Questions for speakers to ask meeting planners

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Following is a list of questions that speakers should ask meeting planners in getting ready to speak at an event.  What are their cultural references?   You won't need to ask all of them all the time; the list is meant to give you a broad set of ideas.    A.    The Venue When is the speech taking place? Where? How many in the audience? What time of day? How long should the speech be? Will the audience be eating or have eaten?

5 things speakers should ask the meeting planner

The Eloquent Woman

I asked Jennifer to share her insights for speakers--perhaps the most practical advice you'll ever get--from her vantage point as a meeting planner. As a meeting planner, I’ve worked with a wide assortment of speakers.

You Like Me? You Really Like Me?

Speak and Deliver

Did I give out what Alan Weiss refers to as 'Smile Sheets' - feedback forms to get comments from the audience? Usually they are designed to benefit the planner - should they bring you back? Do You Have Sally Fieldesque Esteem Issues?

Financial Services Industry - Watch Your Language

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Now, when a financial planner leverages that phrase, the smart among us in The New Aging smirk. Yeah, financial planners, watch your language. " In this gilded age, that phrase refers to billions and trillions.

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What to do when you’re losing your audience

Speaking about Presenting

Here’s a graph showing the attention of university students during a 50 minute lecture – where the lecturer lost his audience (Reference: Hartley J and Davies I “Note taking: A critical review” Programmed Learning and Educational technology, 1978,15, 207-224).

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Business Bullet Journal Guide: A Great Strategy to Max Your Productivity


Many have described a bullet journal as a calendar, to-do list, goal setter, and planner, reminder, and organizer all in one. Everyone has personal and professional goals. Everyone has bucket lists.

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How to prospect in 2019: Stop introducing yourself

SpeakerSue Says...

Reference genuine events. As the planner for XYX, you…. “My name is Sophie Spaniel and I am the sales manager at ….”. “I’m I’m writing to introduce myself to you. I am your event manager and will be …”. Please let me introduce myself to you. I am your new account executive for…”. Spoiler alert: This is going to be harsh.). No one cares what your name is. No one cares who you are or what you do until they know you care about them!

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Book Marketing Made Simple – A Review

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

Finally, I liked the fact that Karen had included links to her website where I could download free resources such as various worksheets and a very useful book marketing planner. Karen also references her earlier book “Your Book is the Hook” which I have read, and would also recommend if you want to start writing but are not sure how to get started.

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Six customer service tips for speakers

Speak Schmeak

Remember these tips when you're preparing to meet your customers -- your host, your organizer, your event planner, and your audience. You may not be the one stressed out, but you may be working with an event planner who is falling apart.

Six customer service tips for speakers

Speak Schmeak

Remember these tips when you're preparing to meet your customers -- your host, your organizer, your event planner, and your audience. You may not be the one stressed out, but you may be working with an event planner who is falling apart.

How to Speak & Offend: Part I

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Referring to ''Mr. Know Your Audience - do a little research by talking with the meeting planner and others in the company/group to find out what is off-limits to your audience. Blue Language - for those of you younger than 40, ''Blue Language'' refers to swearing.

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Speaking With Humor: Costuming

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Is your meeting planner OK with it? Sometimes less is more - a cigar, for example, can easily be used to reference many public figures, from Groucho to Winston Churchill to Pres. They say clothes make the man.

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What Questions Should You Ask to Prepare a Speech?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

What questions should you ask a host or meeting planner when you’re preparing a speech?  What are their cultural references?   Good research means a good understanding of the audience – and that means that you can connect with that audience.    A good connection is the basis of a great speech.    So what do you need to ask your host?

The experts are wrong. Public Speaking is all about YOU.

Speak Schmeak

While I'm recovering from illness this week, I'm going to refer back to some of my own posts and posts I've enjoyed by other bloggers, and bring in a guest blogger or two.beginning with my pal Rich Hopkins , speaker, author, and presentations coach based in Spokane, WA.

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Elizabeth Gilbert's COMMITTED - This clears up plenty

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In her book, Gilbert examines where a society's emotional points of reference are.    Perhaps for us Eleanor Rigby types, planners should construct city-like and college-like ways of living.  The In her second major nonfiction book COMMITTED, Elizabeth Gilbert solves many of the questions I have had about my life. 

Charl iJane Speaker Services How to get bookings

Dont waste your time, energy and money on developing a niche that just isnt going to get any recognition because it isnt something that planners or organizations will be looking for! Planners and organizations get hundreds if not thousands of proposals and media kits every year.

Different types of “W” leads

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Why : there was no reference to the economic downturn; however, with the spate of articles on the recession, including others on the same page, the why is apparent, so it was left out of the lead. A blind lead is a summary lead that leaves out potentially confusing detail(s), as in this example: Lead : The state’s land-use planning agency on Friday chose a former city planner from New York to be its new director.

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Speaker Launch Toward Success - A Case Study from Maureen Zappala

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I’d refer them to my website (where I had my speech titles and descriptions) and bounce around ideas around to get a feel for what direction they wanted to go. The meeting planner got a free speaker.

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Charli Jane Speaker Services - how to create a media kit

Name: Email: FREE Speak-to-Me eZine for Speakers & Meeting Planners Includes great tips, Speaker of the month profile, and much more!

My effort to reform the panel discussion, starting with the moderator

The Eloquent Woman

It offers checklists and questions you''ll want to refer to every time you moderate, as well as practical advice for how to negotiate your role and the discussion. I know a lot of people who could use this e-book, whether as moderators themselves or even just planners of good conversations.

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Public Speaking - Organization

Great Public Speaking

A file and cross-reference system will help you keep track of your material. Also, when traveling I can take all my speech reference information on a few floppies or a lap top computer in case I get another talk while I'm on the road. Show the master log to the meeting planner. Tell the planner if he or she has you back, you won't use any of the material you used this time.

Famous Speech Friday: Theresa May's interrupted speech

The Eloquent Woman

It was reported that she left the stage and went to weep in the arms of her husband, and her husband was named on the pink slip in a reference to asking him about their taxes, both sexist tropes.

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Increasing the impact of our presentations through planned re-exposure

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

An article I recently wrote for Speaking of Impact magazine talked about how meeting planners can increase the ROI of their meetings by planning to re-expose the audience to key messages. Status Update/Project Update After an update presentation, send a link to your presentation to all of those who attended the meeting so they have the updated information to refer to.

Sex and Humor in Speeches – where’s the line?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  I’ve heard many stories of speakers that told jokes the audience laughed at – and then had to deal with the complaints from the meeting planner because some person or persons in the audience was offended.    Here there’s very little upside, and plenty of career-limiting downsides, to offending an audience with sexual references.  I often get asked about injecting humor in speeches, and that other question, which might be summarized as “how blue can I go?” 

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Speaking Business

Dottie Walters, CSP, refers to add-ons as accessorizing. Two of the first books out of the shipment were presented to the meeting planners  they loved it!

How to survive a panel

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  It's a lazy, cheap way for a conference planner to fill an hour or 90 minutes.  Third, if you want to overachieve, study the other panelists and their ideas in advance , and make friendly, polite comments when answering your questions that refer back to them.    Just reference them and move on.   Panels are a low form of public speaking.    But you get what you pay for in this as in other things. 

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Charli Jane Speaker Services: 5 Ways You Benefit When Speaking

Gain more exposure  Not only are you gaining more exposure as a professional speaker while doing your free event but you will be able to use this engagement as a client reference  be sure and get a testimonial from the hiring party before you leave and add it to your speaker website.

Charli Jane Speaker Services - speaker representation

Speakers refer to agencies and bureaus as being the same  BUT they are not. Name: Email: FREE Speak-to-Me eZine for Speakers & Meeting Planners Includes great tips, Speaker of the month profile, and much more!

Be a writing whiz: market your articles

Some marketing experts refer to this as your unique selling proposition, or your USP, the promise of fulfilling an unmet need. Name: Email: FREE Speak-to-Me eZine for Speakers & Meeting Planners Includes great tips, Speaker of the month profile, and much more!

How to use social media as a prospecting tool: No more cold calling!

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I search “meeting planner&# and other keywords and find out who the people I respect are following. I even wrote a note after the title saying (In the interest of transparency, this author references my book.) Cold calling. Even the name is, well, cold. Social media, however, provides an opportunity to warm relationships and understand needs so that you don’t have to break the ice or ever get the cold shoulder again.

Keynote & Training:Before you start, it's time for a reality check

Although the recession has turned the market toward more content-driven programs, meeting planners still expect a riveting performance. A demo that is captivating to a training director may not be captivating to a meeting planner who’s been exposed to NSA’s master keynoters. Likewise, the training references. The meeting planner will assume that your timing and use of humor would be the same in a keynote situation as on tape.

Expressing your uniqueness in print

Based on feedback from our market, most of whom dont know or care about a "one-sheet," the new movement in our profession refers to these dynamic marketing pieces as "professional profiles" (speaker bio) or "topic profiles" (topic overview or outline).

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Being Productive During Summer

Name: Email: FREE Speak-to-Me eZine for Speakers & Meeting Planners Includes great tips, Speaker of the month profile, and much more!

Networking Success

My clients see me as a resource, and maybe Id be able to refer business to you in the future. If I know someone looking for your type of services, then I would know whom to refer them to.

Generate Repeat Writing Business

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Schedule that task (identify previous clients) on a specific day in Outlook Tasks, your scheduling software, day planner, or calendar. While the occasional client might refer your name to someone who needs a writer, or offer to write a testimonial, the onus is on you to ask for referrals and testimonials. [Excerpt from Everything You Wanted to Know about Freelance Writing – [link].

Outline Essay Useful Tool For Speeches

Pivotal Public Speaking

It should be fairly easy to address his or her classmates about the essay’s topic, referring to the outline essay occasionally to stay on track. From 1983 until he retired in April 2009, he worked as a stockbroker and as a Certified Financial Planner. Writing an essay, taking a pop quiz, and giving a speech probably are three of the tasks students dread most. Speaking in public terrifies many people of all ages. Adolescents are not immune.

Who's on First:Selling Your Programs to Education Committees

In the past, the committees would decide the theme or topics and meeting planners would present a slate of recommended speakers. To the meeting planner: "Does the committee look at all the speakers who call, or do you make the first cut?" This helps determine the role of the meeting planner.) If you find out that the meeting planner is the "keeper of the file cabinet," then ask, "May I contact the chair to see if he or she is interested in previewing my programs?"

You can accomplish anything in your speaking career.virtually

Youll want to begin to think about the time-traps that you have in your business, and then cross-reference that with the tasks that translate into good revenue sources.

Public Speaking and PresentingPublic speaking and presenting: making this your best year ever!

You see, we do business with, hire, hang out with, do favors for, send referrals to, make introductions for, recommend, give references for, do more business with people we like.

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Web Ink Now: Top ten tips for incredibly successful public speaking

TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Top ten tips for incredibly successful public speaking : Comments You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. It helps meeting planners and speakers.

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How to Start Speaking at Events |

By expressing my unique point of view in an entertaining manner, I caught the attention of meeting planners who assumed I would be a good speaker. I refer to this as "fee integrity."

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Designing Choreographies for the New Economy of Attention

Therefore, the periphery of the situation is centralized for the individual user, transforming what is typically referred to as back channels into channels of parallel discourse that amplify audience participation.

Make Better Presentations - The Anatomy of a Good Speech |

Love the tips - am definitely bookmarking this one for later reference. svalskis Barbara Rozgonyi Here's what works for me: I always ask the meeting planner: what do you want your attendees to walk out with?

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