8 Presenter Principles To Master: A Guest Posting by Jeff Hurt

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In 2012, he was recognized as the PCMA 2011 Educator of the Year. Jeff Hurt is the Executive Vice President, Education and Engagement, at Velvet Chainsaw Consulting. Jeff has worked in leadership roles with five associations, five government organizations and several companies in the education, events and meetings departments, including Meetings Professionals International and Promotional [.]. Business Communication Public Speaking Speechwriting Jeff Hurt

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Are You an iPad Speaker? Here are the apps you need.

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  Not every conference is ready for them – I just spoke at the PCMA conference in San Diego, and the organizers there wanted a DVD for my video clips (or embedded Power Point).  A number of readers have asked me to talk about iPad/iPhone apps for speakers, especially since I recommended giving that special speaker in your life an iPad as a present this holiday season.    So here goes – the iPad and its apps for speakers.

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3 Big + 12 (Little) Tips to Win Over Skeptical Audiences

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Tony Hsieh, the Zappos.com founder, started his PCMA keynote with a story about a bus tour he was on to promote his book, Creating Happiness. It amazes me how quickly I can form an impression of a presenter. Within a few minutes, I either like them, and find it easy to listen to what they have to offer, or don’t, and force them to win me over as I listen skeptically to them. For me (and I’m hopeful you’ll agree!),


Sexual Harassment in the Meetings Industry

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The post Sexual Harassment in the Meetings Industry appeared first on PCMA Convene. Photo Credit Mike Reddy/Rusty Elliott/SYLV1ROB1/Adobe Stock. The media firestorm over sexual harassment officially became something like an eternal flame last month when Time magazine published its “Person of the Year” issue. The “person” was a group the magazine called “The Silence Breakers: The Voices That Launched a Movement,” and the cover story shared their experiences.

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