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Review of “Start strong – 3 gripping ways to open your talk” by Craig Hadden

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Craig’s post, “ Start strong — 3 gripping ways to open your talk ,” is important because people tune out quickly if they think your presentation will be boring or irrelevant. Content a presentation begin open a talk start a presentation

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How to Open a Speech or Presentation

Matt Eventoff

All too often, this is what is heard to open the speech or presentation: “Hi, thank you for having me. So how do you effectively open a speech or presentation? . There are a number of effective ways to open a speech or presentation. An example - one that I often use to open a presentaiton dealing with public speaking: &# It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.&# – Mark Twain. The audience is seated.

Place an open circle around something to emphasize it: Creating open shapes

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Here are the steps to create an open circle: Draw an oval. Right-click the top point and choose Open Path. The post Place an open circle around something to emphasize it: Creating open shapes appeared first on PowerPoint Tips Blog.

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Acceptance speeches improved by strong openings

Speak Schmeak

As I believe most bloggers who write about the Academy Awards acceptance speeches today are writing about speeches as a whole, I've decided to focus on speech openings. Here's just one example of how taking out the fillers can make a huge difference in the opening punch of a speech.

Open your presentation with a startling fact.

Executive Speech Coach

Notice the precise choice of words in his opening. presentation opening video. They grab attention and set the context of his presentation. Nicely done. Presentation Tips on Twitter Presentation Skills Club on Facebook Executive Speech Coach , Business presentation tips from George Torok , the Speech Coach for Executives Executive Speech Coach & Business Presentation Skills Expert George Torok TED talk

Remaining open, curious

Pivotal Public Speaking

“The struggle of the mind to keep itself free from every sort of bondage — to remain curious, open, unsatiated in all its relations with nature — is tenfold more difficult than the cultivation of a stable, satisfying point of view, but a thousandfold more precious.&#.

Remaining open, curious

Pivotal Public Speaking

“The struggle of the mind to keep itself free from every sort of bondage — to remain curious, open, unsatiated in all its relations with nature — is tenfold more difficult than the cultivation of a stable, satisfying point of view, but a thousandfold more precious.&#.

November 12for12 Challenge: Pump up your opening and closing

Speak Schmeak

Now, for our eleventh challenge: Pump up your opening and closing. Openings, while often overlooked and left to chance, are one of the more important areas of your presentation. I'm going to suggest right now that you avoid these methods of opening your presentation.

Lousy opening to your presentation

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Lousy opening to your presentation The purpose of your opening is to build interest in your presentation. Your opening is like the opening paragraph of an article or the first chapter in your book. Nothing he said in his opening did that.

A good introduction/opener

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The entire opening should only take a minute or two. Here are some other ideas for openers: Ask your audience a question and ask them to raise hands in reply. When you’ve written your introduction/opening, rewrite it and edit it until you like it.

Communication Strategies: Openness

The Communication Blog

Openness in interpersonal communication is a person’s willingness to self-disclose——to reveal information about himself or herself as appropriate. Openness also includes a willingness to listen openly and to react honestly to the messages of others. This does not mean that openness is always appropriate. In fact, too much openness is likely to lead to a decrease in your relationship satisfaction. Communicating Openness. openness communication strategies

Open Your Heart to Speak from your Heart at Weddings

Speaking Freely

Once in a while, I have the pleasure of working with someone who is giving a speech at a wedding. If any speech should come from the heart, it would be a wedding toast. Last week a delightful man, I’ll call him Daniel, came for help with giving the speech of his life at his [.].

How to Engage Your Audience In Three Sentences or Less

Matt Eventoff

Lackluster openings bore audiences, but there is a way to begin your presentation that will make audiences take notice: skip the formalities and say something that immediately engages them. Imagine opening your presentation by immediately engaging your audience. The audience is seated.

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Virtual networking: Open the circle

Speak Schmeak

Instead of creating your comfort zone of friends and colleague and standing in a virtual "closed circle," open the circle and invite new people in. We grow our connections by opening the circle. As I've written here before, I can be shy at networking events.

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Don't Neglect Your Opening and Closing

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His opening line was, “So what I’m gonna try to do…” Would he start an ad with such a limp phrase? close presentation mistakes presentation opening The speaker understood the concept of beginning – middle – end. But he didn’t practice that in the delivery of his speech. As the owner of an advertising agency, he explained that every ad follows a storyline and every story has a beginning, middle and end.

Presentation structure: Why it’s smarter to put your conclusion in your opening

Speaking about Presenting

When do you put your conclusion in the opening? A long time ago I attended a presentation on ostrich farming. It was pleasantly interesting because I love animals but I didn’t really get the point – after all I wasn’t planning on being an ostrich farmer.

Sloppy TEDx Presentation Opening

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I quit that TEDx video after 2 minutes… There was nothing in his opening to grab our attention, demonstrate that we should listen to him or even respect him. "Hi Everyone, ah , Thank you for your time today. It’s, ah , very daunting to get up here after those wonderful talks this afternoon.

39 famous speeches by women to open #WomensHistoryMonth

The Eloquent Woman

When you have a treasure trove as large as The Eloquent Woman Index of Famous Women's Speeches , you can use it as a lens on the topic of women and public speaking.

How to start a presentation

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I have another post, called A good introduction/opener , that has more information on this topic. Do you have any stories about disastrous openers that you witnessed? Content beginning introduction opener startThe first minute after you start speaking is crucial.

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3 Keys to a Powerful Opening — Even If You “Put Audiences to Sleep”

Succeed Speaking

That’s how Dr. Elliot Krane opened his TED talk earlier this year… and I think it was brilliant! Could you imagine Zig Ziglar delivering that opener? Three tips for a powerful opening. What’s your favorite opening from a speaker? (It

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Guest Posting: Speech Openings, by Alan Stevens

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Alan Stephens’ Presentation Tip of the Week Alan Stevens is the current President of the Global Speakers Federation. He is a PR Professional and expert on media and communications. His company ,The Media Coach, covers both traditional and social media. He’s also a member of the British Computer Society, and broadcasts regularly on technology and consumer [.]. Business Communication Public Speaking Speechwriting

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Bad Opening Lines to Your Speech: 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Executive Speech Coach

Imagine if you could deliver an opening to your presentation that was that effective. But first you need to banish these disaster lines from the opening of your speech. Avoid these opening line mistakes in your presentation. This is a dumb and confusing opening line. It appears that you are sitting on the fence with your opening statement. Your opening line to your presentation could seduce your audience or repel them. You had me at hello.

Registration open for 'Be The Eloquent Woman' workshop in Amsterdam

The Eloquent Woman

I''m delighted to say that you can now register for the European Speechwriter Network Conference , taking place in Amsterdam on October 24--and also for Be The Eloquent Woman , my workshop on women and public speaking, which is one of three pre-conference sessions taking place October 23.

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Beginning a Speech or Presentation – Four More Tips

Matt Eventoff

Your opening often determines just how much of your presentation the audience is going to “tune in&# for. These are by no means the only effective ways to open. Again, these are simply suggestions of other effective techniques to use to open a speech or presentation. “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression&# – Will Rogers.

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Being Open Is Risky Business - But the Alternative Is Riskier

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  They are choices that close you off to your potential audiences rather than opening you up to them.    Everyone closes down when it’s most important to be open.    If you're preparing a presentation, then, go for openness.   Be open to the audience.  When you stand up to speak in front of others, you're risking a great deal. 

Disastrous Opening to the Conference

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That was the opening statement from the conference chair at 9:20 am. He probably didn’t care or even realize that we might feel annoyed with the delayed opening. Hello Finally, the opening keynote speaker was introduced. His opening slide was the word “Hello”.

How to Open Your Presentation with Attention Grabbing Pizzazz and.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011 How to Open Your Presentation with Attention Grabbing Pizzazz and Close with Memorable Oomph Free Audio Class - Feb. 24 - Registration Closed If you listened to this free audio class - please complete the survey Click here to take survey ATTENTION: Imagine your audience snapping to attention during the opening of your presentation. Do you want to electrify your listeners with a magnetic opening? Power Presentations Tip 46: Open and Close with Si.

3 Sales Presentation Openers to Avoid

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More recently, I viewed a series of sales demonstrations and all but one of the four sales team opened their presentation the same way. Here are three openers you need to avoid using when starting a sales presentation. The vast majority of sales presentations I have seen open with the seller talking about their company. Guest Post by Kelley Robertson During the last 17-plus years I have been part of, or watched, hundreds of sales presentations.

How to design your talks to engage an audience without resorting to nudity

Kate's Voice

communication Speaking vocal delivery intention nudity opening and closing public speaking tips Storytelling

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Body Language Quick Takes – How to Spot Openness

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  My first attitude is opennessOpenness begins with the face.    The person’s eyes are open wide, and focused on you; her eyebrows may be raised; her face is turned toward you.    His hands are open, his palms are open and turned toward you, and his torso is exposed rather than protected by his hands or arms.    They can be open or crossed, and her feet can be pointed toward you or away from you. 

Power Presentations Tip 46: Open and Close with Silence

Executive Speech Coach

Wednesday, January 19, 2011 Power Presentations Tip 46: Open and Close with Silence Open and Close with Silence Your presentation starts before you open your mouth. Speaking too soon diminishes your opening presence and power. Do this for eight seconds and the audience will stop their fidgeting and be totally focused on you and anticipating your opening words.You will need to fight the urge to speak. Power Presentations Tip 46: Open and Close with Si.

Three ways you should never start your presentation

Speak Schmeak

Mehrabian Openings and Closings Pet Peeves Quick Fixes Research Not only should you never START your presentation with any of these statements, you should never END with them or include them ANYWHERE in your presentation. Ready? People fear public speaking more than they fear death.

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Is there an open-mouthed school of acting?

Max Atkinson

When I was a child, I remember being told that it wasn’t a good idea to walk about with my mouth open, or even partially open – advice that sometimes came with dire warnings about the dangers of allowing oral access to flies and other marauding insects.

Career Crash 2003: Breaking open to way too much choice

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

" The career crash establishes a platform for professional homeruns we never anticipated hitting because it breaks us open.  Bottoming out has become the 21st-century success formula. 

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Lessons from the Olympics: Turning a mistake into a win

Speak Schmeak

If you watched the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, you noticed that there was a snafu with the display of the Olympic rings, when an electronic snowflake that was supposed to expand into the fifth ring never opened. As the rings formed, one group of performers instead stayed in a small, tight circle (to represent the opening night snowflake) for a few hilarious moments, parodying the opening night mishap.

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Basic Speech Geometry

Manner of Speaking

… An opening sentence must be catchy, a grabber — powerful. Here are some examples to consider: You could open with a rhetorical question and conclude by returning to that question. For example, if you open with What would you do if you knew you only had three months to live? ,

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Why you need to be open - and how to do it

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

This is the 5th podcast in the Trust Me:  Four Steps to Authenticity and Charisma series - why you need to be open, and how to do it.    Especially as our lives get more and more virtual, it's useful to recall the basics of openness -- and here I do so in about 4.5 minutes.    Enjoy!   Trust Me Podcast 5. Body Language (non-verbal communication

Start your presentation BIG

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I have an older post, “ A good opener/introduction ” in which I cover ways to start a presentation and it gets a huge amount of traffic and comments — mostly questions by people wanting to know how to start their presentation.

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Open Your Presentation Like Restaurant Greeters

Executive Speech Coach

How to open your speech? The opening to a speech is often overlooked - yet it is so important because it is the first impression that the audience has of you and your presentation. The served as perfect examples of what the opening of your presentation should do.

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 145)

Manner of Speaking

Quotes for Public Speakers Opening public speaking Public Speaking Quotations quotes Scott Berkun silenceScott Berkun – American Author and Speaker.