How to deliver bad news

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And you have to be the bearer of bad news. To begin communicating your bad news, just say it. No couching it with “there’s no easy way to put this, but…” You must lead clearly and concisely with the bad news. There’s no way around it.

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Writing W5 News Article Leads

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The W5 — who, what, where, when and why (and sometimes hoW) is key to the news article, particularly to the lead of a news article. Here is a news headline followed by a W5 news lead: Headline : Wildfire towns declared crime scenes Lead : Police in Whittlesea, Australia declared incinerated towns crime scenes today, and the prime minister spoke of “mass murder” after investigators said arsonists may have set some of Australia’s worst wildfires in history.

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Communicating Bad News - Seven Steps for CEO’s

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How does a CEO communicate change that may be perceived as negative? How does a CEO message bad news? Communicating or delivering negative or “bad&# news is without question an art form. (I I do disagree with the contention that delivering good news properly is not an art - it is) So how do you do it? It is much easier to communicate bad news to someone who is used to hearing from you regularly than someone who hears from you once a quarter.

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BBP Featured in Fox News

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For Cliff’s 5 Essentials for Effective Presentations, check out this Fox News iMag article: [link]. BBP news PowerPoint presentations

WaPo - Is It Being Hustled with Fake News

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On October 30, 1938, Orson Wells terrified America with the fake news that Martians had landed. So, we wonder: Is this fake news? Playing around with the media - establishment and social - is great fun.    And it's not new.

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Headlines = A Form Of Fake News

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And that's one form of fake news. To reduce the bounce rate, that is readers leaving the site, the article would also leverage fake news tactics. The craft of positioning and packaging whatever into a provocative headline has become the key skill in communications.

Drudge Report of Cable: One America News (OAN)

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One America News (OAN) is a conservative cable channel using many of successful tactics of the Drudge Report. Those range from presenting an endless flow of breaking news to the illusion that it is devoid of commentary. and if Fox News continues to stumble.

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Prototype for Fox News, Donald Trump, et al. - Jimmy Breslin Dies at Age 88

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The working-class rhetoric, muckraker stance  and ubiquity of New York columnist Jimmy Breslin might have been the prototype for wildly successful entities such as Fox News (owned by 21st Century Fox) and Donald Trump.

Bill Shine Out - Can Fox News Get Clean?

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So, it's no surprise that old-line Fox News player Bill Shine is now out. Questions hovered over Shine whether he had been aware of the alleged sexual harassment taking place at Fox News and if he did anything to stop it. That brings down the overall Fox News ratings.

LinkedIn News - Hot Hangout for Networking, Having Profiles Viewed

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The hot hangout seems to be LinkedIn News. On LinkedIn News I can leave comments on Beth Comstock's frequent postings. On LinkedIn News, I can also deepen my professional relationships with colleagues. My immediate recommendation was: Get on LinkedIn News.

PR NEWS Conference: Why are these female presenters smiling?

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PR NEWS is sponsoring conference "Digital PR Next" on October 5th in Manhattan.    The presenters are top-notch.      Yet, one puzzling issue is this: many of the female guest speakers, across generations, are smiling. 

The Right Number of Slides

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I was prompted to revisit the issue after recently coming across a wonderful slide presentation on BBC News Magazine that is narrated by John Hockenberry , an American journalist and commentator who has been in a wheelchair since a car accident left him paralyzed.

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Uber Culture = Defendant in Lawsuit (watch out Fox News)

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In addition, it could provide incentive for organizations with alleged toxic cultures, such as Fox News, to purge itself of the masterminds of alleged abuse. Organizational culture is being assessed as a key variable in financial performance, including stock price.

All the news…

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Now in my 8th week of fasting from the daily news (for reasons I explained back in October) I’m nevertheless fascinated by the stories I hear people around me discussing (many of which seem to involve the surprise election of a New York property developer).

News of the World bows out by hacking into George Orwell - and misrepresenting what he said

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The final editorial of the final edition of the News of the World began by making out that George Orwell was a fan of the newspaper. You put your feet up on the sofa, settle your spectacles on your nose and open the News of the World." and open the News of the World.

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One-Time Conservative Drudge Report Crows MSNBC Beats Out Fox News in Prime Time Cable Ratings

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It headlines with the big news that MSNBC beats out Fox News in weekday cable prime time. Yes, this is  the  MSNBC which gave former Fox News Roger Ailes ally Greta Van Susteren the boot. Obviously, the Drudge Report is no longer the mouthpiece of conservatism.

NBC News Fires Editor for Doctoring Trayvon Martin Audio

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The First Seven Seconds

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Roger Ailes is the President of Fox News, a former media consultant for three American Presidents and author of the best-selling You Are the Message. Tags: Delivery Preparation Communication Confidence First Impressions Fox News Fox News Channel Nonverbal communication public speaking Roger Ailes smile You Are the Message The first chapter of that book, entitled “The First Seven Seconds&# , focuses on the importance of first impressions.

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How to Make a Favorable First Impression

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Delivery Event News Tips Video Duchess of Cambridge first impression Kate Middleton news press public speaking relate relax restrain speechKate Middleton received a lot of press attention this week for delivering her first public speech as the Duchess of Cambridge.

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How to train your boss about communications

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Career info News, events, and awards Professional organizationsMentoring Up: Training Your Boss About Communications Without Alienating Him or Her NAGC President, Kathryn Stokes November 15, 2017, 1:00-2:00 p.m. Eastern Government agencies are rife with political appointees who are put in their positions for a lot of reasons, none of which include their ability to communicate. Often, they have no idea what their […].

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RISK! Megyn Kelly's NBC Sunday News Show Going Head-to-Head with CBS' "60 Minutes"

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The Fox News audiences loved those leggy blondes. Added to that is the reality that this second scheduled programming is a news show to air on Sunday night, beginning in June, at 7 P.M. NBC just announced Megyn Kelly's other  programming slot.

Fox News - The Invisible Hand, Not Toxic Culture, Can Make It Yesterday

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In New York Magazine , Fox News expert, Gabriel Sherman, is among those who finger the network's marketplace vulnerability. Those hoping for a less toxic way of running a business at Fox News should follow the machinations of the Invisible Hand.

Please Hire The Fox News Mole From Gawker

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The Fox News mole only made $5,000 from Gawker according to a report by Mediaite. Analysis Media media relations Media Training Politics Video fox news roger ailes

The future of the book? David Meerman Scott, the news media, and Newsjacking.

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Here’s the news flash: there is no paper form of this book. The book is Newsjacking: How to Inject your Ideas into a Breaking News Story and Generate Tons of Media Coverage. Oakley sunglasses thus newsjacked the biggest news story of the week, probably the month, and maybe the year.

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How to Deliver Bad News

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Tips for Giving Bad News i Be well rehearsed. i After you have given the bad news, pause to allow the message to sink in. i Don’t mix bad news and good news. i Be objective - focus on the issue. i Look and sound confident. i Stand still and avoid making big gestures. i Maintain steady eye contact. i Demonstrate empathy – not sympathy. i Be brief. Explain the cause and the decision. i Be clear. Be direct. Don’t use vague metaphors.

Murdoch refuses to answer a question about the 'News of the World' on Fox News

Max Atkinson

Today, while looking for something else on YouTube , I stumbled across this gem, broadcast about a year ago on News Corporation's Fox News (above). As regular readers will know, I occasionally post interviews that strike me as interesting enough to share with a wider audience.

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Drudge Report Headlines with News Bigger than Trumpism - Ouster of Milo Yiannopoulos from CPAC Keynote Slot

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The conservative Drudge Report headlines with the news of the day that is bigger than Trumpism. Likely, this senior editor at right-wing Breitbart News, is finished.

I read the news today, oh boy…

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I read the news today, oh boy About a lucky man who made the grade And though the news was rather sad Well, I just had to laugh. — The Beatles, A Day In The Life I’ve made a decision to avoid reading the news for the rest of 2016. This might strike some as […]. Deep End Book Review

National Association of Government Communicators offers crisis communications presentation

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News, events, and awards Professional organizationsJoin NAGC this Friday October 6th for Encore! Uprising: A City Divided With Mark Basnight Senior Public Affairs Training Specialist, National Public Affairs Academy, Argonne National Laboratory In crisis communications, you can’t know what’s coming. But you can look ahead to prepare for the unexpected. And you can look back to learn from what others have been through. At […].

Fox News Refugees Stumble - Greta Van Susteren Axed at MSNBC, Megyn Kelly's Ratings Keep Declining at NBC

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There was a magic at Fox News in the era of media genius Roger Ailes. In her six months at MSNBC, her show couldn't pull out in front of her competition on CNN and Fox News. Let's forget for now his alleged negative personal behavior with employees.

Lights, Camera, Inaction: The Onion’s Take on TED

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On the one hand, the fact that the series exists is evidence that presentations have become so influential that they merit parody ( like TV news , morning shows , and sports media ). Compelling speakers. Powerful visuals. A captive audience. And remarkably stupid ideas.

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NAGC webinar: What internal communicators can learn from the contact center world

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News, events, and awardsE-mailing Customers and Colleagues: What Internal Communicators Can Learn from the Contact Center World Wed Oct 18 Webinar (1-2pm, ET) from the National Association of Government Communicators With Leslie O’Flahaven of e-Write So much e-mail, so little time. You need to get critical agency information into the hands of your colleagues, but their inboxes are inundated. […].

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What is the future of journalism?

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Panelists include: Wendy Benjamin (AP Washington Assistant Chief of Bureau) Ellen Shearer (Bureau Chief, Medill News Service & Medill Washington Program) Marisa Jean Endicott (Medill News […]. Career info Media training News, events, and awards Professional organizationsI look forward to attending “The Future of Journalism” panel at next week’s NAGC Communications School in Washington DC.

No Breaking News: It Snows in Winter

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  It's expected that local media might position and package several inches of snow as breaking news. The Daily Mail , which usually has bigger fish to fry, has focused on snow. Actually, the coverage is about two snow storms about to occur in the northeast U.S.

The Most Talked About Super Bowl Commercial Was a Presentation in Disguise

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Delivery Design Message News Tips Video commercial disguise Dodge family football in cognito Niners persuade persuasion popular presentation RAM Ravens rhetorical device sports storytelling Super BowlDuring Sunday’s Super Bowl, a presentation went undercover, posing as a commercial.

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Fake News Very Bad News for Brands

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Sure, fake news is a known weapon used in politics.  It's a different context though, when we realize that fake news can just as easily take down our client's brand. In PR Week , Chris Daniels looks at this threat of fake news for brands.

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Strike News: speeches inside, cameras outside and a reporter gives us a lecture.

Max Atkinson

Given my blogging about the reluctance of British television news companies to broadcast anything much from speeches (e.g. HERE ), you'd think that I'd know better than to start switching between Sky News and BBC News 24 at around the time the teachers' and lecturers' union leaders were speaking - on the off-chance of seeing, and perhaps even recording, some of them in action.

Duarte’s Diagrammer™: 4,000 Diagrams at Your Fingertips for 99 cents each

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Business Design Diary Event News Technology Video 3forfree Diagrammer diagrams download library searchable slide:ology system taxonomy tool visualizeWhere there is madness, Nancy Duarte finds method.

10 Mobile Apps for Highly Creative People

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Design Diary News Strategy Technology Tips adobe apps creative investment iPad mobile productivity studio suite toolsWith an increasing number of mobile design options emerging by the day, creative people are finding new and powerful ways to flesh out their visual concepts while on the move.