Optimism: Finding the upside of the inevitable

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But you can LEARN optimism. And why should a speaker learn optimism? And by the way, before I ever heard of Martin Seligman's concept of "Learned Optimism," I knew this was true. Of course, optimism, like other psychological states and characteristics, exists on a continuum.

TGIF, Negativity, and Optimism

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Among her advice to managers and others in positions of workplace influence is to protect your company’s optimism. I didn’t care how much money they brought in because negativity kills optimism and belief in the future.”. optimism TGIF negativity social media posts The other day I got a call from a person who wanted to sell me marketing services. In our “hello, how are you” phase, he responded with “very good, after all it’s Friday.”

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America Grows Up - Optimism Goes Lite

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The Rhode Island Supreme Court tossed the class action lead paint public nuisance long-running lawsuit. Here are details from Anthony J. Sebok. The lawyers, including those from Jones Day, and the defendants, including Sherwin-Williams, were mighty pleased.

Voice Search Optimization: I have one radically different thought

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As I work on voice search optimization projects, I keep reading about the topic. You need to think about voice search optimization. If you’re interested in voice search optimization — go ahead. Education Presentation video voice search optimization

Extreme Optimism in Play: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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The prevailing platitude is that SCOTUS justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an unusually hearty and determined human being. No medical situation will keep her away from work for long. And, forget retirement, at least during the Trump Administration.

Jon Stewart Tears Into Fox News For ‘Not Optimal-Gate,’ Offers Diagnosis: ‘Baracktose Intolerance’

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Uncategorized fox news jon stewart ‘Not Optimal-Gate ’ ‘Baracktose Intolerance

How to develop horizontal and vertical search engine optimization key words

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When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) -- optimizing your website for the best possible rank in search engines -- knowing your keywords and key phrases, and optimizing for them, are important. Search Engine Optimization key words keywords optimize your website Search engine optimization SEO

Dow - Probably Will Ring in New Year with Optimism

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  So, many will ring in the New Year with optimism - that is, if you define "optimism" as hope that equities won't crash the way the did in 1929.  It's 6:30 A.M. New York Time.

Business & Optimism - Dangerous State of Being

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Instead of optimism, law firms might have confidence that they can increase demand for their services if they try X, Y and Z. The second half of 2016 was not a good one for law firms.

Law Firm Leadership Confidence Drops in Optimism about Legal Sector, U.S. Economy, Global Economy

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The stock market may be strutting its stuff.    But that bright stop isn't distracting law firm leadership from macroeconomic dynamics.

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Why blog I: Boost your search engine optimization

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Tags: Business Writing Marketing Your Services Search Engine Optimization blogging and SEO company blogs corporate blogs Search engine optimization why blog

President Obama To Jon Stewart: Americans Getting Killed In Libya Is ‘Not Optimal’ Mediaite

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The Daily Show" Libya mediaite President obama ‘Not Optimal Uncategorized Jon Stewart.

Outplacement for Over-60 - Don't Be Blinded by Optimism

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Blinded by Optimism. His optimism prevented him from seeking customized help on aging when in outplacement. Age bias might be one of the last forms of discrimination society gets away with. As we get older, that usually only hurts our ego.

The Very Strange Story of Extreme Optimism - Elizabeth Holmes (and her dog Blato)

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Becoming engaged, despite a possible long prison sentence, is a symbol of her extreme optimism. Just like Bernie Madoff, Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has become a figure of extreme fascination. Incidentally, the New York Post canonized her the Millennial Madoff.

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Search engine optimization can boost your online presence: here’s more proof

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Marketing Your Services Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization SEO"Changing my website copy around has landed me first page finishes in all the horizontals I use on my website! That's a pretty amazing feat -- to go from only being able to find my company with my company name to typing "copywriter Moncton" and popping up in the top 5." - Kathy Mercure, Writenow! Communications.

Rhetoric of Optimism: Use it or lose it

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Public speakers who are excessively cautious in their presentations will miss out on this one: The New Optimism that the recovery is here and gaining momentum.

"Energy" and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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  Of course, a factor to consider immediately in any situation of low visibility on the web is faulty search engine optimization (SEO). 

Success Is an Inside Job - Steven Pinker's Optimism Versus Jeffrey Pfeffer's Darkness

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To land another job after a layoff, to get a promotion, or to start their own business, they have to move on into the optimism and belief in self of the Pinker take on the world. Some might call it The 21st Century Battle of the Books.

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Optimism, Drive: Barack Obama Hammers New Tone of Leadership

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The tone of the President's State of the Union Address represented a shift from smugness and aloofness to optimism and drive. Unlike those in the Dick Cheney camp, politicos in the Barack Obama Administration are willing to change.

Podcast: SEO – Search Engine Optimization in 2010

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White Moving Truck Outside White House - Optimism Doesn't Live Here Any More

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It would be nice to hope that the next Administration will be able to return optimism. The conservative Drudge Report headlines with the first concrete sign of the end of the Obama Administration.

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New Meme: Optimism bundled with solid plan

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

That's why [moderate] optimism bundled with a solid plan is evolving as the prevailing meme.  Braced for new layoffs, ordinary Americans are shaking in their boots, reports Catherine Rampell in THE NEW YORK TIMES. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Magic Number Is 1,500 Words (different story in real life)

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The search engine optimization (SEO) mandate has become 1,500 words. No wonder Twitter is developing a long form option. That's what help-wanted ads for digital content specify. That what editors now require, incidentally for the same fee-per-article that used to cover 1,000 words.

Great Public Speakers Exude Optimism | Public Speaking Training

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Uncategorized public speaking training

7 Steps for Optimizing Copy, Content and Careers in the Era of Social Search | Media Training

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Uncategorized Media Training

Website ranks #1 for ‘business writer toronto’

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Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization SEOWebsite ranks #1 for 'business writer toronto'.

Multitasking & Context Switching Ruin Your Productivity


Context Switching Getting Things Done Multitasking Optimization Productivity Productivity Hack Time ManagementDid you know that about 28 billion man-hours are wasted each year because of what we now call context switching or multitasking ? This was the conclusion of Johnathan Spira, CEO of the research firm Basex. Come to in his book. All those wasted hours translate to about $1 trillion in losses to the U.S. economy alone.

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Optimism Survives--Are We Saying This?

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It was a wonderful reminder that, away from the headlines, optimism and dreams, still flourish. optimismOut of the blue, a student I once worked with contacted me for career advice last week. It turns out I'm the only person she knows in our small town who has taken the career path she is on now. As we know, the past few weeks have brought distressing news on the economic front, and it's easy to succumb to the gloomy predictions, and hunker down.

Communicating New Optimism - Fresh Challenge for PR

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  The challenge is to help our clients communicate this optimism.  This will be tough.    Everything is pointing to a better 2010.    For instance, in the current edition of BUSINESS WEEK, Rich Miller reports that 3Q corporate earnings are up 11% from 2Q.    And according to a Manpower survey, 7 out of 10 employers interviewed plan to hire on next year.    There is usually a lag following a stock market recovery.

Public Speakers - Optimize Your Videos on Youtube

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Titling Your Videos The title of your video is the main place that search engines look for keywords. Using the training you learned in course 101 about keywords, you can find many relevant keywords and phrase about your business with a keyword suggestion tool. Doing your keyword research early gives you the titles you can use for search positioning and the content ideas about what to say in your vidoes.

Anatomy of landing a client on the Web

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Marketing Your Services Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization SEO writing for the webAbout 70% of my new training and writing gigs come to me through my website. The rest are from referrals or my marketing.) Recently, I wrote a business letter for a client in Russia who is trying to land distribution deal with an American company. Other writers have asked me how a client from Russian [.].

Write the way your best customers talk to their friends.

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If you’re interested in voice search optimization and writing content for your brand’s voice — go ahead. Do a search for some how-to articles on writing for voice and voice optimization. Presentation voice search optimizationOK Google. Cortana. Alexa.

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Six-Figure Freelancer Blog - Untitled Article

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I have been optimizing my web site based on Paul Lima's search engine optimization book and my site now appears on page one for a Google search on "copywriter Oakville." My Books Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization SEOI’m pumped! Steve Doran.

Tom Antion: Search Engine Optimization Checklist

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It's the search engine optimizers and web designers that don't like the fact I expose their overpriced services. Hi folks: Part of your success in being a well-known public speaker has to do with your websites showing up high in the search engine rankings. I'm telling you these "secrets" and if you see anything bad about me in the search engines, you'll know why.

Non-fiction book titles and SEO

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Freelance Writing - General Marketing Your Services My Books Search Engine Optimization Excerpt from "Produce, Price and Promote Your Self-Published Fiction or Non-fiction Book and eBook" on using SEO in your non-fiction book titles.

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Reduce, reuse, recycle your writing – rejuvenate your income

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Tags: Freelance Writing - General Freelance Writing - Newspaper/Magazine Search Engine Optimization freelance writing search enginge optimization

Thought for the Day

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Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Tags: quotations optimism positive thinking Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”. HelenKeller.

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How to Develop an Effective Lead Generation Strategy


For conversion optimization, your CTA may lead the visitor to a dedicated landing page, featuring some “offer” that will be given to them in exchange for their personal information. Conversion Funnel Conversions Lead Lead Generation Optimization Strategy

4 Ways to Make a Great Impression Speaking at Your Business Meeting


No matter the size of the business, each one has meetings on a regular basis in an effort to optimize performance metrics. Now these business meetings typically go one of two ways: They are highly productive and allow the team to become empowered and move projects forward.

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How to Market Yourself Online

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Email marketing… Social media marketing… Content marketing… Pay-per-click… Search engine optimization… Oh my! Marketing Email Marketing Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing

Public Relations & SEO in 2020 - The Six New Realities

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Those best practices for search engine optimization (SEO)? Use them in 2020 and the odds are you will lose the account.    SEO keeps mutating. Here , just published on O'Dwyer PR, are the six new must-dos. Content-provider DigitalInfluencer Web/Tech Weblogs

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Doing Well, Doing Good for Employees - Law Firm Cahill Gordon

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Here are 6 tips for search engine optimization (SEO) in 2020. No layoffs. No furloughs. No salary cuts. That's what Cahill Gordon told its associates, reports Abovethelaw. Along with that it thanked them for their performance. In Q1 2020, the law firm crushed it.

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Act As If.

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Dr. Martin Seligman has devoted his lifetime to finding out how optimism works. He coined the term Learned Optimism--key word learned. Check out the Optimism Test: [link] Act as if you are already there--using the power of mental rehearsal, or simulation, or inspiring words, and your audience will respond in ways you never dreamed of. optimism SeligmanTime for a positive break. No doubt, the world is in dire financial straits, at least in many parts of it.