People Pleasing: That will delay your comeback

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Now, we have confirmed that the most successful among us, professionally and personally, manage to not chase after universal approval.   On a more complex level, we can figure out to exit doing journalism and focus our personal branding on executive communications, that is, ghostwriting and speechwriting.   Branding careers Personal Musings Values Here and there we have been told that we can't please everyone.

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The Importance of Communication in the Workplace

The Communication Blog

The source of the problem could be everything from personal management styles and educational backgrounds to personality conflicts and cultural differences. Is it really to improve the work situation, or is this just a personal preference or annoyance? Maybe there is something else going on in a person’s life that caused them to speak out of turn. Here is a "guest post," written by Jonathan Trenton, that seems relevant to what I try to do here.

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Presentation Design: A Management Philosophy

Duarte Blog

And that’s exactly what happened when she met Jimmy Guterman , executive editor of MIT Sloan Management Review , at the most recent TED conference. It’s no surprise that Nancy views the world through a design lens, a skill which she has used to help world-renowned executives, politicians and thought leaders develop presentations, but it may surprise some to know that it is also her personal management philosophy. Managers can spend a lot of time clarifying.