The Power of the Pause

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… Build Real Impact Performance Confidence Create Powerful Messaging featured Making it Memorable Presentation Delivery VoiceA story from Spain. I teach public speaking and presentation skills at a few Executive MBA Programmes in Switzerland and Spain.

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Power Strategies

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Strategies for Power. Here is a discussion of the communication of power which I wrote for my 50 Communication Strategies book and that I thought might be of interest to a wide variety of readers. Power is the ability of one person to influence what another person thinks or does. You have power over another person to the extent that you can influence what this person thinks or what this person does. & Types of Power. Power can increase and decrease.

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The Power of Storytelling

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The opening paragraph captures the power of story to sway us: From the villagers tuning in to the troubadour of yore, to the […]. I’ve written many blog posts about the relevance of storytelling for speechwriters and public speakers. Jo Ellision pays homage to Philip Roth, one of America’s great storytellers, in the Weekend Financial Times.

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The Three Key Components of a Powerful Voice


A powerful voice may not be loud at all. The post The Three Key Components of a Powerful Voice appeared first on Vocal Impact, Inc. Delivery Vocal Image intention powerful voice vocalimpactWhen I was in college, I worked as a teacher’s aide for a second-grade teacher. She was a sweet, elegant woman who spoke so softly that if students were talking, I could not hear her. She never raised her voice, and I’m not sure she was […].

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6 steps to harness energy for vocal power

Kate's Voice

Delivery Executive Presence Vocal Production energy focus posture vocal power How Green is Your Voice? We all want to be green. But as Kermit so wisely said, “it’s not easy being green.” Especially for people who have to get up and speak or sing in front of others.

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CEO Power - No "Hero's Farewell"

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Power is heady. The misfit Puritans made business one of the most powerful institutions in the new land.   So, from the get-go, the leaders in business - often called "chief executive officers" - found it difficult to let go of that power when the job ended.

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Powerful “Stories of Unlimited”

Manner of Speaking

Our … Continue reading → Making it Stick Stories and Storytelling All Marketers Are Liars: The Power of Telling Authentic Stories in a Low-Trust World Made to Stick public speaking Stories of Unlimited storytelling Western Sydney UniversityThis morning, I was rereading the chapter on storytelling in one of my favourite books, Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Health. (To To see the seven-part series that I wrote on the book, you can find all the posts here.)

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Presentation Tip: Powerful Closings

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Many of the same techniques that work in creating a powerful opening will also be effective as a closing: a startling statistic; humor; a clever definition; a rhetorical question.

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The Power-Cut Presenter

The Presenter's Blog

When the power cut hits and the lights all fail, everybody freezes. The COO had become a Power-Cut Presenter. In the second that the lights pop there is a moment of perfect puzzled peace. Have you ever noticed?

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Exercises in Interpersonal Power 3 and 4

The Communication Blog

Here are two additional exercises that may prove useful in the discussion of power and interpersonal communication. As I mentioned in the previous exercises in power post, these topics are covered in depth in Chapter 12 of The Interpersonal Communication Book, but are covered in different ways in other texts as well. For each of these five power plays develop a cooperative response in which you accomplish these three purposes: 1.

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Power, ethics, and chairs

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It should prove useful in nonverbal communication but really in any course in which ethics, power, or environment are considered. power cheating space communication dishonesty Nonverbal Communication Ethics Here’s an interesting study I found in the current issue of the Harvard Business Review (November 2013).

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Power - From "Genesis" to #MeToo

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

"  Students of power do not find this shocking. Gretchen Carlson blew the whistle on Roger Ailes' alleged sexual misconduct. She settled for $2o million. Also plum professional opportunities opened up for her.

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Use the Power of Practice to Build Your Speaking Skills

DeFinis Communications

After reading the book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg (which I first wrote about here ), it is clear that habits define virtually every aspect of our lives, from how much we eat, save, or spend to how we work, communicate, and interact with others.

Power posing debunked: the truth about power poses

More than PowerPoint...

To gain confidence, they might go somewhere private right before they speak and strike what’s called a power pose. You can gain emotional energy from putting your body into these types of postures that make you feel more powerful. It’s a simple but powerful warmup exercise.

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19 Powerful Presentation Stats to Transform Talks in 2019

Duarte Blog

The post 19 Powerful Presentation Stats to Transform Talks in 2019 appeared first on Duarte. Here is a list of some of the most important presentation stats we could find: what is working, what is trending, and what people struggle with when it comes to giving successful talks.

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Pause: Create a Powerful Presence Through Silence

Kate's Voice

For this reason alone, silence is a powerful tool. Speaking vocal delivery vocal power breathing delivery vocal impactIn a non-stop world, we have become non-stop speakers. Silence also allows you to breathe, and give your audience time to breathe as well. In our crazy world, silence is not easy to find, and it’s just not that easy to use either. Here are some [.].

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Seven points for powerful debating

The Presenter's Blog

The Romans called them the “hidden darts”; fabulously powerful, but only effective when kept, as the name suggests, hidden. If you cross chess with WWF wrestling, throw in battle strategy and forensics, then mix in the disciplines of public speaking, you get debate.

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The power of presence

Speak Schmeak

Specifically, the article is about the power of appropriate and well-practiced eye contact, the use of personal space, and the practice of being present in developing a charismatic and influential personality.

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The Power of the Pause

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The most telling sign of an amateur speaker is their inability to pace themselves and speak slowly. If you can learn to get comfortable with silence and pauses, the quality of your delivery will improve instantly. Here is an excellent primer from Nadine Hanafi on five ways to help you use the silent pause effectively. […]. Public Speaking Nadine Hanafi

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Power - DIY

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

For Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes her DIY power tools included her signature Steve Jobs turtleneck and her rhetoric of disruption. For lawyers, the DIY power tool is sprinkling communications with legal phrases.

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Building Leadership Presence and Power through Embodying Gravitas

Speaking Freely

Learning to embody the physical, vocal, psychological and spiritual qualities of gravitas can help you build leadership presence and power. I coach leaders to build leadership presence and power through developing the characteristics of gravitas. The post Building Leadership Presence and Power through Embodying Gravitas appeared first on Read The Self-Expression Blog to Improve Speaking Skills

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The Power of Non-Public Relations

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

There can be such communications power in non-spin.  This is a polarized era. It's the business of members of the media to analyze the public relations tactics of attacks and counter attacks.

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Powerful Women in Hedge Funds

DeFinis Communications

Welcome to my Wednesday for Women blog series, where I feature stories, resources and valuable information to help women gain greater influence, power, and confidence in their professional and personal life. As these successful women tell us, there’s power in numbers.

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If Power Becomes the Whole Game

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

From his father Henry VII, Henry VIII learned that power had to be used brutally.   The recent biography "Henry VIII And The Men Who Made Him" by Tracy Borman recounts how this preoccupation with power probably caused the king's relatively early death.

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FIRE and Power - Usually Mutually Exclusive

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Early retirement entails trading off power for personal freedom.   For those it did, Darrow Kirkpatrick chronicles in MarketWatch , it usually means the end of the BigTitle which conferred power.   Power, face it, is a heady experience.

Create a vignette effect to make a photo more powerful

PowerPoint Tips

Can you see how the vignette effect intensifies the center of the photo and therefore makes the man’s dismay feel more powerful? The post Create a vignette effect to make a photo more powerful appeared first on PowerPoint Tips Blog.

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Analogy: emotionally powering your sales logic

The Presenter's Blog

Immediately anybody hearing the analogy will get not just the impression of a pick-and-mix array of offerings, but also a powerful impression of the type of customer that would be attracted to the service. by Peter Watts. Analogy is to a sales presentation what 3D surround sound is to a movie.

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The Power of Words

Matt Eventoff

. Challenge Day - The Power of Words. Challenge Day - The Power of Words. It is one of the most powerful clips I have seen, and illustrates the power of words and messages in a way that very few speeches or presentations can. There is also a communications lesson here - Challenge Day effectively illustrates how to a) craft a very powerful message and b) make it very easy for everyone who comes in contact with the message to personalize and internalize it.

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Power of the Pre-Read: Make Mighty Recommendations Through Story

Duarte Blog

The post Power of the Pre-Read: Make Mighty Recommendations Through Story appeared first on Duarte. Recently, a participant in one of our workshops asked me how to handle a situation where she sends a pre-read deck, then has to present it to people who have (presumably) already seen her deck.

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Love from Austin Powers

The Communication Blog

Here's a brief article on love and romance that might be an interesting way to introduce interpersonal relationships: 10 love lessons derived from the character/behavior of Austin Powers. link]. love interpersonal relationships

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To Become A Powerful Public Speaker Master These Qualities

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But before anyone can become a powerful public speaker, there are several qualities they must master. Picture in your mind the most powerful public [.] The post To Become A Powerful Public Speaker Master These Qualities appeared first on Duarte.

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Words - Still a Power Tool

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Reflection: Communication remains a power tool. Enraged about UnitedHealthcare's inefficient CRM (customer relation management), I posted my complaint on this blog. In it I called for Congress and regulatory agencies to take action. Here you can read it. 

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Add power to your message with better slide titles

PowerPoint Tips

We work together to make the slide titles more powerful. Of course, I can’t show you the actual presentation, but I wanted to share with you something I discovered — using verbs in your slide titles makes your point much more clear and powerful.

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Academia's Raw Power Games

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Can those students, professors, and staff at Yale Law School succeed without being astute players in the power game?   As hammered throughout the media, including New York Magazine , it is those with the most power at Yale Law School who are establishing the organization's culture. Among the top power brokers are Amy Chua aka Tiger Mom and Jed Rubenfeld. The unequal power between professors/administrators and students was acknowledged.

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The Power of Words – 108 Seconds Changes Everything

Matt Eventoff

This video clip delivers more power, emotion and education in less than two minutes than the majority of programming can deliver in two hours: This video isn’t even a video, it’s an advertisement, and the most effective advertisement I have seen in years.

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PowerPoint and the power failure

Speak Schmeak

Power failures were all the rage during last week's heat wave. While I'm moving this week, I've invited some of my favorite public speaking and communications bloggers to guest post here on Speak Schmeak. Please enjoy this post by Laura Bergells, from her blog, More Than PowerPoint.

Body Language Practicum I - Power Poses

Professionally Speaking...

POWER POSES. Researchers at Northwestern and Harvard have studied what happens when you place your body in positions that project power -- arms open wide and feet apart. What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say. Ralph Waldo Emerson].

The Power of Podcasts with Doug Sandler

Speaker Launcher

The post The Power of Podcasts with Doug Sandler appeared first on Jane Atkinson. The Wealthy Speaker Podcast creating a podcast Doug Sandler Jane Atkinson podcast production podcasting power of podcasts speaking and podcastsToday we are talking with Doug Sandler about podcast production. On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast, we are so fortunate to have Doug Sandler join us to help improve your podcast and share some great systems on how to build your audience.

The Power of Self-Expression

Speaking Freely

“What we say is important… for in most cases the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.”- Jim Beggs There is simply nothing that transforms your life as much as self-expression, because a profound shift in consciousness happens when you open yourself to share your truth. As you express your inner Self, your whole [.].

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How to Prepare and Present Powerful Presentations, with Patricia Fripp

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

She shared valuable information for aspiring professional speakers who want to prepare and present powerful presentations, including: Ask: Are you practicing to improve or to reinforce bad habits? The most powerful way to learn any topic is to teach it to others. Hall of Fame keynote speaker and executive speech coach Patricia Fripp spoke to the members of the NSA Northern California Chapter Speakers Academy on Saturday.

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Use Storytelling to Present with Power

Presentation Guru

Storytelling is the most powerful form of communication ever invented.… Think of the last good movie you watched. It likely had bright images, a compelling script, music, rhythm and heroic characters.

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Power - Check Its Expiration Date

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Power is real. In his book "Presentation of Self in Everyday Life," iconic sociologist Erving Goffman explains why the person with the most power defines the situation. However, confusion sets in when power lessens or even ends.

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Star Power: Did It Make Culture at Harvard Toxic?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Does the culture of Harvard value star power above ethics and the law?  Meanwhile, as every working stiff knows, it can be career suicide to file a complaint about someone in the organization with a lot of power.

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