What Bugs Your Audience

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And put headlines on the slides, like in the newspaper, so I get the main point before looking at all the detail. I want to get points clarified as we go along because otherwise I might not be able to stay attentive -- I''ll still be puzzling over my question. If you want me to be able to read your slides, please make sure the font size is big enough. I find a 32 point size works really well. Dear Presenter, You suck. Sincerely, Your Audience.


Sandra Schrift - Executive Speech Coach

Help your introducer by employing a large point size on a 6x9 inch index card (which stays rigid). We’ve all been there: listening to someone totally botch our introduction to an audience. Now is a time to revisit your approach to your speaker introduction and how you support your introducer. Here are tips compiled (by speaker Jeff Davidson)over the years from various masters: Recognize that a good introduction must both set the stage and put the audience at ease.


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Little-used methods to make the delivery of your PowerPoint stand out

Speaking about Presenting

Make your point and then click on the slide to underline or reinforce what you’ve just said. This works best with a PowerPoint slide with a plain background with your message written on it in a clear font in a large point size. There’s a revolution in the design of PowerPoint slides, but not the delivery. Most speakers still rely on their slides to cue them.

Five Typographical Errors to Avoid on Your Slides

Manner of Speaking

When used sparingly and properly, slides with bullet points can help convey a message with impact. Once you have crafted compelling (and succinct) content for your bullet-point slides, you need to check them rigorously for typographical errors. It is fine to have different indentations for bullet points if there is hierarchy. However, in the image above, all the points are on the same level. Font Size. Sometimes you want your text to have different font sizes.

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What presenters can learn from election signs

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

Look at what is most effective on election signs and you will see what is effective on text slides - text and background colors with high contrast, simple backgrounds and sans-serif fonts in big point sizes. It is getting close to election time in many areas and the lawns and streets are rapidly becoming decorated with signs for candidates for various offices. One thing presenters should notice when they are driving by these signs is which ones are easiest to read.

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PowerPoint Tip: Is Your Font Big Enough?

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

They used a five point font. Five (5) point! So how do I answer the font size question? I did the research to come up with a way that I could determine an appropriate font size. This allows me to know how tall a letter of a particular point size will be on a screen of a certain size. Now I can answer the font size question based on research, not on a feeling.

Font 40