Public Speakers: Promote Your Speaking Business With Affiliates

Great Public Speaking

Anything that can be purchased online is a candidate: books, ebooks, training systems, DVD's, CD's, speaking engagments, seminars, webinars and even coaching are just a few of what's possible. Most ecommerce systems such as KickStartCart will create a link specifically for each affiliate, that they can use just about anywhere online to promote your stuff. The more you educate your affiliates to proper online marketing techniques, the more money you'll make

Online oppportunity for offline marketers

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Communicating beats techonology everytime There is a tremendous opportunity for business to market using webinars and teleseminars. Offline marketers learn how to talk to people in person while many online experts hate talking to people. Here is the advantage for offline marketers for using online marketing. Many of the online marketing experts are terrible public speakers.


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How to develop a paid public speaking career – VI: Marketing you should do

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

It’s difficult to imagine maintaining a public speaking career these days without a social media presence, a blog, or YouTube videos, but some do.    The range of comfort, expertise, and experience with online marketing is enormous amongst public speakers.    But the truth is that the world is moving too fast today to rely on (even) FedEx and marketing materials that only exist on paper. 

Public Speaking Business: Testimonial Tips

Great Public Speaking

Get the latest training in online marketing just for public speakers There are two types and four formats of testimonials. Types: · Pat on the back · Results Based Formats: · Written · Audio · Video · Oral I have found that "results based" testimonials are by far the most effective. Pat on the back" testimonials are nice and I would certainly use them if that's all I had, but I want you to keep your eyes out for "results based" testimonials.

Public Speaking: Writing Copy for Your Marketing Materials

Great Public Speaking

Public speakers who learn to write good copy for their public speaking marketing materials can increase the traffic to their websites. Writing a powerful sales letter to promote your public speaking events is easier when you follow a few copywriting guidelines. Tags: tomantion Tom Antion public speaking presentation skills free speaker tips Tom Antion public speaking tom antion business

How to write, sell, and market a business book – V: Publishers

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  For public speakers, this means that you won’t really get the attention of a publisher unless you can credibly claim to sell 500 to 1,000 books or more at your speeches.   It’s just the book business today, pushing too many books on an increasingly disinterested public.    Oh, yes – that whole publicity thing.    Hire a PR agent yourself, or, better yet, create an online marketing program.