PowerPoint has photos again! And a lot more…

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If you have Office 365 — now called Microsoft 365, confusingly — you might have noticed that after several years without photos, they’ve come back! Actually, they aren’t the same photos, but better quality ones. I recommend searching for both images and photos.

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How to Select the Best Photos for Slide Backgrounds

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Because visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text, which means you can paint a picture for an audience much faster, with actual photos in PowerPoint. So often, photos in PowerPoint are used in a way that is distracting to a presenter’s message. Whether the photo is too [.]

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How to Crop, Resize, and Compress Photos in PowerPoint

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After you’ve identified the photo you want to use, the first thing you’ll need to do is edit the basics of the photo. This likely includes cropping, resizing, and compressing photos in PowerPoint.

Create a video from photos in PowerPoint

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Do you have some business photos that you would like to highlight in a presentation or post on your company’s website as a video? Or perhaps you just want to show some friends your personal photos. Either way, you can use PowerPoint’s Photo Album feature.

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How to Edit Photo Brightness, Contrast & Saturation in PowerPoint

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Welcome to the Presentation Hacks: Using Photos in PowerPoint video series! In these lessons, a Duarte designer shares some of the fundamental tools of using photos in PowerPoint. The post How to Edit Photo Brightness, Contrast & Saturation in PowerPoint appeared first on Duarte.

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Create a video zoom effect from photos in PowerPoint

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You’ve probably seen videos which are just a series of photos that zoom in or perhaps move a little. It’s great for personal photos, employee photos, event photos, etc. Here’s the video I created from some photos I took at a local park last fall.

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How to Apply Styles to Photos in PowerPoint

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Welcome to the Presentation Hacks: Using Photos in PowerPoint video series! In these lessons, a Duarte designer shares some of the fundamental tools of using photos in PowerPoint. In this lesson, we’ll show you some creative ways to use PowerPoint effects to emphasize your photos.

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Free photo-editing tools

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When you want to insert a photo into PowerPoint, you should think about how you can edit that photo to improve it. So here’s a list of free photo-editing tools. Of course, you can use them for your personal photos or any other use, not just for PowerPoint.

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Make a collage of photos

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A collage of photos is very simple to create. The photo of the woman with the blond hair is a little light, but you don’t have to be too particular. From the Picture Styles gallery, choose a style for all of the photos.

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Make your communication personal with photos

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Here are a few ideas to connect more effectively with your audience: Include a photo of yourself on the first and last slides. Take photos of real employees in your company and use them on several slides. Content Images connect graphics photos visuals

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Create a vignette effect to make a photo more powerful

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A vignette effect on a photo typically places a dark, semi-transparent border around it. Here you see a photo with and without a vignette. . Can you see how the vignette effect intensifies the center of the photo and therefore makes the man’s dismay feel more powerful?

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Photo Field Trip | Contrast

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Recently we went on a Photo Field Trip, and had the chance to enjoy all of these things, simultaneously. Our assignment: Take photos of contrast. Or take photos of whatever you want. Diary Video contrast creativity dolores park inspiration photo field trip san francisco

A quick way to design better photo slides–the 3-side rule

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Here’s a quick way to improve the design of slides that include some text and a photo. Here’s the principle: Make the photo touch 3 sides of the slide. There are 3 ways to make this photo touch at least 3 sides of the slide: 1.

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How to format photos that are cut off — like part of an arm

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When you insert a photo of a person on a slide, often that photo doesn’t show the entire person. For example, the photo might be a head shot or just show the top half of the body. But placing that photo in the middle of the slide looks awkward.

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How to Crop Photos into Shapes in PowerPoint

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In this video, we’ll show you how to crop photos in PowerPoint into shapes—like a circle! You can introduce more negative space to your slide by cropping photos into shapes. The post How to Crop Photos into Shapes in PowerPoint appeared first on Duarte.

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Paul Ryan Does Workout Photo Shoot With Time (PHOTOS) Huffpo

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Congratulations to the winners of the “stickout” photo contest!

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In my blog post, “ 6 steps to create cool stickout photos in PowerPoint ,” I explained a dramatic technique to create photos that “stick out” from a background. The back photo has a gray background and is cropped from the bottom.

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Miscellaneous Photos

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Some stuff I once had on SmugMug, now back online, but now on Flickr: Tags: Grab Bag

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Media Training Tip on Photos | Media Training

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Why sign the photo release?

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Stock photos pretty much suck. After a few years of looking at your friend’s photos on Instagram and Facebook, your eyes have been accustomed to seeing real people doing real activities. In contrast, stock photos of people faking their emotions doesn’t quite resonate with you anymore.

6 steps to create cool stickout photos in PowerPoint

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How can you create cool stickout photos in PowerPoint? Insert a photo that is appropriate for this technique. ” I used a photo of a jet, taking a cue from the video. Expand the photo, if you want, to cover the entire slide.

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PowerPoint Tip: Full Screen Photos

Manner of Speaking

I recently came across this short video. In it, Dave Paradi explains why photographs in a presentation can be more effective than reams of text when it comes to getting a message across to our audiences. Dave uses an example from a presentation on which he worked. He shows the original slide that was full of text and the slide that he developed to replace it. He then gives us his rationale for the change.

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Productive Photo Walk Today

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Yeah, it's been quiet on this blog. That doesn't mean I haven't been productive. In fact, as I'm writing this, I'm posting more of my most recent work from this morning's stroll through Martinsburg, WV. To see everything I'm putting out there, just hop over to my flickr page. To see what I consider to be my best work, follow the link below to my little home on 500px. mikepulsifer on 500px. Grab Bag

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The 10 Best Websites for Downloading Free Stock Photos

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However, many websites offering stock photos can cost a fortune. One of the best ways of making attention grabbing presentations is to use eye-catching visuals. The most convenient way to do that is to make use of readymade presentation templates and high-resolution images.

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A PHOTO Caption Contest

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A caption contest using a picture with some photo editing to customize it. Brad, a funny guy and humor pro, inserts a photo of himself into the Royal Wedding. Here is the caption I wrote for the photo. Contests Brad Montgomery creative humor writing photo caption contest

Dying for the Photo - Brian Lewinstein, 23, Law Student

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Like so many, crudely put, he died trying to take a photo in a dangerous setting. " Over and over, some media outlet is noting the death of holiday-goers or lovers taking photos in tricky terrain and losing their footing. 

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Drudge Report - Pledges Never To Post Another Hillary Photo Again

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The conservative Drudge Report's signature became posting unflattering photos of Hillary. Well, the news website headlines with a neutral photo of Hillary and the pledge that this will be the very last photo of Hillary that it will post.

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Camille Seaman on Taking Photos and Taking Risks

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The resulting photos can be seen in her book The Last Iceberg. Photographer Camille Seaman’s daughter was watching Storm Chasers on the Discovery Channel one day, when Camille stopped what she was doing to admire the storm’s light. Her daughter noticed her and said, “Mom, you should do that!”.

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Poignant Photos from Fatal Christmas Morning Fire, Stamford, CT (2011)

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During the process for one lawsuit, photos have emerged of aspects of the charred This Old House in Stamford. The early morning Christmas fire in 2011 which snuffed out five lives was the second major tragedy in Connecticut.

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Drudge Report Breaks Pledge to Never Again Post Photos of Hillary

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Earlier this month, the conservative Drudge Report pledged this: Never to post again a photo of Hillary Clinton. The Drudge Report's signature had become headlining with unflattering photos of Hillary. Surely, a photo of Hillary had to go with this cartoonish development.

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Drudge Report - At it again with unflattering photo of Hillary

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The Drudge Report's signature had become unflattering photos of Hillary Clinton. The photo features a wild-eyed Hillary. Then as the media commented on that, the web site cooled it. But today Drudge has returned to that MO. The headline reads "High Anxiety." " The link is to an article by The Hill on nervous Democrats and what they want Hillary to do. The message sent is that Hillary is off her game and has pivoted to manic.

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3 ways to use images

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Backgrounds Images Slide layout graphics how to use images images impact improve slide design photos PowerPoint slide design visual ways to use images

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Value of a Good Head Shot Photo

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Sometimes the only image of you that potential clients have is your head shot photo. Is it time to freshen your image and have new photos taken? It always amazes me how speakers will spend a small fortune on a website, and still use a photo from long ago as a marketing tool.

Drudge Report Shifts From Featuring Unflattering To Cartoonish Photos Of Hillary Clinton

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It began featuring liberal presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, in unflattering photos. Now, the photos have become downright cartoonish. One expects to click on the photos and hear the voice of the Wicked Witch of the West belting out that iconic line, "Time, my pretty."

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Those The New York Times Wedding Announcements/Photos

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There are, for instance, the wedding announcements and photos. Then send the photo, with no allusions to any pedigrees e.g. breeds, elite schooling, Fortune 50 worked for, to The New York Times. By 1,600 miles away from the Northeast Corridor, my rescue dog Lee K. (he

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Your New Photo Posted On Facebook - No Need To Text Me

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At least twice daily I receive a text message: So-and-so has posted a new photo on Facebook. My fear: The number of notifications about updated photos will continue to increase. It's usually an update of one they posted two minutes previously.

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One more fire update -- with photos!

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How about another update? It's been two weeks since the fire. My burns have healed up nicely and are mostly ugly and itchy. Bub has not been so lucky. Some of his were not healing at all and have only just started to get with the program.

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PowerPoint Tip: Government Photos You can Use

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In almost every workshop that I do, someone asks where you can get great photos to use in your presentation. Governments have staff who take photographs as part of their jobs, and many times these photos are quite good. Photos are one of the powerful ways to communicate our ideas.

Drudge Report Gleefully Curating Both Hillary Clinton Email Coverage, Unflattering Photos

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Non-stop the site has been curating the worst of the emailgate coverage on Hillary Clinton, along with unflattering photos. The Not since Matt Drudge broke Monicagate (remember that blue dress) has there been such glee on the Drudge Report.

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Thank You for Not Sharing Your Photos

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  But  I have come to select my new friends on the basis of if they spare me the constant updating of their lives and those of their families and pets through photos.  Call it photo fatigue.    I thank my new circle of friends for not sharing their photos. No question, we're in a visual era. 

Office Clip Art gallery is going away

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I’m very upset by this, because I use its photos daily. While much commentary (include a funny riff by Conan on TV) focus on the line art, the text of the blog post makes it clear that photos will also disappear. Get a budget to buy photos. Start taking your own photos.

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Photo Editing Tools - Alternatives to Photoshop

PPT - Powerful Presentation Techniques

Here's the results of a couple of quick photo edits that I did - the first to convert the image to a cartoon style and the second was done with a neon effect and photo corners. . As presenters, we're often using photographs in our presentations.

3 Quick Tips To Look Better In Photos

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?

Let’s be honest, we all hate photos of ourselves. But your photo-self looks like your inbred backwoods cousin. Looking good in photos isn’t a core presentation skill, but it’s useful, particularly for those of you whose entire existence is defined by Facebook.