Over-60, Want to Lose Weight? Have your car stolen

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  I pegged him as one and blogged/blog obsessively about it here as well as my other two sites here and here.  About 10 weeks ago my 2003 Ford Escort was stolen.    The agita and more to the point the walking, chasing after the bus, and carrying items like kitty litter and Diet Pepsi have left me 15 pounds lighter.    At my post-60 age category, that's an amazing feat.    Of course, I look and feel better. 

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Despite the deluge of resources and information, and your ability to do more and progress further, a round peg may not always fit a square nut – meaning that not every skill, suggestion and strategy can serve to fulfill/match one’s needs, abilities and potential all the time.