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Small Businesses Increase Online Marketing Efforts

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As the study indicates, inexpensive, modern grassroots marketing techniques — both online and offline — have grown to be among the most popular for small businesses in the past several years likely due to ease of use and general affordability.

Featured Speaker: Jeff Zelaya

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Jeff is business development specialist who runs online marketing workshops for businesses and college students. He is the Founder of Florida Public Speaking and runs the site I asked him about how he started and how he handles the challenges of public speaking. Who are you? Jeff Zelaya What do you do? I’m a

Featured Speaker: Jeff Zalaya

The Speaker Point

Jeff is business development specialist who runs online marketing workshops for businesses and college students. He is the Founder of Florida Public Speaking and runs the site I asked him about how he started and how he handles the challenges of public speaking. Who are you? Jeff Zelaya What do you do? I’m a

How Strong is Your Fan Base?

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In The Wealthy Speaker 2010 Update, I talked about our new approach to marketing. Speaker Marketing list building marketing online marketing salesOur goal is to pull people into our fan base long enough to impress them (so they buy from us).

How to Write Potent Headlines | Content for Biz

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I think advertising man David Ogilvy would have enjoyed online marketing for the instantaneous feedback it provides. Advertising Content Marketing Marketing Basics News Tips & Mini-Guides

How to Give Away a Ton of Information to Sell a Ton of Products

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Content Marketing Pioneer, Tim Berry of Palo Alto Software Tells You How to Build Your Business Before He Charges You a Nickel. Of course, back then, nobody was calling what he did content marketing. Compared to what is possible today, 1994 was the stone ages of content marketing.

SEO is Just Marketing. Deal With It. via TopRankBlog

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That’s because what most of the better SEOs practice today is really more about the promise of marketing: attracting, engaging and inspiring customers to buy. His book explains how to: Create a blueprint for integrated search, social media and content marketing strategy.

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[Podcast] Harness the Power of PR with Marsha Friedman

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39:23 What are some of the unique aspects of online PR? Marsha actually spills the beans on some inside information for online marketing!). 55:50 Publishing, PR, marketing, how many hats can we actually wear? 57:42 What’s a good realistic budget for marketing a book?

Those "Must-Reads" - Ditch them in email blasts (The art of not selling)

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"  Yet, desperate online marketers continue to headline their email blasts with "Must-Reads." Before the fall season when we all return to being back on our game marketers have to reimagine their online tactics. 

Public Speaking Business: Testimonial Tips

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Get the latest training in online marketing just for public speakers There are two types and four formats of testimonials. Types: · Pat on the back · Results Based Formats: · Written · Audio · Video · Oral I have found that "results based" testimonials are by far the most effective. Pat on the back" testimonials are nice and I would certainly use them if that's all I had, but I want you to keep your eyes out for "results based" testimonials.

The Writing Life: Closer to the money, more marketability

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 If we can exit our comfort zone we find, usually very quickly, that we are indeed marketable as a writer, despite the global glut of scribes. McGraw-Hill accepted me into its online Market Reporting seminar.

10 Most Popular Content Marketing Posts of 2009

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It’s been a very good year for content marketing. In fact, visitors searching our site for the phrase “content marketing” increased by 85% in 2009 over 2008. 5 Reasons an eBook Should be a Core Component of Your Content Marketing Strategy. Become Their Online Content Concierge!

Public Speakers: Promote Your Speaking Business With Affiliates

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Anything that can be purchased online is a candidate: books, ebooks, training systems, DVD's, CD's, speaking engagments, seminars, webinars and even coaching are just a few of what's possible. You can sell a lot more products and services with an army of affiliates promoting for you.

Online oppportunity for offline marketers

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Communicating beats techonology everytime There is a tremendous opportunity for business to market using webinars and teleseminars. Offline marketers learn how to talk to people in person while many online experts hate talking to people. Here is the advantage for offline marketers for using online marketing. Many of the online marketing experts are terrible public speakers.

Focus. Focus. Focus: To Pop to the Top on Google

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Pair of Seattle Personal Injury Law Firms Prove the Content Marketing Point. Marketing on the web is just like the old saw from the real estate world: "It’s all about location, location location." " They both relate to the importance of marketing focus.

How to develop a paid public speaking career – VI: Marketing you should do

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  The range of comfort, expertise, and experience with online marketing is enormous amongst public speakers.    But the truth is that the world is moving too fast today to rely on (even) FedEx and marketing materials that only exist on paper.    If you don’t have a least some of this kind of marketing going on, you’re going to look like a troglodyte, and they don’t get hired much.

Jack Welch's Online Executive MBA Program: Price point of $22K v traditional $150K

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Jack Welch's online Executive MBA program, which starts this January, has a price point of $22,000.  For that reason, his venture into online market-driven [code for "for profit"] may succeed - wildly.  Should Welch win this one, this victory will enhance the reputation and marketability of online market-driven learning. 

Content Marketing Today Hits #15 on the Junta42 Top Blogger List

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Joe Pulizzi’s 8th Installment Reviews Record 353 Blogs to Select Content Marketing Thought Leaders. We are delighted to have earned another strong ranking among the content marketing blog elite once again. How Content Marketing Blogs are Ranked. Marketing – General.

Six Steps to a Successful Small Business Content Marketing Strategy

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In 2007, the mention of content marketing brought as many blank stares from small business owners as the mention of a website did 10 years before. In fact, in 1997 when we started our small business magazine in Southwest Florida, few owners had websites, let alone an online marketing strategy.

Public Speaking: Writing Copy for Your Marketing Materials

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Public speakers who learn to write good copy for their public speaking marketing materials can increase the traffic to their websites. What elements should you include? What techniques are effective? How can questions increase your sales?

Eight Steps to Getting Speaking Engagements : MarketingProfs Articles

B2B Forum, June 8-9 in Boston » Marketing Profs Member Login | About Us | Become a Member | Try a Free Trial Join Over 318,000 Marketing Professionals Your email: Password: Remember me Forgot your password? By developing an effective speaker placement program for your organization, you will have taken a big step in meeting its marketing, PR and business development objectives. See Whats New on the Agenda!


Great Contemporary Business Speakers – 6: David Meerman Scott

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  His previous book, The New Rules of PR and Marketing continues to be a bestseller and it was that book that first propelled David onto the national and international stage as a speaker on a ‘must-have’ subject, the new social media and viral marketing.   When an audience sees the people around them all raising their hands for Google and sitting on them for the Yellow Pages, it’s a quick, simple, visceral reality check on the importance of online marketing.

Why Your Website is Just the Beginning of an Online Strategy

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Moreover, it should follow the content marketing mandate of customer centricity. An effective website is necessary but not sufficient as an online marketing strategy. Tags: Blogging Content Marketing Marketing Basics News Online Social Media Trends

Listen Online Now - Marketing How To's - Fripp Interviews the Experts

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They are the leading voices for Soft Sell, Heart-based , Integrity-grounded Marketing. This interview was a preview for the “Bridging Heart and Marketing IV” which is coming up in October. Thursday - Sunday, October 14 - 24th, 2010 Bridging Heart & Marketing IV Virtual Conference Patricia Fripp - Sunday October 17, 2010 How to Market Through Powerful, Persuasive, Professional and Personable Presentations Virtual Conference Click here for more information.

Are We as Stupid as Some Email Marketers Think We Are?

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But I’m hit by way too many email marketing campaigns that must assume that I’m exceptionally gullible. Several normal emails kicked off the campaign promoting an online workshop. I’m interested in the topic and am ok getting marketing missives. Please marketers.

AC Transit Delivers Meaningful Marketing to Help Current and Future Riders

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This is targeted, visual content marketing at its best. AC Transit is notable not only for a well-run system, but for its effectiveness in marketing the benefits of public transit to its passengers. Here’s A Public Agency That Really Understands Content Marketing.

Give Your Marketing Real Depth to Deliver Offline and Online Results

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What’s the difference between 2-D marketing and 3-D marketing you might ask? Thus, the 3-D marketer will have made a memorable and positive impact on you and/or your business. The 2-D marketer will wind up in the wastebasket. 3-D analog marketing does very well.

If You or Your Boss Thinks Social Media is a Fad, Watch This Video

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SW Florida online marketing maven and real estate professional, Chris Griffith , clued me into this cool and compelling video which does a terrific job of dispelling doubts about the power and impact of social media.

A Small Business Website That Works: How Adventure Training Concepts Delivers on the Web

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Even if you decide that you do not need their services, you will certainly learn something about effective online marketing from your visit. Tags: Content Marketing Knowledge Center News Online Success Stories websites

Getting Started with the BBP Story Template

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Business needs to grow market with online marketing. Traditional marketing tools don’t work well anymore. I picked, “You’re currently losing touch with your market [where] and customers.&# “Currently&# identifies the when and “market&# is the where. Since the audience is losing touch with customers using traditional means of marketing, it now wants to know how to reconnect with its customers, prospects and market.

10 Ways to Win with Online Video

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Stand Out from the Marketing Crowd. Thanks to Lou Bortone , video marketing guru for this guest post. In an over-crowded and hyper-competitive marketplace, video marketing can help you break through the clutter and deliver your message in a powerful and memorable way.

Lessons from a Business Website That Misunderstands Content Marketing

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Their website is full of unintended ironies as they offer online marketing advice which the website appears to ignore. But they misunderstand the essence of content marketing by failing to make their content relevant and compelling to prospective buyers.

Can you change the world in 15 minutes?

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  But if your speech is, say, a breakout session on “Maximizing the Online Marketing Impact of X,” or “Improving SEO Rankings for Local Real Estate Offers,” then this book provides an excellent template for your speech.  A little book arrived in the mail recently:  15 minutes including Q & A:  A Plan to Save the World from Lousy Presentations , by Joey Asher, president of Speechworks , a communications coaching firm in Atlanta. 

How to write, sell, and market a business book – V: Publishers

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  Hire a PR agent yourself, or, better yet, create an online marketing program.    Or maybe you believe that there is a significant Asian market.  Your proposal has acquired the love of a reputable agent, and he or she is out selling it to the highest bidding publisher.    That process can take a few weeks to a few months.    Publishing is seasonal; there are spring and fall catalogs, and fast and slow times. 

EDITOR & PUBLISHER No More: Promoting your/client books

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So, traditional types who went through the book-review channel to market their or client publications may feel they have hit a wall.    Here's what I know from marketing my own publications and those of clients, colleagues, and friends: Develop a number of "hooks" or "high concepts" for positioning the book, test them out, and keep using those which convert to actual sales.  EDITOR & PUBLISHER, gone.

Charli Jane Speaker Services: Does Your Website Have A Purpose

byWendi McNeill Setting up a website is the first step of an online marketing campaign. You may find that you need to apply some additional marketing strategies if you find that traffic to your site is low.

13 Lessons (& Tips) Learned Launching an eBook

The team at SitePoint were particularly helpful and very generous with offering to bundle this workbook with every copy sold of their new book Online Marketing. This transfers to how I interact online and many times my natural instincts are to undersell myself and what I do.