"Delightful" - Millennials Opt Out Of "Cool"

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Here is the essay by Megan Garber on how "delight" is crowding out the term "cool."  Soon enough our counterculture term "groovy" petered out when we had to suit up and join the establishment workforce. Bet on it.

Post-DNC: Can Barack Obama opt out of attack politics

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  He can opt out of all that. Barack Obama traveled to the DNC in Charlotte facing nasty headwinds from the documentary film "2016: Obama's America." " No surprise, he defaulted into attack politics in his acceptance speech. 

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Here is a little piece that I wrote for a local newspaper--the Blue Stone Press (May 15, 2015)--in response to an article on parents opting out of testing for their children. It’s sad that so many parents are opting out of the current testing, as Jillian Nadiak noted in BSP (May 1, 2015). Still another argument is that it stresses children out. So, by opting out, parents will be denying their own children state funding.

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2019 - And, So Many Employers Still Getting Away with Mandatory Arbitration Clauses in Employment Contracts

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Knepper hadn't opted out of arbitration.    Get amazing results through out of box communications strategies/content. It was believed that class action gender discrimination lawsuit - "Dawn Knepper et al. Ogletree" - would be another blockbuster.

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Hillary Clinton Never Got Social Media - Hers Is Downright Rude

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Unfortunately on these communications, there is no opt-out mechanism. Some speculate that Barack Obama did a smackdown on Hillary Clinton through social media. He understood that new medium, just that way John F. Kennedy did television.

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Fewer Babies in U.S., South Korea - Diaper Sales Crisis for Kimberly-Clark

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So, no surprise more human beings who could be parents have opted out. In 18 years, the baby born today could mean a king's ransom in college costs. If the infant is female, an expensive wedding.

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Donald Trump - Maybe He's Just Not a D.C. Kind of Guy

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He may have to opt out of power to save his business empire, at least the New York City niche. Anti-Trump factions may not have to wait for impeachment threats to be rid of the current U.S. president.

Time Zones Matter - A Lot

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

So, it's puzzling why Charlie Baker, who is the governor of Massachusetts, wants to opt out of the annual ritual of daylight savings time. As the followers of Donald Trump well know: Gov over-regulates.

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"Plum" Job - Not to Everyone

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Another reason for opting out, of course, is the negative image of being associated with any aspect of Trumpism. Essentially, the deal-breaker was the perception: This guy doesn't take legal advice and he is slow to pay.

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Clinton Wedding: Those not invited gossip

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

And there is always the possibility that, given all the hype, Chelsea might opt out, becoming a runaway bride. It's the political networking event of the century, at least so far.    So, those not invited to Chelsea Clinton's wedding have every incentive to gossip, viciously.    Some ponder if Chelsea, like most young women, is marrying her father.    The tabloids hint that her husband-to-be might have a roving eye like dear old dad. 

Telecommuting: Losing the power of presence (including tailored-made suits)

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  It dawned on me: Those wanted to build empires, not just make a comfortable living like myself, would opt out of telecommuting. During the early 1980s when women were learning about power suits the part left out was having them custom-made.

He Came Undone: Cockroach Power in the Nomination of Brett Kavanaugh

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And, if that doesn't pan out, in his later career.   He could himself back out of the nomination. The Senate Judiciary Committee could back out of confirming him.

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"Micro" Square Footage In 2016 Becomes New Symbol For Cool - Over, Four- And Five-Digit Square Footage

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I was in my late 60s when I opted out of needing four-digit square footage. Those visiting from out-of-town know they will have to stay in a motel. There is the privacy to sort out feelings as they pop up. Apartments 265 to 350 square feet are the hot item in New York.

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Kim Kardashian - She Could Follow in Dad's Footsteps, Become a Lawyer

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Also, there are tests she could prepare for to opt out of other kinds of courses. And they could offer to map out a plan for to get college out of the way fast and easily.  A fter all, she is the daughter of celebrity lawyer, Robert Kardashian. He   helped get O.J. Simpson off the hook for criminal murder convictions. So, it isn't bizarre that Kim Kardashian would express an interest in attending law school.

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Daily Mail - Nutella or Not, That is the Question for Students This Semester & Grown-Ups Still Needing Comfort Food

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Nutella is reaching out directly to its customers.   If we opt out of Nutella, we can select a competing product. Nutella contains a cancer-producing ingredient - refined palm oil. So document both the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and WHO.

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Aging in America: Don't ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for all of us

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  Had they considered that fate years ago and would they have opted out of it? The odds are increasing that we will not just die, ending a good or disappointing life. Instead we will wind up in a nursing home.

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Thought Leadership & Campaign 2016 - Maybe Middle Class Doesn't Want To Be Saved

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For a growing number of us Americans, the money, time and stress of maintaining that image are what we are opting out of. So, what's the functionality of seeking out and maintaining middle class status? The middle class is primarily about appearances.

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BOSTON HERALD offering buyouts - Hard times continue for newspapers

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  For those who opt out or get cut this could mean the end of a career.  Yet again, the BOSTON HERALD is offering buyouts.    They're being extended to all employees who have until July 1 to decide.    After that, layoffs could take place.    When I was blogging the Rhode Island lead paint trial, from November 2005 though February 2006, a print stringer from BLOOMBERG was also covering it. 

Influence: Will Google et al. put low-tech player U.S. Chamber of Commerce out of the game

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In the influential POLITICO , Jennifer Martinez reports that Google is considering pulling out from the U.S. Many of us in communications have opted out years ago from seeking to protect our content to maxing our exposure in order to gain influence.  

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Losing the Iron Lady: A Tribute to Margaret Thatcher

Duarte Blog

We in Britain cannot opt out of the world. Our hearts go out to her family and friends today, and we’re thankful for her contributions to history (particularly as a woman in a man’s world).

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Reverse Profiling: Aging Become Invisible, New Untouchable Class

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Or the interviewer backs off when fiinding out we are in the over-50 demographic.   No surprise, with how American capitalism is treating the aging, more of us are opting out of doing business here. Actor Ron Brown is upset.  He alleges he was profiled in Macy's.

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Famous Speech Friday: Sheryl Sandberg's Barnard commencement address

The Eloquent Woman

And she's not afraid to cite and sum up research on this score: there are external forces out there that are holding you back from really owning your success. With this speech, she stomps out hesitancy, and concludes with: ".go

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A reader shares: Returning to the Stage.After Harrassment

The Eloquent Woman

I''m glad, however, that she is taking up speaking once again, and speaking out here and on her blog about this important issue.) Caroline Criado-Perez famously pointed out that “Don’t Feed The Trolls”, that well known refrain, is victim blaming. Or to opt out altogether.

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Are you insulting your buyers without knowing…

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It was the 4 shiny quarters that fell out of the envelope, with the note that said, “To thank you for your time.&# I started the survey, but after about 5 mins, seeing that I was only a tiny way through, I opted out. Turns out money, no matter what the amount, based on a Goodyear Tire research study, isn’t nearly as good an incentive as a tangible reward.

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"Pay It Forward" or "Pay It Yourself?"

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That debt is accrued even after many families pay out-of-pocket for a substantial portion of college costs, not to mention tax payments that go to state appropriations. If this is addressed by instead, allowing students to opt out and pay tuition and fees up front, the plan will become much more costly. But parents face fewer restrictions, opting for the Parent Plus Loan and private options, financing up to $15,000 or more a year.

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Charli Jane Speaker Services: Do I really need an ezine? by Wendi J McNeill


You need a way of communicating and sharing with your interested and opt in readers. Dont ever send out an ezine that if full of sales pitches either for yourself or for joint venture partners because you will find your readers opting out very quickly.

Charli Jane Speaker Services: 14 Profitable Ways to Use Autore


Distribute an email course: Each day, have your autoresponder send out another lesson. Just be sure that each lesson has quality content - not a sales pitch or youll have your potential customers opting out of your mailing list.

Pennsylvania Education Policy Roundup for September 16, 2013: Since 1991-92 there has been no set formula for providing funds for PA schools. 65% of all funds now distributed in this school year are based on statistics from the 1989-90 school year.

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There was almost $227 million in the PA budget’s Charter Reimbursement line before it was zeroed out. Those meetings, held out of public view, are typically used by officials to discuss issues they deem too sensitive to be aired in public, such as hiring or firing decisions, labor contracts or pending litigation. What''s more, Ravitch called out what she termed the "billionaire boys club" for their heavy-handed attempts to privatize the public schools.

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What does a 147 word sentence sound like?

Max Atkinson

If you do, you might like to ask yourself the question that I couldn't get out of my mind while going through it, namely: Is this the most boring and incomprehensible lecture you've ever heard? I shall return to some of the details of Shachar's positive proposal; but I want to move on to the third objection, which grows precisely out of the complexities of clarifying the relations between jurisdictions.

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