Music, the Mind and Public Speaking

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Back in April, I came across the heartbreaking front page New York Times story of Newark, Ohio high school student Tiffany Clay. But luckily, her story has a happy ending. As it turns out, Sonic Corporation, headquartered in Oklahoma City and Oklahoma City University have joined forces to offer Tiffany Clay a fall scholarship worth 100,000.

Conference notes from #uksgcam2015: Diving into speechwriting

The Eloquent Woman

Here are some of the insights I gleaned: Stories aren''t really digressions. They''re halos: I think Hanneke Kulik gave my favorite talk at this meeting, a lyrical and playful look at whether stories are digressions from the point of a presentation or speech.

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Are you quoting the King James Bible in your speeches?

The Eloquent Woman

The NPR story includes a list of dozens of phrases that are likely to have first appeared in English in the KJV, from "in the twinkling of an eye" to "skin of your teeth."

Toastmasters Friday: The Quest for the Trophy

Speak and Deliver

Yesterday I posted a quote on Facebook from the Dallas Maverick's Dirk Nowitzki - a comment he made in post-game press conference following his team last victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder to send them into the NBA Finals.

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