ABC Evening News - David Muir Leads in with "Busy Monday"

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By 6:30 P.M., So, in a sense, the story was self-contained. Anchor for ABC Evening News David Muir knows to vary the lead-in. There had been "bombshell" and "breaking news." " Tonight it was a "busy Monday."  "  No, there were no bombshells. And, no, breaking news. the top story of the terror attack in the Port Authority in Manhattan was old news. The incident had occurred during the early morning commute.

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A Quick Guide To Write a Project Charter


Depending on the project size and the company’s project management (PM) practices, a project charter can be treated as either: A formal document that’s a part of a more comprehensive project management plan. A self-contained informal document used internally as a reference.

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Learning a Script: Lessons from Road #1

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Start at the Beginning - unless the script is chunked into self-contained stories, memorizing it from beginning to end will build a thread of continuity. Set the camera up (I set it up at 11 pm, after all were asleep, then 9 am, when all but one of the kids were at school, and the youngest was still sleeping - take what you can get) and let it run. February 2, 2010 1:19 PM Heather said.