Learning a Script: Lessons from Road #1

Speak and Deliver

Get a Prompter - before Kristi left, Id have her start me on a random paragraph with a word or two. As you go through the lines, just point at your prompter to give you a word. Last and First - speak the script aloud (even if you whisper it) right before you go to bed and first thing when you wake up. Twas the Reading Before Christmas The Greatest Thumb Sucking Orator in History You're Not As Good As You Think You Are Toastmasters Friday: Ready At Any Moment!

Five Ways to Speak Like Obama | BNET


First, / whisper it, / breathing / at all the breath marks. 04/21/09 | Report as spam RE: Five Ways to Speak Like Obama It seems to me that the thrust of this article is how to be a better orator. It does an excellent job providing content and clarity as to what it takes to become an effective orator.

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