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Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

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Boost Your Business with Facebook Ads with Claire Pelletreau

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Getting your message and offerings out there can seem like a daunting task because in today’s market there are so many options of where to advertise. Getting your message and offerings out there can seem like a daunting task because in today’s market there are so many options of where to advertise. Claire specializes in running ads that sell online courses but will happily geek out with you on ways to scale every kind of business with paid traffic.

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How to Build a Massive Social Following in 30 Days With Brendan Kane

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The Wealthy Speaker Podcast booking more speaking business Brendan Kane building your speaker business business marketing increasing your social media following Jane Atkinson marketing online marketing Social Media social media followers social media networkOn this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast we are discussing how to gain followers on social media.

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Best Practices in Permission Marketing: How to Follow the Law & Respect Your Clients

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Social media and email broadcasting have changed over the past few years, giving business owners who maintain an online presence so much to think about. The post Best Practices in Permission Marketing: How to Follow the Law & Respect Your Clients appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Most Recent Post Speaker Marketing email email marketing email permission email subscribers facebook facebook groups facebook marketing marketing online marketing opt in permission marketing

How Strong is Your Fan Base?

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In The Wealthy Speaker 2010 Update, I talked about our new approach to marketing. Speaker Marketing list building marketing online marketing salesOur goal is to pull people into our fan base long enough to impress them (so they buy from us). Get your PDF copy of the update here: [link]. The success of this approach really depends on the strength of your lists, or your fan base.

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Online oppportunity for offline marketers

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Communicating beats techonology everytime There is a tremendous opportunity for business to market using webinars and teleseminars. Offline marketers learn how to talk to people in person while many online experts hate talking to people. Here is the advantage for offline marketers for using online marketing. Many of the online marketing experts are terrible public speakers.

Listen Online Now - Marketing How To's - Fripp Interviews the Experts

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They are the leading voices for Soft Sell, Heart-based , Integrity-grounded Marketing. This interview was a preview for the “Bridging Heart and Marketing IV” which is coming up in October. Thursday - Sunday, October 14 - 24th, 2010 Bridging Heart & Marketing IV Virtual Conference Patricia Fripp - Sunday October 17, 2010 How to Market Through Powerful, Persuasive, Professional and Personable Presentations Virtual Conference Click here for more information.

Featured Speaker: Jeff Zalaya

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Jeff is business development specialist who runs online marketing workshops for businesses and college students. He is the Founder of Florida Public Speaking and runs the site I asked him about how he started and how he handles the challenges of public speaking. Who are you? Jeff Zelaya What do you do? I’m a

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Jack Welch's Online Executive MBA Program: Price point of $22K v traditional $150K

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Jack Welch's online Executive MBA program, which starts this January, has a price point of $22,000.  For that reason, his venture into online market-driven [code for "for profit"] may succeed - wildly.  Should Welch win this one, this victory will enhance the reputation and marketability of online market-driven learning. 

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Featured Speaker: Jeff Zelaya

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Jeff is business development specialist who runs online marketing workshops for businesses and college students. He is the Founder of Florida Public Speaking and runs the site I asked him about how he started and how he handles the challenges of public speaking. Who are you? Jeff Zelaya What do you do? I’m a

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Those "Must-Reads" - Ditch them in email blasts (The art of not selling)

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"  Yet, desperate online marketers continue to headline their email blasts with "Must-Reads." Before the fall season when we all return to being back on our game marketers have to reimagine their online tactics.  Face it, dating way back to resisting exiting the womb, human beings don't cotton to "musts." " This lazy Sunday morning during the dog days of August I went to my email and found several of them.

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[Podcast] Harness the Power of PR with Marsha Friedman

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39:23 What are some of the unique aspects of online PR? Marsha actually spills the beans on some inside information for online marketing!). 55:50 Publishing, PR, marketing, how many hats can we actually wear? 57:42 What’s a good realistic budget for marketing a book? You’ve got your speech down, and maybe you even have a book or two under your belt. The next step?

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The Writing Life: Closer to the money, more marketability

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

 If we can exit our comfort zone we find, usually very quickly, that we are indeed marketable as a writer, despite the global glut of scribes. McGraw-Hill accepted me into its online Market Reporting seminar. Too many of us literature majors, all the way up to doctoral studies, feel it our mission to write about heavy-duty material, e.g. how cultural values in 2014 compare to those in Florence, Italy during the Renaissance.

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How to develop a paid public speaking career – VI: Marketing you should do

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  The range of comfort, expertise, and experience with online marketing is enormous amongst public speakers.    But the truth is that the world is moving too fast today to rely on (even) FedEx and marketing materials that only exist on paper.    If you don’t have a least some of this kind of marketing going on, you’re going to look like a troglodyte, and they don’t get hired much.

Public Speakers: Promote Your Speaking Business With Affiliates

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Anything that can be purchased online is a candidate: books, ebooks, training systems, DVD's, CD's, speaking engagments, seminars, webinars and even coaching are just a few of what's possible. Most ecommerce systems such as KickStartCart will create a link specifically for each affiliate, that they can use just about anywhere online to promote your stuff. The more you educate your affiliates to proper online marketing techniques, the more money you'll make

Marketing Plan Development: The Start to Finish Guide For Executives


When should you start thinking about your next marketing plan? In reality, you should always keep working on your marketing plan, and the strategy underpinning it as your operational landscape changes all the time, along with your priorities. What is a Marketing Plan?

Getting Started with the BBP Story Template

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Business needs to grow market with online marketing. Traditional marketing tools don’t work well anymore. I picked, “You’re currently losing touch with your market [where] and customers.&# “Currently&# identifies the when and “market&# is the where. Since the audience is losing touch with customers using traditional means of marketing, it now wants to know how to reconnect with its customers, prospects and market.

Great Contemporary Business Speakers – 6: David Meerman Scott

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  His previous book, The New Rules of PR and Marketing continues to be a bestseller and it was that book that first propelled David onto the national and international stage as a speaker on a ‘must-have’ subject, the new social media and viral marketing.   When an audience sees the people around them all raising their hands for Google and sitting on them for the Yellow Pages, it’s a quick, simple, visceral reality check on the importance of online marketing.

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Public Speaking Business: Testimonial Tips

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Get the latest training in online marketing just for public speakers There are two types and four formats of testimonials. Types: · Pat on the back · Results Based Formats: · Written · Audio · Video · Oral I have found that "results based" testimonials are by far the most effective. Pat on the back" testimonials are nice and I would certainly use them if that's all I had, but I want you to keep your eyes out for "results based" testimonials.

Public Speaking: Writing Copy for Your Marketing Materials

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Public speakers who learn to write good copy for their public speaking marketing materials can increase the traffic to their websites. Try using the following layout characteristics and styles in your sales letters: One sentence paragraphs Indented paragraphs Colored text Bolding inside a paragraph Highlighted text Choppy sentences Text boxes White space No underlining for online marketing pieces.

Can you change the world in 15 minutes?

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  But if your speech is, say, a breakout session on “Maximizing the Online Marketing Impact of X,” or “Improving SEO Rankings for Local Real Estate Offers,” then this book provides an excellent template for your speech.  A little book arrived in the mail recently:  15 minutes including Q & A:  A Plan to Save the World from Lousy Presentations , by Joey Asher, president of Speechworks , a communications coaching firm in Atlanta. 

How to write, sell, and market a business book – V: Publishers

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  Hire a PR agent yourself, or, better yet, create an online marketing program.    Or maybe you believe that there is a significant Asian market.  Your proposal has acquired the love of a reputable agent, and he or she is out selling it to the highest bidding publisher.    That process can take a few weeks to a few months.    Publishing is seasonal; there are spring and fall catalogs, and fast and slow times. 

Charli Jane Speaker Services: Does Your Website Have A Purpose

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EDITOR & PUBLISHER No More: Promoting your/client books

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

So, traditional types who went through the book-review channel to market their or client publications may feel they have hit a wall.    Here's what I know from marketing my own publications and those of clients, colleagues, and friends: Develop a number of "hooks" or "high concepts" for positioning the book, test them out, and keep using those which convert to actual sales.  EDITOR & PUBLISHER, gone.

Eight Steps to Getting Speaking Engagements : MarketingProfs Articles

B2B Forum, June 8-9 in Boston » Marketing Profs Member Login | About Us | Become a Member | Try a Free Trial Join Over 318,000 Marketing Professionals Your email: Password: Remember me Forgot your password? By developing an effective speaker placement program for your organization, you will have taken a big step in meeting its marketing, PR and business development objectives. See Whats New on the Agenda!

13 Lessons (& Tips) Learned Launching an eBook

Home Blog Archives Job Board b5media About Make Money The Book Contact ProBlogger - Make Money Online ProBlogger Blog Tips Written on June 9th, 2009 at 12:06 am by Darren Rowse 13 Lessons (& Tips) Learned Launching an eBook Miscellaneous Blog Tips 44 comments It’s been 10 days since I excitedly launched the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog workbook. This transfers to how I interact online and many times my natural instincts are to undersell myself and what I do.

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