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New York Public Library Public Domain Images :: Over 700,000 photographs, maps, posters and prints including a collection of images of New York from the 1870s to the 1970s. Unsplash :: Stunning, high resolution images from contributing photographers.

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Icons are hot now — how to get, make, and use icons

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They are always simple, which can give them an advantage over a photograph which might contain extraneous content. That explains why you should crop photographs and remove their background when possible.). Iconography is hot in design now. Here is an example from one of my websites.

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PowerPoint Tip: Government Photos You can Use

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Governments have staff who take photographs as part of their jobs, and many times these photos are quite good. Department of the Interior ([link] – wide selection of topics including aerial photographs (some require payment) to photos of national parks, monuments and historical sites U.S.