Ballard Spahr Lawyer Gunned Down on Mean Streets of Philadelphia

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When he was walking home in Philadelphia from work at Ballard Spahr he was approached by a man in what is assumed to have been an attempted robbery gone wrong. This is the second incidence of violence.

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IABC Philadelphia

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IABC Philadelphia. 9 Steps to Speechwriting Success. Tuesday, October 18, 2011. 5:30 - 7:00 PM. Hilton Garden Inn, Fort Washington, PA. Cost: $35 Members; $55 Non-Members; $10 Students. Speechwriting is the most lucrative writing specialty for business communicators. Salaries for staff speechwriters range from $100,000 to $200,000 … and freelance speechwriting assignments earn $5,000 to $15,000 (sometimes even more).

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Dates: Philadelphia & Washington DC

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Sat, November 3, 2012 - Philadelphia. Sat, March 23, 2013 - Philadelphia. Mon-Tue, April 15-16, 2013 - Philadelphia. HOW TO BREAK INTO FREELANCE WRITING. THE BUSINESS OF SPEECHWRITING. THE BASICS OF WRITING & GIVING A SPEECH. ADVANCED SPEECHWRITING. Mon-Tues, June 10-11, 2013 - Washington DC

Speechwriting job opening, Philadelphia

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Speechwriter/Senior Manager, Internal Communications-Philadelphia PA. Our client is major company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. From the website of Peter Bell Associates … . They are looking to bring in a writer whose primary role is to write speeches. You will write for people at the highest level of the organization.

Looking for a job in the greater Philadelphia area?

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Speaker: Phil Hopkins of Select Greater Philadelphia. October 16, 2010. 9:00 - 11:30 AM. Eastern University, McInnis Auditorium, St. Davids, PA. Cost: Free . Information:

Pennsylvania Education Policy Roundup for September 3, 2013: “Philadelphia, Mississippi: 1963 Black children not allowed in libraries -- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 2013 No school libraries”

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Keystone State Education Coalition: Pennsylvania Education Policy Roundup for September 3, 2013 : “ Philadelphia , Mississippi : 1963 Black children not allowed in libraries “ Philadelphia , Pennsylvania : 2013 No school libraries” Pennsylvanians Want a School Funding Formula Sign up to join us in Harrisburg on September 23 rd ! 2, 2013 Now comes the endgame in the long drama over the Philadelphia public schools.

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The next speechwriting seminar: Sat, April 10, Philadelphia

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THE BUSINESS OF SIX-FIGURE SPEECHWRITING. This is a nuts-and-bolts career seminar for anyone who wants to succeed as a speechwriter (on staff or freelance). . Speechwriting is a lucrative specialty. Staff speechwriters are almost recession-proof. Lots of employees lost their jobs during the past year, but the speechwriters who kept their CEOs looking good … well, they continue to keep working.)

I was seriously injured in a motor vehicle collision – and I made every word count

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An explanation: Back in the autumn, en route to visit an elderly aunt in Central Pennsylvania, I took Amtrak from Philadelphia to Lancaster PA. Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t written a blog post, attended professional meetings, participated in conferences, taught speechwriting classes, or conducted workshops in recent months. Less than 10 […].

230 top tweets from #SMPlus

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Business Summit was held in Philadelphia May 25, 2010. The Social Media Plus Web 2.0 The one-day event promised to put attendees on the fast track to incorporating Social Media into their overall business strategy. Attendees generated over 2,100 tweets under the hashtag #SMPlus. Twitter only maintains 10-14 days of content so this information will soon [.].

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Guest Posting: Lessons from Social Media Plus, by Erica V.

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Last week I curated a list of 230 tweets from the Social Media Plus Summit held May 25 in Philadelphia. I asked Erica V., who was at the event, to explain what role social media plays in her life and some of the takeaways from the day. Manners, Content and Audience: getting Back to [.].

Boost your clout as a writer or speaker: Develop strong research skills

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You don’t have to be a resident of Philadelphia to apply for a card at Philly’s terrific Free Library. September is #LibraryCardSignUp Month. If you don’t already own a card for your local public library, get one now. Then get cards for major libraries throughout the country.

Would freelance writing credits boost your career (and your income)?

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I’ll offer “How to Break into Freelance Writing: Using Bylines to Boost Your Career” on Saturday, November 3, in Philadelphia. link].

Webinar on Social Media Measurement

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IABC Philadelphia will present a webinar on Wednesday, February 16th, 12 noon-1:30pm Eastern. Cost : $30 Members; $40 Non-Members. For information and registration details: [link

What will you do this week to get involved in a professional organization?

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I rejoined the International Association of Business Communicators – Philadelphia Chapter. I started my career as a member in the New York City chapter – seldom missing a meeting. Keep in mind: You don’t have to join a professional organization to start getting involved. You can follow an organization on Twitter (IABC has great #commchats), get […]. Career info International speakers Professional organizations

Annual freelancing workshop

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I’ll teach “How To Break into Freelance Writing: Using Bylines to Build Your Career” on Saturday, November 3, in Philadelphia. To learn more: [link]. To see what others gained from this career workshop: [link

Does your resume have what it takes?

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Bring your resume to “The Business of Six-Figure Speechwriting: How to Succeed … On Staff, or Freelance” (Saturday, January 14, Philadelphia). Learn how to leverage your resume for speechwriting success.

Offing Someone - Not Always As Easy As Mobster Joseph Merlino Claims

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The New York Post positions and packages the content of a 2014 conversation by Philadelphia mobster Joseph Merlino as "chilling." Those who had come of age in an urban environment, such as Philadelphia, know how cheap life is.

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“So, you want to make money writing speeches?”

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That’s the title of the presentation I’m giving at IABC Philadelphia on Thursday, January 17 (6-8:30pm). This IABC program will be held at Temple University Center City (across from City Hall), 1515 Market Street, Suite 215. For registration/details: [link]. Speechwriting

How to succeed in speechwriting

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I’ll offer “The Business of Six-Figure Speechwriting” only once in 2013: Saturday, March 23, in Philadelphia. Whether you want to get a better paying staff job or find lucrative freelance speechwriting assignments, this workshop will provide the information you need. To see how others have benefited: [link]. Speechwriting

"Better Call Saul" - Now We Know What Mike Is All About

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" Back in Philadelphia, Mike was as corrupt as all the other cops. In New Mexico, the police from Philadelphia question him if he killed the two policemen. In "Breaking Bad," the laconic, totally focused Mike Ehrmantraut was an enigma. When he was offed we grieved.

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Who gets the best speechwriting jobs?

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If you’ve ever wondered about the hiring process for speechwriters (either on staff or freelance), consider participating in “The Business of Six-Figure Speechwriting” I’ll offer this career workshop on Saturday, March 23, in Philadelphia.

How do your speeches stack up?

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Join top speechwriters and executive communication professionals in the 2011 “Master Class in Speechwriting&# (Mon-Tues, Oct 3-4, Philadelphia). . Do you ever wonder how your speeches compare with the best speeches - throughout the USA, and internationally? . You get to bring a speech, and I’ll take you through a detailed critique process. You’ll learn how to make any speech more persuasive, more creative and more professional - in just one hour

Innumeracy and speechwriters

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John Allen Paulos, mathematics professor at Temple University in Philadelphia, wrote an outstanding little book called (simply enough) Innumeracy. This is one of the topics we’ll be addressing in the annual Master Class in Speechwriting (Monday-Tuesday, October 3-4, Philadelphia). Illiteracy gets a great deal of attention. But innumeracy? Not so much. . Speechwriters would be wise to consider the implications of innumeracy. .

Alum success: another byline

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I’ll teach “How to Break into Freelance Writing: Using Bylines to Build Your Career” on Saturday, November 3 (Philadelphia). My congratulations to seminar alum Robert Lerose for another excellent byline. His article on cross-selling/upselling techniques was posted at: [link]. Ever wonder how you can get published and benefit from your own bylines?

“The Basics of Writing & Giving A Speech”

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I’ll offer this comprehensive how-to seminar on Mon-Tues, March 19-20, in Philadelphia. Participate, and get two full days of intensive small-group training. Learn more at “If you take one speechwriting seminar in your entire career, you’d better get signed up for this one.” ” (Dan Morrison, IBM

Byline for an alum

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I was delighted to see that The Philadelphia Inquirer chose to publish a bylined submission by Debbie Albert, who attended my career workshop, “How to Break into Freelance Writing: Using Bylines to Build Your Career.” ” Congratulations to Debbie on her excellent piece of good writing!

New: speechwriting seminars in DC

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Starting in 2012, I’ll be expanding my speechwriting seminars to include Washington, DC (in addition to my Philadelphia location). Within the next few weeks, I’ll be announcing the dates. If a DC location suits you better, now you can plan your training budget accordingly.

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What’s your speechwriting worth?

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We have a great group signed up for “The Business of Six-Figure Speechwriting: How to Succeed … On Staff, or Freelance” (Saturday, March 23, Philadelphia). You’ll find good freelance information at: [link]. Is 2013 the year you’re ready to move forward in your speechwriting career? Come join us. It might just be the most productive Saturday of your entire career. Learn more at [link]. Speechwriting

How much did a first-time speechwriter earn?

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Learn more in “The Business of Six-Figure Speechwriting: How to Succeed … On Staff, or Freelance&# (Saturday, January 14, Philadelphia). An experienced PR writer got his first freelance speechwriting assignment a couple of weeks ago. This weekend he reported that it all went great. He billed the client $6000 for his professional services and is preparing to do more speeches for this company.

How much money is your organization losing?

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Bring a speech to the “Advanced Speechwriting” seminar on Mon-Tues, June 4-5 (Philadelphia), and I’ll take you through a detailed critique process. How much money does your organization waste on mediocre speeches, unnecessary speeches, edited-to-death speeches, and just plain bad speeches? Find out. Learn how to produce much better speeches in much less time. And … discover how your speeches stack up against the best in the business

Speechwriting Seminar: Sold out … waiting list only

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A quick note: “The Basics of Writing & Giving A Speech&# (March 22-23, Philadelphia) sold out last week and has moved into a waiting list. Let me know if you’d like to be added to that waiting list … or if you’d like to attend a later seminar (April, June, August, October, November).

Alum news: articles published in Intelligent Utility magazine

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Note: The 2010 “Advanced Speechwriting&# seminar will be held Mon-Tues, Aug 16-17, in Philadelphia: business writer Phil Johnson, who attended my Advanced Speechwriting seminar years ago, wrote to share some publishing news: “I’ve researched and written two new articles that appear in the current issue of Intelligent Utility magazine. The articles center on smart-grid principles …&#. To read one of Phil’s articles: .

Alum: letter to The New York Times

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The 2011 session of “How to Break into Freelance Writing&# will be held on Saturday, August 20, in Philadelphia. Congratulations to Cheryl V. Chambers for getting her letter published at: NYT, FASHION & STYLE | July 24, 2011. Letters . . An experienced writer and etiquette consultant, Cheryl attended my 2010 workshop on “How to Break into Freelance Writing: Using Bylines to Build Your Career.&# .

Famous Speech Friday: Angelina Grimké's 1838 speech at Pennsylvania Hall

The Eloquent Woman

This note on the scene comes from the transcript of a speech delivered by abolitionist and women’s rights activist Angelina Grimké Weld--the last public speech she ever made--in Philadelphia in 1838. In Philadelphia, at least, she didn’t have to make a lectern out of gentlemen’s hats.

International speechwriting assignments

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On Saturday, in Philadelphia, I taught “The Business of Six-Figure Speechwriting: How to Succeed … On Staff, or Freelance.&#. Mark your calendars: I’ll hold my next “Business of Six-Figure Speechwriting&# seminar on Saturday, January 15, 2011 (again, in Philadelphia). . Several of the participants in this speechwriting seminar asked me how to attract international assignments. My starting advice?

Humor and the Truth

Humor Power

I would rather be living in Philadelphia.” Not that there is anything inherently funny about living in Philadelphia, it’s just that the truth is funny. Truth and humor are a strange mix. One of the rules of improv is to BE TRUTHFUL. Often, trying too hard to be funny doesn’t serve you well. Life is funny enough. Most jokes, even ones that aren’t true, have a ring of truth in them. “Here lies W. Fields. ” How true. Wouldn’t we all.

Alum news: How to get speechwriting work

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Several weeks ago, I taught “The Business of Six-Figure Speechwriting&# in Philadelphia. One of the attendees, Gordon Tomb, just wrote to share some news: Gordon was invited to participate in a news conference given by a candidate for Governor. And, what prompted this invitation? “Source was an email I sent to the campaign giving some constructive criticism of one of the candidate’s speeches.&#. A resourceful approach to getting new business!

The Power of a Byline

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I recently received a note from a writer who attended my 2009 “Business of Six-Figure Speechwriting&# seminar in Philadelphia. Plan now to join “How to Break into Freelance Writing&# , Saturday, October 9, Philadelphia. Previously, he had worked on staff with a large energy company. Now (after corporate downsizing), he’s freelancing. . To gain attention for his new freelance speechwriting business, he’s looking for ways to get his name out there.

Applying for a speechwriting job?

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Next class: Mon-Tues, June 4-5, Philadelphia. You might be asked to take a speechwriting test at the client’s office. Here’s a tip: If they give you a manuscript speech to line-edit, go the extra step and provide a great title for that speech. This will distinguish you from other candidates, who might settle for whatever bland/boring title appears at the top of the test page.

Alum success

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Please note: I’ll hold “How to Break into Freelance Writing” only once in 2012: Saturday, November 3 (Philadelphia). Congratulations to Cheryl V. Chambers, an alum of “How to Break into Freelance Writing: Using Bylines to Build Your Career.” ” Her article on “ Civility and Business Etiquette” appeared in the March issue of CensusPoints.

Are you prepared for any “special occasion” assignment?

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I’ll hold my annual “Advanced Speechwriting” seminar on Monday-Tuesday, June 4-5, in Philadelphia. Suppose you learned about a freelance assignment to write a major commencement address. Do you have what it takes to get that lucrative speechwriting job? Or would the assignment go to another speechwriter?

Who wants to make extra money freelancing?

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On Saturday, August 20, I’ll offer my annual “How to Break into Freelance Writing: Using Bylines to Build Your Career&# (Philadelphia). . Who’s attending? Attendees come from two categories: 1. Staff writers from top organizations around the country (representing large corporations, management consulting firms, federal agencies, etc). Some want to “moonlight&# right now to earn extra income.

How long?

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Join “The Basics of Writing & Giving A Speech” on Monday-Tuesday, March 19-20, in Philadelphia. How long does it take you to write a speech? Do you have a nagging suspicion you could be writing faster (and better)? . You’ll get two full days of training, and you’ll walk out with a Joan Detz Speechwriting Seminar Certificate of Completion that will add clout to your resume.