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With that said, I did receive some critical feedback from a then-friend & professional photographer from Frederick, MD. In our last conversation, he claimed I don’t think about exposure-related EXIF data because, as he put it, he’s a professional photographer and I’m not. No, I’m not a professional photographer. Yes, I am an amateur photographer. Yet, when it’s all said and done, I am a photographer.

Oded Wagenstein – Travel photographer an

The Shy Speaker's Guide to Succes on Stage

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Eastman Kodak Launches Cryptocurrency - KodakCoin - for Photographers

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The DailyMail indicates: " [This] will allow photographers to register work that they can license and then receive payment.   Therefore, Kodak is enhancing its brand by providing photographers security for both their work and their income. When Don Draper from "Mad Men" was working on the Kodak account, he probably never envisioned the company would be involved in cryptocurrency.

Alec Baldwin Punches Tabloid Photographer!

TJ Walker Interactive

Uncategorized alec baldwin photographer punchAlec Baldwin has punched another journalist on the steps of city Hall. I say Baldwin should forget about ever running for Mayor. Instead, he should run for president! The Democrats have long been plagued with weak-willed namby-pamby politicians who seem to melt away the first time a conservative media figures shout “boo.”

Tim Duncan and Tony Parker photographed ‘shooting’ referee look-alike at party

TJ Walker Interactive

Uncategorized gun photograph referee tim duncan tony parker

Harvey - Dog Abandoned, Chained in Victoria, TX Rescued by Photographer

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In the Daily Mail, Keith Griffith reports that a photographer: " unleashed the stricken dog from the pole and brought it out of the water.;" During Katrina, part of the tragedy was that many struggling to survive had to leave their animals. At the time, the shelters didn't allow pets. But, we lobbied and the FEMA policies changed.). Also, those being transported by bus from New Orleans to Houston couldn't bring their animals.

International Speaking Engagements: Equipment Photographs

Great Public Speaking

I forgot to bring my equipment photographs which would have gotten the point across to the manager immediately whether he spoke English or not. Have photographs of the equipment you need. I've talked about this tip before, but ran into the same situation again this month while doing a public speaking engagement in Morocco. The primary languages there are Arabic and French. Just arranging for an overhead projector was very difficult.

Instagram: iPhone app opens fresh career path for photographers

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Here's a case of an iPhone app creating a new line of work for photographers.    One photographer found, reports Lauren Indvik on Mashable , that "even the darkest and least remarkable photos are transformed into art with Instgram's and Camera+'s filters." " As a result, photographers are now "equipped" to take shots of people on the street. 

Public Speaking: Working With Newspaper Photographers

Great Public Speaking

The next time a newspaper photographer takes your photo, remember the 8 things they hate: 1. Never tell the photographer whom to photograph. Usually, the photographer will oblige and take a few shots just to placate you, and then make a mental note that you're a real pain to deal with. Know-it-all photo subjects, usually amateur photographers, who think they know the correct angles, lighting and backdrops. The photographer doesn't tell you how to do your job.

Public Speaking: How to Work with Newspaper Photographers

Great Public Speaking

The next time a newspaper photographer takes your photo, remember the 8 things they hate: 1. Never tell the photographer whom to photograph. Usually, the photographer will oblige and take a few shots just to placate you, and then make a mental note that you're a real pain to deal with. Know-it-all photo subjects, usually amateur photographers, who think they know the correct angles, lighting and backdrops. The photographer doesn't tell you how to do your job.

PowerPoint Tip: Full Screen Photos

Manner of Speaking

In it, Dave Paradi explains why photographs in a presentation can be more effective than reams of text when it comes to getting a message across to our audiences. Tags: PowerPoint Dave Paradi font size looking at pictures and text photographs I recently came across this short video. Dave uses an example from a presentation on which he worked. He shows the original slide that was full of text and the slide that he developed to replace it.

Photos 158

photographer's tips on eye contact & more

The Eloquent Woman

TED, the technology/education/design conference, hires a photographer to capture its dynamic speakers, and James Duncan Davidson offers this "dear speakers" essay on everything from taking off your name tag to how to move effectively around the speaking space.

Tell Powerful Stories with Pictures: A National Geographic Photographer Shares Tips for Speakers (WEBINAR)

Pivotal Public Speaking

If you want to use photos, come learn from Dick Durrance, one of the world’s top photographers who now uses that background to add impact as a professional speaker. He’ll show you how to better create or select photographs for your use. However, you’re not a professional photographer. with Dick Durrance. A speech or presentation is in part a visual experience for the audience.

How to Create a Presentation Using Free Stock Photos

Duarte Blog

Ideally, every presenter would have a photographer on-hand to call whenever they need to create a new presentation. Unfortunately, most professionals aren’t lucky enough to have a photographer at their disposal, and many must turn to [.]

Nude conference shots: “I am very, like, remorseful for what I did.”

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?

In court, the young photographer said: “I am very, like, remorseful for what I did.&#. Tags: Speaker Support Trends conference managers conferences flipping burgers McDonalds nude phone photographs As if in response to this afternoon’s post on public apologies, this story popped up. A 21 year old McDonalds manager at a island resort conference took phone shots of her 48 year old room mate sleeping naked and showed them around the next morning.


Thoughts On Presenting And Design

This site seems to attract more quality photographers and photographs than other sites I've visited, especially flickr. Lately, there's been a lot of noise in the photography community around 500px.com. This is another free (with upgrades available to those willing to pay) social photo sharing site that sort of fits between flickr and Smugmug. The big differentiator (at least for now) is the quality.

2011 100

A day without learning something new is

The Shy Speaker's Guide to Succes on Stage

– Oded Wagenstein – Travel photographer and writer [link] under: General. A day without learning something new is a wasted one. General

Relay For Life: Spotsylvania

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

I’ll be there to photograph the event, provide free portraits (digital) to participants, and make the “Why I Relay” photos. On April 12, I’ll be in Spotsylvania donating my time and talent to the Relay For Life of Spotsylvania. It’s a good distance, but it’s part of my commitment to, no matter how much business I do or don’t have in a year, that I give to worthy causes like this. If you’re in the area, come join the fight against cancer.

2014 138

No Excuse For Scary Slides

Professionally Speaking...

New York Public Library Public Domain Images :: Over 700,000 photographs, maps, posters and prints including a collection of images of New York from the 1870s to the 1970s. Unsplash :: Stunning, high resolution images from contributing photographers. New Old Stock :: Vintage photographs from all over the world. Scary may be a good thing for Halloween decorations and theme park rides but certainly not for presentation slides.

2016 136

How To: Save, crop and resize image files

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Unlike plain text, a memorable photograph adds to a talk without distracting from the speaker. At a recent Toastmasters Club meeting Tevis encouraged us to appreciate the impact of adding pictures to PowerPoint presentations. It was obvious from the discussion that some Club members did not know the basics of how to find, save and manipulate [.].

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How To: Find images for presentations

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

But where can you find images – photographs, logos, graphics – that illustrate your subject and match the theme of your presentation? In my previous posting, I discussed how to save, crop and resize image files. Google Image Search An obvious place to start is with a simple Google search and select ‘Images’ from the top menu bar. [.].

Images 136

Ethics in Public Speaking

The Communication Blog

This would be unethical because the speaker is preventing the audience from seeing the truth as presented in the entire photo and as the photographer photographed it. Ethics in Public Speaking I wrote this for the new edition of Essential Elements of Public Speaking, 7th edition (Hoboken, NJ: Pearson, 2021) but I thought it might be useful for any class in public speaking as a way of introducing the dimension of ethics and clarifying what is and what is not plagiarism.

2020 159

Lessons from a Stunning Three-Minute Stop Motion Film

Manner of Speaking

According to the people who made this creative work, they took 60,000 photographs, developed 9,600 prints and reshot 1,800 photos. But don’t worry, nobody is expecting you to take 60,000 photographs!). I recently rediscovered this brilliant—and it is brilliant—three-minute stop motion film commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Olympus PEN camera. I first came across it in 2009, the year in which it was released.

2012 213

Use a texture as a frame for your slides

PowerPoint Tips

Take a photograph of something that has a nice texture. Drag a rectangle across the slide so that it leaves a border around its edges, showing the textured photograph. Do you want an interesting background but fret that it is distracting from you message? One way to resolve this conflict is to use a textured background around the edges of your slides. Here’s an example. The slide provides the steps, but I’ll explain them in more detail.

2013 178

Just get out there

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

Two of my interests are photography and public speaking, which is why I follow the blogs of Both Darren LaCroix , who won the world champion of public speaking in 2001, and Jared Polin (aka the Fro) , who is the most amazing photographer and teacher out of Philidophia. there’s always something more we can learn and I believe that deep down we all know that we should keep learning, studying and progressing as photographers and as people.

2012 109

Create a textured PowerPoint background that changes colors

PowerPoint Tips

You can also create your own textured images by photographing water, stone, tree bark, sand, etc. You can create a background that changes colors when you change your theme’s color set. It’s really cool to watch. I’ve written about this before here , in an example that include a few objects on the slide. In this case, I wanted to show you a slightly different concept, which is a semi-transparent rectangle over a grayscale textured image.

2012 133

Being There, Before You’re There

Manner of Speaking

Seeing photographs of the venue also allows speakers to visualize themselves addressing the audience, much like athletes such as skiers who visualize themselves racing down the course before they actually do it. The photographs are helpful because they show the room from different angles and provide a good sense of the speaking area. So what insights can speakers glean from these photographs? According to the statistics on the first photograph, there are 430 seats.

2011 188

The Next Step With My Photography

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

Fear of rejection because other photographers are better than me (guess what, no matter how good you are, somebody’s better than you). The other day, I read an article about Because I Said I Would. This gave me the swift kick in the rear end that I needed. For years, I told myself, “this is the year I start a business.” ” Yet it never happened.

2014 116

How to: Look good on stage

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Duncan Davidson, a professional photographer at the O’Reilly tech conferences, has some great advice on how to look good on stage. He’s based this on his experience watching thousands of speakers over the years. Check out the growing list of comments which supplement the main article. I liked: …slowing down is a great thing to do. A [.].

Stage 100

PowerPoint has photos again! And a lot more…

PowerPoint Tips

What’s so cool about these is that they’ve photographed each model (all named) in many positions so you can show changes of emotion or create an avatar and use it throughout a presentation.

2020 151

The storytelling power of photography

Presentation Zen

To me, there is still nothing like the still photograph to convey emotion and the significance of a particular moment. Obviously, photographs are not just for print. Ken Burns, for example, says that he views the photograph as the basic building block or DNA of his documentary film making. With that in mind, I'd like to point you to a 13-minute slideshow by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Renée Byer. We all know the power of great photography.

Icons are hot now — how to get, make, and use icons

PowerPoint Tips

They are always simple, which can give them an advantage over a photograph which might contain extraneous content. That explains why you should crop photographs and remove their background when possible.). Most people use Pixabay for photographs, but the site also offers vector graphics. Iconography is hot in design now. Here is an example from one of my websites. The above icons are colorful and have some depth to them, but you often see icons that are flat and monochrome.

2015 157

Two PowerPoint accessibility features plus one “off label” use

PowerPoint Tips

I could also add the photographer to give him or her credit. People with visual disabilities may use a screen reader to read the screen to them. PowerPoint has features that work with screen readers and you can help to ensure that this experience is useful for people with visual disabilities. Accessibility is the concept of making any software more usable by people with disabilities.

2019 176

4 ways to get the right people images

PowerPoint Tips

Go around your office and ask people if you can photograph them. A client of mine needed images of people to make his presentation come alive. But he couldn’t find the diversity he needed. And he’s in the field of education, which has many more females than males. I came up with 4 ways to find the people images you need. Take your own photos. That way, you’ll get a representative group. Usually, people are happy to oblige, but give them time to spruce themselves up!

Images 161

Video, Not Photography, Is What Readers Want - Sun-Times Media layoffs

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  AP reports that this media property is laying off all photographers, saying readers prefer video content. Will this become a trend, putting photographers out on the street, along with journalists? Those in the visual arts might have figured they were sitting pretty, at least relatively.    After all, both the web and mobile have become the platform for photos and video.    Well, for Sun-Times Media, only the video is creating value. 

4 ways to change a picture in PowerPoint without losing formatting

PowerPoint Tips

Substituting an icon for a photograph isn’t a typical task. The Change Picture feature in PowerPoint is very powerful because it lets you substitute another picture but keep the most of formatting. You might want to change the picture because: You made a mistake and inserted the wrong picture. You’ve changed your mind and decided that another picture would work better. You duplicated a great slide and now just want to change the text and substitute another image.

2018 127

Circle an object

PowerPoint Tips

I photographed them with my digital camera and uploaded the photo to my computer. A great way to emphasize and draw attention to an object on a slide is to circle it. Of course, the easy way is to insert a circle, and use the Appear or Fade entrance animation. Be sure to format the circle with no fill. I like to use a red outline and give it a weight of at least 2 pt. To format the circle, follow these steps: Right-click and choose Format Shape.

2019 104

2 PowerPoint 2013 secrets

PowerPoint Tips

In PowerPoint 2010 and earlier, when you chose Insert > Clip Art, you could specify that you wanted only photographs. I just gave a webinar on upgrading to PowerPoint 2013, explaining all the new features and how to use them. During the webinar, I discussed 2 features that I realized are so hard to find that I really should share them with everyone. Find only photos.

2013 179

National Speakers Association Convention. On my way.

Fripp THE Executive Speech Coach

Hosted by Peter Legge and the photograph is from our evening at Joe & Rosalie Segal's. Just left the Speakers Roundtable meeting in Vancouver. Now packing the same fancy clothes for NSA! Here I am with Dan Maddux, Executive Director of the American Payroll Association.

Make your communication personal with photos

PowerPoint Tips

I have particularly noticed the effect of eyes in a photograph. I see lots of presentation files and have started to notice that when people start designing slides, they go into a formal mode that makes the presentation less personal — and less effective. The negative impact is especially pronounced when the presentation is put online, because the audience doesn’t see the presenter (although their might be narration). Some presentations cry out for a personal touch.

Photos 127

Body Language Blunders Of Anthony Weiner -Media Training

TJ Walker Interactive

Anthony Weiner struggled to explain how a picture of somebody’s bulging underwear briefly appeared on his Twitter account, claiming in a back-to-back string of interviews that he was clearly hacked — but hinting the photograph could have been an image of him. [link] [link] Rep.

Photo Field Trip | Contrast

Duarte Blog

Then he compiled the footage with our photographs to make this. We like photography. We also like fun, and Saturdays, and San Francisco, and sunshine. And we really like each other. Recently we went on a Photo Field Trip, and had the chance to enjoy all of these things, simultaneously. I know. Our assignment: Take photos of contrast. Or take photos of whatever you want. Joe went rogue (typical) and took video. Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed ourselves that day.

Karen Jacobsen: The GPS Girl

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

I am using professional photographs taken in the past 12 months. No member of the National Speakers Association speaks to as many people on a daily basis as does Karen Jacobsen. Her voice is one of the options on over 100 million GPS systems and 300 million smartphones.

2015 184