Best Practices in Permission Marketing: How to Follow the Law & Respect Your Clients

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The post Best Practices in Permission Marketing: How to Follow the Law & Respect Your Clients appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Most Recent Post Speaker Marketing email email marketing email permission email subscribers facebook facebook groups facebook marketing marketing online marketing opt in permission marketingSocial media and email broadcasting have changed over the past few years, giving business owners who maintain an online presence so much to think about.

Your Dreams - Permission To Pull The Plug

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

She gives us the permission we need in America to pull the plug on all that. There is the strange voodoo of dreams. At least in America. Once we attach to one, such as becoming a famous investment expert or a professional dancer, we are doomed to stick with it. But that, as therapist Tracey Cleantis hammers in the book "The Next Happy," chasing the dream can destroy us. Americana is all about sticking with the dream.

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Do you have my permission?

Speak Schmeak

Don't add me to your mailing list without my permission. Besides making yourself look like a spammer, it's just not considerate or professional to add people to your mailing list without permission. But adding me without my permission creates the perception that you don't care about building a relationship as much as you care about making a buck or building a huge list.

PowerPoint Tip: You need permission to use YouTube videos

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

I want to discuss the right way to get permission to do so. Permission, you ask? Why do I need permission? Just like every other broadcast medium, like television or a movie theatre, videos are copyrighted by the creator, and you need permission to use the video in your work. So how do you get permission? If you can’t get permission, consider a video from a different source or even a photograph to make your point.

"American Hustle" - Permission to love our inner Machiavelli

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

"American Hustle" exposes the manipulator in all of us.  That's why it is resonating with audiences. It frees us from the Boy Scoutish/Girl Scoutish notion that we are expected to play the game straight.  Now we can fully embrace and come to love our inner Machiavelli. Some of the characters, like Irving and Lady Edith, go heavy on the manipulation.  The rest, like Irving's wife, just do it when they see it as totally necessary.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: Buddha gives us permission to feel compassion

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Those who haven't screwed up - and badly - are a shrinking minority. With so much economic, social, and political turbulence, most of us have wound up on the wrong side of whatever.    But, unlike alleged Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev , our misdeeds didn't get us labeled as an enemy of the people who some hope will wind up with the death penalty. 

Do Reporters Need Permission to Quote You? | Media Training

TJ Walker Interactive

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Baby Boomers: Still needing permission to "make it up"

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  I now get it that to do that I needed permission. Last night I received that permission from an expert in organizational development.  There was a time - call it the Baby Boomer's version of "Camelot" - when professional success meant following the rules.    Sure some of us put in our time doing the counterculture.    Then the Recession of 1974 put the kibosh on that. 

Less-Is-More and Permission

Humor Power

We sometimes forget that most humor requires “permission&# from the audience to use it. Without permission, your humor can work against the less-is-more principle. If you persist in using humor without permission, the audience may be thinking: “There he/she goes again. Without being the winner, I felt I wouldn’t have had “permission&# to take the microphone during the awards ceremony and do two humor lines.

"Quiet" by Susan Cain: Americans need permission to be introverts

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  A book by Susan Cain could give us permission to not have to be "on" so much of the time.  Be outgoing.    Well rounded.    Make others listen to what you say.    That was the formula for success we Baby Boomers grew up with.    For Millennials, with their tweets, Facebook pages, photos, and videos on YouTube, being out there in many many ways is even more intense. 

Don't wait to be asked: Take a permission audit of your speaking

The Eloquent Woman

Time to do a sorry audit, reader Miriam Gordon tweeted that I should turn next to a "permission audit" for women speakers. The more I thought about that, I realized there are two sides to asking permission in ways that don't benefit women speakers: One is asking for permission when you don't need to do so. The other is waiting to be asked, as if you needed someone to grant permission. Asking permission when you don't need to do so can take many forms.

Come on, did we really need permission to eat, buy bigger pants

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  The women on it don't need permission from Julia Roberts [playing Elizabeth Gilbert] to eat and buy bigger pants.  Every day I take public transportation.    The film is targeted at the X-rays, as Tom Wolfe called those upper-middle-class trophy wives in BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES.   And it's sad, not a sign of personal liberation, that they would require a signal from somewhere to stuff their face now and then.

Andy Rooney, Dead at 92: The man who gave us permission to not be cool

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Andy Rooney was the Patron Saint of those who didn't intend to pull out all stops in being cool - or pretending to be young.    For instance, he reflected on "60 Minutes" one evening that he really wasn't into Lady Gaga.    The courage of those stances gave him, ironically, the identity of a kid who never lost the determination to speak his mind. Now Rooney has gone to that great bitching tent in the sky. 

How to Write a Lot

The Communication Blog

11.01.2010 How to Write a Lot Here is a Word file of a brief article I wrote and which appears in the current issue of ETC: A Review of General Semantics and here with permission. How to Write a Lot Four Rules Joseph A. DeVito A lot has been written about effective writing.

The Communication Blog: A Speech of Dedication

The Communication Blog

I reprint it here, with Bernard’s permission, not only to illustrate an excellent speech of dedication but more important to celebrate Bernard’s dedication and generosity to education, to students, and to Northeastern Illinois University. 2.02.2011 A Speech of Dedication Here is a wonderful speech of dedication. It was written and delivered by Professor Bernard J. Brommel of Northeastern Illinois University at the naming of Brommel Hall.

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Do You Have Shut-Up Syndrome?

Speak and Deliver

As the King's Speech progresses, Mr. Logue slowly works to convince Prince Albert to give himself permission - permission to think his thoughts, permission to speak, and even permission to be King. Great speaking doesn't start with what you say or how you say it, but your willingness to give yourself permission to say it in the first place. Only you can turn on the permission switch. Colin Firth as Prince Albert, facing the firing squad, err, audience.

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Guest Posting: 102 Common English Idioms

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

This list of 102 common English idioms with meaning and examples is reprinted here with her express permission. Michelle Tran is an ESL English teacher. Her Basic English Speaking website lists common English phrases, expressions, basic grammar and more. 102 Common English Idioms with Meaning and Examples, by Michelle Tran Say you’re in a conversation […]. International Communication ESL

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Guest Posting: How to write a really good three-minute speech in 10 minutes, by David Murray

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

This appears with David’s express permission. David Murray is the editor of Vital Speeches of the Day. This posting recently appeared there and I was impressed by the practical advice it contains. It captures the essence of the speechwriting process. The title says it all. I have added the links. My pals were meeting me […]. Speechwriting Practical Tips

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Guest Posting: How to demolish your fear of public speaking in 4 unconventional steps, by Philip Pape

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

This post originally appeared on Philip’s blog and is posted here with his express permission. Philip Pape is an author, software engineer, public speaker, and life-hacker who helps smart people obliterate obstacles to success. He shares specific strategies for helping you succeed through the unconventional art of confidence at Follow Philip on Twitter: @philip_pape. […]. Public Speaking

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Guest Posting: Flying Lessons, First Hand by Rod Thorn

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Reprinted here with his express permission. This is the keynote address by Rod Thorn, Communication Executive, PepsiCo that was delivered at the Ragan Speechwriters and Executive Communicators Conference, George Washington University, Washington, D.C. on March 10, 2015. It is an amazingly honest and forthright assessment of what is like, on a professional and emotional level, […]. Business Communication Speech Showcase Speechwriting keynote

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Guest Posting: The West Wing Whirlwind, by Jan Sonneveld and Rune Kier

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

This article is reprinted with their express permission. Jan Sonneveld and Rune Kier are government speechwriters in Holland and Denmark respectively. Rune Kier Nielsen is on Twitter and on LinkedIn. Jan Sonneveld is on Twitter and on LinkedIn. Storytelling – The Whirlwind of The West Wing by Jan Sonneveld and Rune Kier. Myth has [.]. Speechwriting storytelling

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Jet Fuel For Writing

Communication Steroids

Photo used with permission [link] Creative Commons Licensing From → Communication Skills , Speech Writing , Written Communication Comments are closed.

A Year of Crisis: Nancy Duarte’s Successful Leadership Story

Duarte Blog

She also gave us permission to do what we needed to feel healthy, safe, and supported—whether that meant taking extra vacation or sick days [.] In times of crisis, good leadership is displayed through empathy and authority.

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Toastmaster Magazine: Learning to Write for Others

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

With the editors kind permission, here’s the text of Learning to Write for Others for you to download and read. I’m pleased to have an article in the current January edition of Toastmaster Magazine. I discuss the ways the Toastmaster Competent Communicator program helped me become a better speechwriter. Unfortunately the typo in the first […]. Speechwriting Toastmasters

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Guest Posting: Communicating at Virgin Atlantic, by Adam Schair

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

This post appears with his express permission. Adam Schair is Vice President, Human Resources Communications at Thomson Reuters in New York and a member of the Thomson Reuters Internal Communication & Engagement Council. He manages a team of human resources communications specialists. Fortune Favors the Bold: Communicating at Virgin Atlantic, by Adam Schair I recently […]. Business Communication Marketing Richard branson Thomson Reuters Virgin Atlantic

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Guest Posting: Worst Brand Name Award of 2011, by Alexandra Watkins

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The following post originally appeared in her blog and is reposted here with her express permission. Alexandra Watkins is the Founder & Chief Innovation Officer at Eat My Words, a San Francisco based creative naming agency known for creating unforgettable brand names. Announcing the most frightful brand name of 2011… the Head Scratcher of the [.]. Business Communication Cultural Differences Culture Shock! Eat My Words

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How Will Your Christmas Week Go? - Predictions from Madame Clairevoyant

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  For Taurus, my Zodiac sign, Madame Clairevoyant gives me permission to take time to, essentially, smell the roses while I'm focused on getting things done.    In the permission part, she nailed it.

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Humor techniques of 22 prominent U.S. politicians

Speak to Lead

Here, with his permission, are his findings: With the caucus and primary events coming soon, let’s reflect on. As the 2012 U.S. presidential primaries begin, humorist John Kinde has analyzed the key humor techniques of 22 current and former candidates. Humor 2012 Republican primaries John Kinde Lou Hampton political humor presidential humor

Convert iTunes M4P (and other) sounds to MP3

PowerPoint Tips

In most cases, you need permission to use copyrighted music in a presentation to someone else. A subscriber recently asked me how to insert songs that he bought from iTunes into a PowerPoint presentation. He wanted to use them for a presentation to a Rotary Club conference. Before I start, let me say that I'm not a lawyer. If you have questions, get legal advice. That said, here's my understanding. Correct me if I'm wrong.)

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For every risk, some praise

The Presenter's Blog

At whatever stage within a public speaking career we might be, we need to give ourselves permission to learn, and to experiment, and through that process to grow as presenters. Give yourself permission to learn. “a boy’s capacity may be dulled by too great strictness in correcting him.

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Amber Guyger and Brandt Jean - The Extreme Power of Forgiveness

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In court today at the sentencing of convicted murderer Amber Guyger (10 years, w chance of parole after 5), Brandt asked the judge's permission to hug his brother's killer. Permission had been granted. Forgiveness is the first step in healing. And the brother of murder victim Botham Jean - Brandt Jean - began that process. Here are all the details from the New York Post.    Essentially, it was all about the symbolism of a hug.

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Winning entry in the Shadows contest

PowerPoint Tips

I got permission to show you the entry of the 1st place winner, John Sanders, so here it is. In my blog post, “ Add drama with PowerPoint 2007’s shadows ,&# I had a contest for the best 3 entries. John says, “In the Education Department of WA Performance Management process we suggest that the staff member commence the process by reflecting on their work and where they are at prior to planning a course of action with their manager for the next planning period.

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Steve Jobs Commencement Address

The Communication Blog

I think this is a wonderful speech and I tried to reprint it in the last edition of my public speaking book but, unfortunately, permission was denied. With the recent death of Steve Jobs--one of the real geniuses of our time--I thought that public speaking students (and actually just about anyone) would enjoy reading a commencement speech he delivered some years ago.

Enjoying the Journey

The Presenter's Blog

The secret is to give ourselves permission to enjoy the journey, and that way, those who accompany us, be they family, friends, or audience, get to enjoy it too! This Christmas, give yourself permission to “be in the moment”. There is a parallel between enjoying presenting and enjoying the Holidays. Every Christmas I have a melt-down. I enter the festive season resolving “This time I will not be a stress-demon by Christmas Eve.”

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Textbook Changes

The Communication Blog

The reason: permission problems. Again, the reason is permission problems, especially the difficulty/impossibility of getting digital rights. Cartoons will probably be cut back or eliminated entirely, largely because of cost (they’re much more expensive than photos) and digital permission problems. You may have noticed (or will soon notice) a number of changes in your textbooks and I thought I’d note some of these here.

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Communication Strategies: Other-Orientation

The Communication Blog

< Grant permission. A simple statement such as “I know how difficult it is to talk about feelings” opens up the topic of feelings and gives the other person permission either to pursue such a discussion or to say nothing. Other-Orientation. Other-orientation is a quality of interpersonal effectiveness that includes the ability to adapt your messages to the other person.

Ethics in Public Speaking

The Communication Blog

If you were to profit financially from the speech with the visual aid, then you would need to secure permission. Ethics in Public Speaking I wrote this for the new edition of Essential Elements of Public Speaking, 7th edition (Hoboken, NJ: Pearson, 2021) but I thought it might be useful for any class in public speaking as a way of introducing the dimension of ethics and clarifying what is and what is not plagiarism.

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Make your communication personal with photos

PowerPoint Tips

Be sure to get their permission. I see lots of presentation files and have started to notice that when people start designing slides, they go into a formal mode that makes the presentation less personal — and less effective. The negative impact is especially pronounced when the presentation is put online, because the audience doesn’t see the presenter (although their might be narration). Some presentations cry out for a personal touch.

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"Eat Pray Love" Author Splits From Husband

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Also, we were given permission not to be preoccupied with calories. Elizabeth Gilbert leveraged her global travels to go from the heartbreak  of divorce to hope for becoming whole on her own. The result was her bestselling book "Eat Pray Love." " Women were attracted to the simple formula for seeking inner peace. And maybe even happiness. Eventually Gilbert did marry again. Her new love had been Jose Nunes.

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LB interviewed in Santa Barbara News-Press

Speak Schmeak

And I don't yet have permission to reprint on my site. Yes, that's right. I was one of several Santa Barbarians interviewed on how we use Twitter for business and pleasure. Great article, which unfortunately is behind a pay wall, so I won't be posting a link here. Will let you know when that happens. In the meantime, check out the whole TwitPic of the front page of the Life section. I've never been so huge before -- literally

Speakers, You’ve GOTTA Get On Periscope!! (Says Who?)

Succeed Speaking

You have permission to pass on Periscope. Maybe you’ve heard about this new social media/video streaming app called Periscope. Maybe it seems like you’re hearing about it everywhere.). Periscope launched in March and by early August they had surpassed 10 million user accounts. I guess that’s what you call reaching “critical mass,” because that’s about the time I went from knowing about Periscope to not being able to get away from it.

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Uber - Dark Symbol of What Can Go Very Wrong in Tech

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Today, in the lucrative and large London market, the powers that be yanked Uber's permission to operate there. Uber is not only financially distressed and considered a dog of an investment by SoftBank. It also remains a target for regulatory constraints.

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13 Texting Must-Knows to Boost Revenue & Engage Customers

SpeakerSue Says...

Get permission first (Boring tip, but necessary). When a text pops up, we read it. As both a customer engagement and sales tool, texting boosts revenue and satisfaction. Here are 13 texting must-know guideposts to increase revenue and delight customers: 1. Keep it short. Max your message to 600 characters which is about 90 words or 4 – 6 sentences. If it’s longer than that, put it in an email or pick up the phone. Add links if you have more info.