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Here is a brief discussion of that stage of perception concerned with organizing what we sense. Organization by Rules. In the organization of perceptions by rules , one frequently used rule is that of proximity. Organization by Schemata. Another way you organize material is by creating schemata , mental templates that help you organize the millions of items of information you come into contact with every day (as well as those you already have in memory).

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Working with Co-Presenters: How to Organize a Team Presentation

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Content can be more easily assigned and later arranged when it’s in an organized format and separated into small manageable parts. One easy way to divide and organize a team presentation is by assigning the main points to the co-presenters. Each needs to be thoughtfully organized and scripted to fit into the overall story line, and each should follow the same format: main point, support evidence, benefit.

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Organize an action plan presentation like a soldier

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Command: What other organizations (teams, suppliers, etc.) Content action plan organizeIn an article in Time magazine (August 29, 2011 issue), “The New Greatest Generation,&# a veteran explains how military officers are trained to construct an action plan for every mission. If you are giving a presentation that lays out an action plan, you can use the same structure. It has 5 parts: Acronym: SMESC. Mnemonic: Sergeant major eats sugar cookies (No, I didn’t make this up!).

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Using 360 Degree Feedback in Your Organization


Many organizations use 360 degree feedback to provide assessment for employees via multiple sources to analyze the knowledge, skill and behavior of employees. It is also known as multi-rater feedback, multi-source feedback, 360 Degree Review and multi-source assessment, since it is used frequently for assessing the performance of an employee and to determine his/her future prospects in the organization.

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Secular Humanism: Will It Replace Organized Religion?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

For 2019, Gallup found that the confidence in organized religion has plummeted to 36%. DB: Organized religion hadn’t fit in with my world view for quite some time. I think more and more people are put off by the heavy hand of organized religion. Meeting halls for rent.    That sign is popping up on churches of many denominations across America. The additional revenue is needed because not enough is coming from members. They’re floating away.

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Tightly Organized Narrative - So 20th-Century

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In Freshman Composition, newbie college students were trained to research and put together tightly organized narrative. And, a tightly organized narrative could prevent that.  Each sentence was to glide into the next. There had to be a logical transition between paragraphs. Any break in continuity incurred the wrath of the red pencil. That was then - the 20th century. Now, in a digital era, engagement is what is required.

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People Operate Organizations/Put Together Careers - They're the Ones Who Get Stuck (not the business/career)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Organizations and careers come to be thought of as living, breathing entities. Not enough told those paying the consulting bill that is the human beings who operate those organizations or put together careers who are the sources of the stuckness.  Blame it on systems theory.

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Michael Bloomberg - Organization-Man Presence in Democratic Debate

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Or, is this organization-man presence he is leveraging his own idea? So, this is the persona the experts advised Michael Bloomberg to adopt for his first Democratic debate? Whatever. This presidential candidate probably has lost points in the poll for his lack of passion during this time when Bernie Sanders could actually unleash a revolution throughout America. Many of us Ok, boomers are emotionally travel-traveling back to the Counterculture.

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Rumors Your Organization Is Merging? Beware

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

This is a universal in organizations, not just law firms. To survive or to scale, law firms are embracing the M&A strategy. In , Dan Packel provides the data from Fairfax Associates. During 2018, 72 M&As were completed. That's up from 65 in 2017.    Those transactions provided lucrative business for law firms. But only the future will tell if the strategy will pan out - or create new kinds of problems for both the parties involved in the M&A.

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Technology & humanity: The Luke Hand Organization

Presentation Zen

Then he states the organization's objective in simple terms, almost Kennedy moon-speech clear: "To create an open source bionic hand that matches the functionality of a human hand, built for a four-year old within four year." The work of Hugh Herr and his bionic legs is such a remarkable story that it got me thinking about the possibilities. I immediately thought of the bionic hand Luke Skywalker received at the end of The Empire Strikes back (called a Mechno-arm I believe).

Free video training: How to Turn Your Organization’s Leaders into Powerful Presenters

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The topic is a timely one: How to Turn Your Organization’s Leaders Into Powerful Presenters. You’ll learn why Death by PowerPoint is no longer acceptable and how you can lead the presenters in your organization to greater levels of accomplishment. The post Free video training: How to Turn Your Organization’s Leaders into Powerful Presenters appeared first on PowerPoint Tips Blog.

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CoSchedule – Everything you Need to Get Organized

Presentation Guru

At Presentation Guru, we recently began using an editorial workflow program called CoSchedule to help organize our editorial calendar. We’ve been so impressed with the program that our editorial team decided it’s only fair that we write a review of the product.… … Resources Apps & Add-Ins Reviews

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How do you organize and structure your presentation content?

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Olivia Mitchell recently presented in the Outstanding Presentations Workshop and recommended that everyone use a planner to organize content. What is the organization that lets you do this? You can get her e-book with the planner here.). In her presentation (and the planner), Olivia recommended answering the following questions that your audience will have about your topic: Why?

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Startup No Longer American Dream, Organization Man/Woman Back

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Instead, The Organization Man/Woman is back. The issue is not so much startup vs. The Organization Man/Woman. The American Dream for youth is no longer the startup. That's what Stephen Harrison chronicles in The Atlantic.    What killed off that dream are intersecting factors.

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5 Quick Ways to Organize a Speech

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  Here’s how to organize that one:  1. Too many people structure their presentations by pulling together slides and then assembling them like a deck of cards, in what seems like an OK order.    That usually means that no one except the presenter can divine where the speech is headed.    That’s a bad idea.    At the heart of a successful presentation is a clear structure.    Which one should you use? 

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Social Justice Community Organizer, San Francisco, CA - Full-Time

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Details. careers

Candy Crowley: “I’m Going To React Organically”

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Uncategorized 2012 campaign Candy Crowley debate election media bias poltics presidential spin “I’m Going To React Organically”

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How Executives Can Keep Their Organization Informed via an Online Platform

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

In two weeks time I’ll be hosting an free webinar on How Executives Can Keep Their Organization Informed via an Online Platform on the INXPO Social Business TV network. I’ll be sharing tips on how executives can effectively inform and engage with their extended teams. Based on my experience with Silicon Valley technology companies, I’ll [.]. Business Communication Social Media Technology INXPO Webinar

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Glassdoor - Do Employee Observations Show Insight into Organization's Challenges?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Do employee observations show insight into an organization's problems? Some assume that the legal sector has bifurcated. There are the BigLaw firms still increasing their gross revenues (primarily through increasing fees billed clients). And then there are the midsized, small, and solo firms which are struggling because of changing client attitudes and technology.    Well, for many reasons that assumption is not on the money.

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Effective Presentations - Organization

Great Public Speaking

Some type of system of organizing all this material is essential to efficient preparation. Being able to find humor, stories, quotes and other speech material when you need it is very important. It is very frustrating to know you have a piece of material, but you can't find it. A file and cross-reference system will help you keep track of your material. I use both a computer and hard copy filing system. Both have advantages, so don't worry if you don't have a computer.

What will you do this week to get involved in a professional organization?

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Keep in mind: You don’t have to join a professional organization to start getting involved. You can follow an organization on Twitter (IABC has great #commchats), get […]. Career info International speakers Professional organizationsI rejoined the International Association of Business Communicators – Philadelphia Chapter. I started my career as a member in the New York City chapter – seldom missing a meeting.

Claire Stapleton - Did She Burn Bridges in Co-Organizing Google 2018 Walkout?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The question is: Did employee Claire Stapleton wind up burning bridges when she co-organized the 2018 walkout? Do some perceive Stapleton's organizing activity as not at all smart? The 1950 Japanese movie "Rashomon" played out how how many different perceptions there can be of the same incident. Currently there might be the same phenomenon at Google. It was to protest how the corporation handled alleged sexual misconduct.

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What Can Organized Labor Do to help the Working Class?

TJ Walker Interactive

Uncategorized ed schultz organized labor Alert reader Commentorid write: “Other than on the Ed Schultz show, we do not hear much about union issues or manual laborers (“those who take a shower after work”), as Ed would say. As someone in the field of communication, how do you think we can better represent the interests of working class Americans? Also, with Labor Day just around the corner, how can we keep the holiday from becoming just another commercial shopping day?”

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Presentation Skills - Organization

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Some type of system of organizing all this material is essential to efficient preparation. Being able to find humor, stories, quotes and other speech material when you need it is very important. It is very frustrating to know you have a piece of material, but you can't find it. A file and cross-reference system will help you keep track of your material. I use both a computer and hard copy filing system. Both have advantages, so don't worry if you don't have a computer.

Special offer from Rick Altman, organizer of PowerPoint Live conference

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I just had to tell you about the amazing offer that Rick Altman, organizer of the PowerPoint Live conference, is making to people who have never attended one. Rick retains the right to close down this offer at any time, so it may not last long. You may have read my write-up of previous conferences; if not, go to [link] (2008) and [link] (2007). I paid $895 for this conference in the Spring (and that was the early-bird rate), but now he's offering the conference for just $149.

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Collect & Organize Your Presentation Ideas

Executive Speech Coach

Call it old school, but a simple yet effective way to capture and organize your presentation ideas is to write them on index cards. Write your ideas on separate index cards. Go ahead and simply write as many ideas and questions on index cards while preparing for your next presentation. Don't judge the ideas as you write them. After you've run dry on generating ideas for your presentation start to sort them.

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Summer Of 2015 (Riots) - Crisis Communications For Metro-Area Organizations

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

All organizations in what could be locations targeted for riots have to develop a crisis communications plan. According to a recent WJS/NBC survey , 96% of adults indicated they expected riots this summer. Those of us who directly experienced the summer riots of 1967 in urban areas like my hometown, Jersey City, New Jersey, sense that same kind of rage boiling up. In some cities, elevated temperatures are already occurring.

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Presentation Tip: Word clues to better organize information

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

With information overload being the number one issue for audiences today, how can presenters better organize their information so it is easier to understand? I have come up with four clues that I look for in the words being used on the slide that indicate an opportunity to better organize the message for the audience. A much better way to organize the information is in a comparison table. Organize your information into two parts.

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Global Tensions - Corporate Leaders Finding They Have to Put the Kibosh on Posting Personal/Organization Values on Social Networks

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

However, anyone who has been employed in a corporation or has been a vendor understands the importance of extreme caution in what is being said about the organization. On the one hand, the Business Roundtable put out there that the purpose of the corporation was not simply creating value for investors. Business leaders had to also factor in the interests of other kinds of shareholders, ranging from communities to the future of planet earth.

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Salary - Never Really The Big Issue for Organization Man/Woman (unlike legal sector)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

What is ignored, though, is that for a long time, Organization Man/Woman has been earning that kind of salary, without putting those kinds of hours and with being able to enjoy holidays away from the office.   Today, as well as historically, most of those Organization Man/Woman kinds of jobs were lucrative, even at the level of middle management. In many cases, being the Organization Man/Woman lacks the extremely intellectually stimulating work of practicing law.

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Public Speaking - Organization

Great Public Speaking

Some type of system of organizing all this material is essential to efficient preparation. Another important organization and sales tool has to do with cataloging your material. Being able to find humor, stories, quotes and other speech material when you need it is very important. It is very frustrating to know you have a piece of material, but you can't find it. A file and cross-reference system will help you keep track of your material.

Organizing a Speech – The Five Steps Required

Pivotal Public Speaking

But don’t panic as I can help you overcome your fears with organizing a speech. I have been public speaking since 2006 and can help you get organized. Here is what I do when organizing a speech. A goal is essential for organizing a speech. It is never part of the speech but is a guide to organizing a clear and meaningful message. Organizing a speech helps your audience follow your message and they will walk away remembering your key points.

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[Deadly] Power of Buttoned-down organizing

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Suspect in the Norwegian bombing and shootings Anders Behring Breivik possessed a deep appreciation of organizing.    And, as we already know from the union-building activities of Saul Alinsky and the White House win of Barack Obama, shrewd organizing is often the tipping force.  The lesson here for those of us intending to accomplish worthwhile missions, both philanthropic and commercial, must pay attention to organizing

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Eliminate Chaos in Your Speaking Business with Laura Leist

Speaker Launcher

On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast, we are joined by Laura Leist, CPO = Certified Professional Organizer (less than 10% in industry hold this designation) and MOS = Microsoft Office Specialist. On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast, we are joined by Laura Leist, CPO = Certified Professional Organizer (less than 10% in industry hold this designation) and MOS = Microsoft Office Specialist. What are your “time stealers”?

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Q1 2014 GDP - If Arctic Blast Affects Your Organization

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

This arctic blast in a summer of supposed recovery is not what organizations expected.   From business to churches most of the leadership had been moving along on the assumption that the worst was over. Then came the Q1 GDP report that the economy had contracted 2.9%. Here is the coverage in The New York Times. So, what do you do? First, don't panic.

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Philip Richardson, Et Al. - In Days Of Organization Man/Woman, We Just Said Nothing

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

During the days of the Organization Man/Woman, we employees didn't get into these kinds of pickles. Philip Richardson is the third employee of The New York Times to be reprimanded by that employer for inappropriate commenting on Twitter. Richardson's was, reports the New York Post : "F_ you Jeb Bush for telling poor people they need stronger families to not be poor. Poverty weakens families."

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Organizing a speech with new tech tools? A no-suprises manifesto

The Eloquent Woman

Turns out I have something in common with Steve Martin: We've both been put on the spot and surprised by organizers using new technology tools without bothering to clue the speaker in. I turned to the organizer, who said, "Yes, our new event registration allows us to take questions for the speaker in advance. Speakers get surprised by organizers every single day. But if organizers are going to keep surprising them, it's time for organizers to share the responsibility.

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Connect with Your Virtual Audience – Use Compelling Touch Points

DeFinis Communications

Audience Engagement Content Development Content structure and organization Message StructureGiving a great virtual presentation is all about connecting with your audience, right? But as you may have already realized, building connection through a device screen isn’t that easy. Even if you have an important and exciting message to deliver, if your listeners don’t feel personally connected to you and your ideas, your online presentation may fall flat.

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The Final Word on the Final Thought: End Your Virtual Meeting Successfully

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Content Development Content structure and organization Virtual PresentationsOver the past several months, many people have asked me if the formalities of standard speech preparation apply to the more casual virtual presentations taking place today. Since most people are working from home now in a less-than-formal setting, is it still important to maintain tried and true presentation principles, such as ending your presentation with a final thought? My answer is always yes.

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Apply John Bohannon’s proposal to your organization

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

In his presentation, John quotes a calculation from an article I published a few years ago to illustrate how much poor PowerPoint presentations are costing organizations. I suggest you consider applying his thought to your own organization, no matter how small or large it is. If you could plan and create presentations more efficiently, and the presentations were so good that they allowed quick decisions and increased profits, your organization would reap clear benefits.

The Power of Inquiry: How to Ask Engaging Questions

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Audience Engagement Content structure and organization Rhetorical devices Top Speaking TipsWhen presenting to a virtual audience, it’s easy to lose people’s attention and feel the energy plummet. In fact, “the distraction factor” is one of the most important differences between speaking to a live audience versus a virtual audience. In simplest terms, your virtual audience is more prone to distraction. Think about it from your listeners’ perspective.

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JOBS! Go directly to each organization's website

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The best selling arena for your skills may be each organization's website.    Increasingly, organizations such as are listing their openings only there.    And since you're right there, it's worth the even extra effort to fine-tune your cover letter and resume to exactly fit the culture of the organization and the specific job requirements. 

Crisis Communications Training Workshops for Organizations | Crisis Communications | Media Training

TJ Walker Interactive

Uncategorized Crisis Communications crisis communications workshop

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