Speaking To Time – Learn How to Avoid Overrunning

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Speaking to time - Hands up if you get frustrated by speakers who overrun! Presenters who have not mastered the art of speaking to time are one of my pet hates, and it seems that I am not alone. Speaking too long also eats into following presenters time, antagonising fellow speakers and event organisers as a result. Furthermore, going overtime prevents meaningful Q&A after your presentation. Never aim to fill the entire time slot with speaking!

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Misplaced Compassion - The Puzzling Saga of Megan Barry

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Bob Fredericks in the New York Post reports: "Nashville Mayor Megan Barry quit Tuesday after pleading guilty to a felony theft charge for authorizing more than $10,000 in improper overtime for a top city cop [Rob Forrest] she was having an affair with."

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Basic principles of nonverbal communication – 7

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  What doesn’t work so well is how we react to modern situations that look to our unconscious minds like they might be threats to our safety, but are in fact part of the world of work, or social interaction, or daily life.   It’s because your unconscious brain is working overtime trying to notice and catalog everything, and decide – long before any of it reaches your conscious mind – how to react.   Bodies speak first; words follow.

Chairing a conference: How did I do? Lessons for chairs from #esnbxl

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I should note that it was Brian who selected and recruited the speakers and curated the conference content; anyone who approached me about speaking was sent to him with a note that I was merely the handmaiden of the organizer. Early on, a speaker ran overtime.

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The Last Five Minutes

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