Oakland A’s Announcers Exemplify Passionate Speaking Skills

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Those of you who know me know that I’m a huge Oakland A’s fan. Well, last night’s baseball game between the Oakland A’s and the Detroit Tigers left even me—a speech coach—speechless. The Oakland A’s aren’t the favored team to win.

Gun Violence Reporter, Oakland, CA (help-wanted)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

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Free Speech Fellows Program, U of CA at Oakland

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

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Law Firm, Oakland East, CA - Writer/Policy Analyst

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2010 World Series: Speaking Lessons from the Pinch-Hitters

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I’m thrilled that one Bay Area team is in the World Series this year, but as many of you know, I’m a fan of the team on the other side of the bay—the Oakland A’s. Tags: Examples of Powerful Speakers announcer Buster Posey Giants Mets Northern California Oakland A's Rangers Ron Washington The Panda World Series Yankees I’m undecided about who I’ll root for in this year’s match up, although that’s hard to admit in public around here.

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Eric Schmidt and Improv Theater

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

One of the rules of improv theater that I learned when I took classes at the Pan Theater in Oakland is learning to say “Yes, and…” in response to any suggestion from another actor who is a partner in a scene.

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Extreme Talent No Longer Enough

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Brown also had been released from the Oakland Raiders because of a feud over social media.  Legal problems haven't siphoned off power from Patriots' owner Robert Kraft.

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Smile to Connect & Succeed

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In a 30-year study, researchers began by going through 141 photos in a Mills College (Oakland, California) yearbook, and marking those with. One of the best "tools" for connecting with people is a genuine smile. Note, however, the word "genuine."

Bayer, Purdue Pharma, et al. - The Wisdom of Settling

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Another trial is underway in Oakland. So far, Bayer has lost two trials in California, one is state court and one in federal, associated with Roundup. It will probably appeal the approximately $80 million verdict in the federal one - the case of Edwin Hardeman. 

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Gotta Get Out of This Place - Northeast Loses Its Location Edge

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For the latter the seduction is Seattle, Washington and Oakland, California. New York. Massachusetts  New Hampshire. New Jersey. Delaware  Rhode Island. Those of the states in the Northeast from which folks are fleeing, found Lending Tree.

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In Celebration of Black History Month: The Legacy of Booker T. Washington

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Sarah works primarily with “at risk” youth in East Oakland California. At the age of 17, I lived on my own raising my one-year old son in a drug-infested housing project in East Oakland, way on the other side of town from my high school. “I

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Millennials' Arrogance Is Good Has Replaced Baby Boomers' Greed Is Good

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He points out the social and economic good which has come from that, e.g. slashing unemployment rates in surrounding areas like Oakland. Millennials, whether successful or not, seem to believe that Arrogance Is Good.

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Universal Basic Income - Psychic Shift From Work Ethic to Taking Hand-Outs

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From Oakland and Stockton, California all the way to the nation of Finland, there are experiments in Universal Basic Income (UBI). In Altman's case, it's about 50 households in Oakland each of which receives $1,500 a month, with no strings attached. 

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Humor Specialty Clubs

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LaughLovers Comedy Club, Oakland, CA. Toastmasters. Humor Specialty Clubs. Here’s a list of clubs which specialize in humor. To find up-to-date club contact and location information I’ve provided a link to the club-finder page at Toastmasters International at the end of the list. . Each club is a good source of information for adding humor to your next club meeting. Comedy Club, Minneapolis, MN. Comedy Club Eh! Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Obstacles to Traveling Green - "Decesare v. Horn, Revel Transit"

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The program also is available in Austin, Texas, Oakland, California, and Washington D.C. Last July, a New York City bicyclist filed a lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court against a man riding an electric moped (e-motor scooter) and the company renting out that vehicle.

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Before You Go See the USA in Your Chevrolet, Gas Up in Eastern Ohio

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From as far east as Greensburg and as far west as the Oakland section of Pittsburgh, my memory bank contains snapshots of life being happily lived in the 1970s. Yesterday I drove around the Pittsburgh Metro area. And paid dearly for that in gasoline. 

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THE Executive Speech Coach & THE Million Dollar Consultant

Fripp THE Executive Speech Coach

At Rotary Club speeches marketing my salon I was asked, “What would you charge to say that to the Oakland Appliance Dealers?” “$50!” Incidentally, the next time the same gentleman asked, “What would you charge to say that to the Oakland Appliance Dealers?” THE Executive Speech Coach Patricia Fripp & THE Million Dollar Consultant Alan Weiss join forces for The Odd Couple Marketing & Strategy Seminar. Alan Weiss interviewed me for his upcoming book.

M. Lynn Rickert's Kitchen Table - Taking the Long Way Home

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  Rickert was at her full-time job at the VA Hospital in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh. On September 1, 2016, I returned to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Metro Area. Back in mid August 1981, I had left to take a temporary assignment in Washington D.C. 

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Speaking lessons from Rickey Henderson

Speaker Confessions

Found this great article thanks to Doug on former Oakland A’s all-star baseball player Henderson’s preparation for his Hall of Fame induction speech. Always a nervous speaker, he decided to get some help in the form of a speech class at the local college, and as part of the course had them critique his speech, pointing out areas for improvement.

Back from Silicon Valley & Presentation//Reboot

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The PZ book was awarded the Certificate of Excellence for design at the 38th Annual Bookbuilders West Awards held in Oakland in January. Last week I was in sunny Silicon Valley, USA for three days of seminars in the first ever Presentation//Reboot.

Public Speaking: How did Patricia Fripp get started?

Fripp THE Executive Speech Coach

After one of my first Rotary Club speeches, someone asked, “What would you charge to say all this to the Oakland Appliance Dealers?” When did you first start speaking? How long until speaking became your full-time job? In 1976, when I was San Francisco’s #1 men’s hairstylist, I started delivering seminars to hairstylists for a hair product company called Markham. Through recommendations from my executive clients, Rotary Clubs and men’s breakfast clubs invited me to speak.


Fripp THE Executive Speech Coach

At Rotary Club speeches marketing my salon I was asked, “What would you charge to say that to the Oakland Appliance Dealers?” “$50!” Incidentally, the next time the same gentleman asked, “What would you charge to say that to the Oakland Appliance Dealers?”

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Fripp THE Executive Speech Coach

At Rotary Club speeches marketing my salon I was asked, “What would you charge to say that to the Oakland Appliance Dealers?” “$50!” Incidentally, the next time the same gentleman asked, “What would you charge to say that to the Oakland Appliance Dealers?” ALAN WEISS INTERVIEWS PATRICIA FRIPP. When and how did you begin speaking professionally (for a fee)? In 1975, a hairstyling company called Markham paid me $350 a day for hairstyling demonstrations.

Audience on the Stage

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Oakland Raider Fans, Trekkies, Girl Scouts, PETA). Last month Nancy Duarte spoke at Web2.0 Expo and it was a huge success. In preparation for her talk she asked me if there would be a way to reproduce an exercise called “Speaker & Audience Mapping&# that she usually leads in the slideology workshops. The exercise goes like this: the audience picks one of a dozen different audience types (eg. Then Nancy asks the entire group to shout out responses to several questions.

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Making Public Speaking FUN! Part 11 | Communication Steroids

Communication Steroids

Another way to use a prop is to hand it to the audience and challenge them to come up with some use for it, as Ana-Marie Jones, Executive Director of CARD – Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters in Oakland did: The thing that has always gotten my audiences laughing, smiling and fully engaged is for them to be active in learning and presenting.

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Talk It Up!: Public Speaking Tip #7: Get your passion up!


Talk It Up! Zen marketing from a totally clueless new media junkie Upcoming Seminars MAY 23rd: EXTREME Social Media Boot Camp, Chicago, IL About DSSP Podcast "You are such a must-listen show for me." -- Chris Brogan "Pound for pound, your show is the best of its kind.