7 Tips for a Better Opt-in Box

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Opt-in boxes are extremely important to your web success because they will help you build your email list. There are many different types of opt -in boxes you should test the different options to see which one grabs your readers attention and converts better. There are a few basic elements that any good opt- in box should include: 1. Lots of benefits near the point where the person has to make a decision to put in their email address.

Best Practices in Permission Marketing: How to Follow the Law & Respect Your Clients

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The post Best Practices in Permission Marketing: How to Follow the Law & Respect Your Clients appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Most Recent Post Speaker Marketing email email marketing email permission email subscribers facebook facebook groups facebook marketing marketing online marketing opt in permission marketingSocial media and email broadcasting have changed over the past few years, giving business owners who maintain an online presence so much to think about.

Comparing webinar services-Google Hangouts on Air, GoToWebinar, and Zoom-and why I chose Zoom

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When you sign people up for a webinar, they often give you a different email and sometimes can’t get in. Zoom and GoToMeeting/Webinar both provide a URL that people use to log in. Once they’ve downloaded the viewer, they can easily log in; their email address is irrelevant. The lag in HOA is unacceptable to me. I can deal with 1 second; in HOA, the lag is often 15-20 seconds. (If In this way, people see me in a big window, not a tiny one.

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How Speakers, Authors and Thought Leaders Can Capture More Leads, Make More Connections and Close More Sales

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When I present to groups or get interviewed by media, I capture and follow up with every business opportunity in the audience. Once you opt-in, you’ll learn about the “Instant Customer Plus” system that can help you with: building a list — fast.

How to follow up your meeting, conference, or event

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After my recent blogs on virtual meetings, Kristin Zurovitch, Director of Marketing at Sonic Foundry, a tech company in Madison, Wisconsin got in touch with me to suggest ways that you can follow up your meeting – whether virtual or face-to-face – to increase the likelihood that your event will be remembered, acted upon, and made generally worthwhile.   Share your content via social media, in blog comments and via discussion forums.

Public Speaking Marketing: List Building with Bonuses

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Mr. Coach may have been in business for years, making far more sales than yourself. Each of his customers have to opt-in to your database to download the ebook, and you get the keep the email address as a part of your email marketing. Building an email database / list can be a slow process if traffic has not yet picked up your website due to it being a new site or if you have a highly competitive keyword phrase.

Should you display the live twitter stream on a large screen?

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Now the question is: should you display a live twitter stream on a large screen so that everyone (not just the tweeters) in the audience can see it? Let’s look at each in turn. If it’s on the large screen it’s no longer an opt-in experience.

Drudge Report - Headlines with "Let the People Rule"

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In its headline, the conservative Drudge Report screams out: " Let the People Rule." This was an opt-in. This blog wishes the Trump Administration immediate success in making America great again. A bleary-eyed nation returns to our work and lives this morning.

Law School Firsts - Past, Present and, Hopefully, to Come

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She served at Seton Hall Law School beginning in 1951. Next, Harvard Law School also opted in. Soon enough, the application process might encourage more atypicals to consider a career in law. Recently, both Seyfarth Shaw and Dechert had had reductions in force.

How Public Speakers Can Use Autoresponders

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These emails aren't sent manually, they are automatic email responses triggered by your opting in to the sign-up form. An opt-in can trigger a series of calculated emails designed to deliver important marketing messages to the prospect. This in itself can lead to more paid gigs. Autoresponders. Never heard of them? It's ok, many outside of the Internet marketing industry know what they are.

Public Speaking Websites: List Building Sign-ups

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If you don't have prominent opt-in forms on every page you'll lose the ability to capture a visitor's email. Take a look at your website right now - are there prominent opt-in forms on every page? I saw a website today from a great public speaker. On the 'home' page, it prompted me to "Sign Up For Free Gifts and Consultations." Awesome. But I didn't feel like signing up just quite yet, so I clicked the 'no thanks, take me to the site' link.

5 Questions to ask before you start to write your non-fiction book

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And here, in a nutshell, is what I told him. Who would be most interested in this book? With my audience in mind, I know I have to cover the rudimentary elements of copywriting (not dumb it down, but start at the ground floor) before I get to examples and exercises that will help them become better copywriters. I need to define what I will cover in my book before I start to write it. The next question is where , as in where are your readers located.

Sucide Prevention: Don't Sue

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In 2011, when he put together his expensive gay-parade costume he had been diligent that it did not violate any San Diego laws. He didn't opt in. On December 13th of this year, after piling up $1 million in legal fees, a federal jury acquitted the police.

Have a Book? Use The Content For Article Marketing

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I have taken dozens of chapters of both my "Wake 'Em Up" book and my "Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing For Small Business" and published them on many website resources to help draw in high amounts of traffic through Google searches. I know that many of you out there have published books. I have a few myself. Books are excellent calling cards and can quickly increase your worth to a meeting planner and add an additional revenue stream to your online business.

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Public Speaking Business: Landing Page Tactics

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There are two ways to tell if people from your social media circles are really reading and clicking on the links in your posts: you can use an analytics program such as Google analytics or measure real conversions witha dedicated landing page tactic. A landing page is a sales letter, squeeze page or opt-in page where people can buy something or sign up for a newsletter, among other things. The time we put in to social networking is to valuable not to know.

Public Speaking: Enhance Your Marketing Presence with E-zines

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An e-zine is a text based push product that allows you to e-mail information to people who opt-in. You can also sell or barter advertisements with other business owners in addition to advertising your own products.

Do you embed YouTube videos on your website? If so, you need this (in my opinion)

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YouTube videos perform well — or can be optimized to perform well — in the search engines. Click here if you’re in a hurry (affiliate link). Remember, they’re in the advertising business, not the video hosting business.).

Charli Jane Speaker Services: What is a Landing Page


In contrast to distracted home pages, landing pages focus specifically on capturing leads for your eZine or making sales for a specific product  and make no attempt to give visitors a different option. So what is important to learn in an introduction to landing pages?

How QR Codes Can Build Your Speaking Business

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Social networking - Link a QR code to a functioning 'Like' button for Facebook or '+1' button for Google+ Calls to action - Link QR codes to a sales page or opt-in page Sending QR codes to a page is a good idea because you can put analytics on that page. Google has it's own site for shortening URLs and providing QR codes all in one. Quick Response (QR) codes are a matrix type barcode that consist of a pattern of black squares on a white background.

How to Write Public Speaking Articles for Your Business

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Article maketing is a great tool for driving targeted traffic to websites, opt-in pages and sales letters. This will be covered in depth in a following lesson of this class. We use the strategy of publishing to our websites first so that we get the credit in the search engines and not the big article sites. Articles work best if they are not too long, and your reader is still engaged in the point.

Article Marketing For Public Speakers

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What To Write Article maketing is a great tool for driving targeted traffic to websites, opt-in pages and sales letters. We use the strategy of publishing to our websites first so that we get the credit in the search engines and not the big article sites. Articles work best if they are not too long, and your reader is still engaged in the point. Using the different article distribution sites can be a bit tricky, though.

Listen Online Now - Marketing How To's - Fripp Interviews the Experts

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This interview was a preview for the “Bridging Heart and Marketing IV” which is coming up in October. Listen now and enjoy this interview I did on September 29th with my friends and colleagues Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniechowski, PhD (BEST known as Judith & Jim). They are the leading voices for Soft Sell, Heart-based , Integrity-grounded Marketing. LISTEN NOW: [link]. It’s going to be a virtual seminar - so I won’t even have to leave home!

Public Speaking Business Marketing - Leased Access TV

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This is not pie in the sky or hocus pocus. The government mandates rates for one channel on all cable stations in the USA. Of course, the cable companies hate this, but they really don’t have a choice in the matter. Remember you are going to get a severely discounted rate that is forced on the cable company so they are in no mood to talk to you. This is totally unneccessary, but apparently a loophole in the law. to run my show in front of 1 million people.

How to Present While People are Twittering | Pistachio


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Do your potential customers forget about you?


This is a potential customer who may have been very interested in your products, but who lost your contact information, or was too busy to make a purchase when your first message reached him. In order to be effective, you need to design a follow up system, and stick to it, EVERY DAY!

Charli Jane Speaker Services: Do I really need an ezine? by Wendi J McNeill


You need a way of communicating and sharing with your interested and opt in readers. Be consistent in delivering your ezine whether its once a month or bi-weekly. First you will need to decide on a program to use in which I highly recommend Constant Contact.

Be a Star: 8 Tips to Make the Most of Your TV Appearance

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Change that can be seen instantly (in this instance going from fat to fit) is easily understood visually. And it’s a success story anyone who has battled even a few pounds is interested in).* In fact, they want someone just the opposite–someone who has verve and speaks spontaneously in a way that anyone can understand. Act In A Heartfelt Way And You Will Be Automatically Compelling. My project manager tells me that 22% of visitors to my site opt to subscribe.

13 Lessons (& Tips) Learned Launching an eBook


Today I thought I’d share a few of the lessons and tips that I’ve learned: But first an Update - 31DBBB now has an affiliate program If you’re interested in promoting the workbook to your network and making a 40% commission from it you can get more information and sign up here.