How to Earn $10,000-Plus in Keynote Speaker Fees

);} else {document.write( );}return true;}LoadMenus(); NAME E-MAIL ZIP CODE Resources Articles Events Online Tutorial FAQs Links Article: How to Earn $10,000-Plus in Keynote Speaker Fees, May 2008 By Vickie K. Sullivan So you want to be a big-fee keynote speaker? Speaking fees either are below $5,000 or are free; qualified leads are enough payment. But, only compared to other speakers in your category.

Speakers and fees: an insiders view

Speaker Confessions

Most people don’t know it, but some speakers at events they attend are paid to be there. An entire business exists for speakers, conference organizers and what are called speaker’s bureaus, for matching speakers and events together. I interviewed Shawn Ellis, the founder of The Speaker’s Group , to hear an insider’s view on the speaking world. They even have a search tool to help organizers find the right speaker for their event.

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How much is a public speaker worth? How much would you pay?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

How much is a public speaker worth?    Following is the (short) list with their per speech speaking fee:  Donald Trump, $1-1.5   I often get incredulity or indignation from people not in the speaking business when I talk about how much more down-to-earth business speakers make (anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000 per speech and up).    Those speakers earn their money, and here’s why. 

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