Camp, who has been surveying audiences regarding the things that bug them most about speakers. The first and fourth are directly voice-related, and several others can easily be linked to a lack of intention and a lack of alignment with content. I asked her to [.].

2010 179

Breathe Life Into Your Talk

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vocal delivery vocal power breathing delivery vocal health vocal image vocal impactIt’s the day of your presentation. You eat your favorite day-of-talk breakfast. You warm up your voice and say a prayer. When you arrive, you shake lots of hands, set up your merchandise at the back of the room, and get yourself motivated to talk. When they call your name, you tell the obligatory joke [.].

How to Memorize a Talk

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Practical application vocal power Memorization public speaking tips voice lessonsWhen I memorize a piece of music or a talk, it doesn’t take long before I see the pages in my head. I flip through them mentally as I go along. I know this happens after repeated exposure to a written document. In fact, I seem to remember all of my notes and scribbling, too. [.].

2011 144

Raise Your Voice! Music gives voice to special needs children

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Raise Your Voice vocal power singing vocal healthThere is another Kate’s Voice on the Web. In fact there are two others, and both are noble causes. This month, I am highlighting www.katesvoice.org. A couple with a special needs daughter, Kate, recognized that her love for music was a path to developing a wide range of skills. It gave her a voice in [.].

2012 124

Job seekers: Interviewing and Your Vocal Impact

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communication intention vocal image vocal power job interview Storytelling voice problemsRecently a reader wrote: “I was putting together some info for an article on body language during a job interview. Some of these articles mentioned the voice as well. Do you have any articles from your perspective on that?” Although I like to think that my general message is one that can be applied to [.].

2012 134

The Most Important Not-so-secret Secret to Successful Communication

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Practical application vocal power voice lessons delivery postaweek2011 public speaking tipsIt’s not a secret. But there is a mystery to it, and today I have an answer. Vince Lombardi is credited with saying, “The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you’re willing to [.].

2011 147