Head to Mouth Disconnect

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Lack of practice, change in mood, sudden onset of self-consciousness when we see who has actually shown up in the room.plenty of reasons can get in our way if we aren't 100% certain of the quality of our material. Practice. If you don't practice, what can I say?

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Does simple=stupid in speaking? Why Congress's report card isn't bad

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Some of the members of Congress ranked as simple speakers defended the practice, as did freshman Rep. I think we also try to bring good speakers "down a peg" by mocking them for being clear and simple.

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How good a speaker is Ram Charan?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  Forbes pegs him at #13 on its list of the world’s 50 most essential management gurus.   Despite all that, he is a very smart man giving solid, commonsense insights into successful business practices.  Ram Charan once was the best-kept secret in the business world.   Only the CEOs of companies like GE, Verizon, Novartis, Dupont, Honeywell, KLM, and Bank of America had heard of him.

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7 times you should turn down a speaking gig

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I've had a few speaking invitations pegged to a specific topic, then found out it had changed after I accepted--without hearing directly from the organizers. Related posts: Practices for panelists: 7 paths to success Are you a member of The Eloquent Woman on Facebook ?

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The Biggest Lesson You'll Ever Learn About Stage Fright to Become.

The Shy Speaker's Guide to Succes on Stage

Put it into practice… and it didn’t quite work out. Practice Makes… Contrary to the popular belief that “Practice Makes Perfect&# , I believe Practice makes Progress towards Permanence. You are so right in what you say especially about practice.

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Observational Humor — Case Study #84

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Our club practices Lookism. He had a hook…and a peg leg and eye patch. Here’s another Observational Humor monologue and an analysis of what makes the humor work. THE SET-UP (What happened and what was said during the meeting before the monologue was delivered.). The club had five guests that evening. The President announced that we would be serving cake at the end of the meeting. A speaker talked about wine. He suggested that we might have wine with the cake.

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