The New York Times Figured Out the New Game

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Finally, there is hope that The New York Times will continue to exist. There are clear signs that it has figured out how to play the new game to win. In , Kevin McCauley notes: "The New York Times Co.

New York City's Brearley - Yet Another School for Scandal

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Here is the coverage by Katie Van Syckle at New York Magazine. Place your sponsored content and links on this syndicated site.

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New York Times Has Lousy Q3

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No surprise, the parent of The New York Times reported a lousy Q3. There had been ways around The New York Times' paywall but most of those have been blocked. Digital sites ranging from Yahoo to Gawker have also eliminated journalists.

Lindsay Jacoby - Is There New York Metro Suicide Ethos?

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Those deaths happened in the New York Metro area. Is there something about the New York Metro ethos which encourages checking out, versus solving problems, whatever they might be? Here are the details from New York Post.

Making Data Meaningful

Manner of Speaking

million people and accounts for 20% of the population of New York State. Inspire Long Islanders to work together in new ways to achieve shared goals. Among other things, it will encourage others to spread the word, using the persuasive graphics on its Web site … like the ominous video and interactive maps showing population trends and downtown areas ripe for revitalization.

Viral 12

The New York Times - Yes, If It Folds, Rhetorical Tears Will Be Shed (end of story)

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  The most recent profile is Joe Pompeo's article about the "poisonous" mood at The New York Times.   Sure, it's still a coup for public relations firms to get placements for clients in The New York Times.

The New York Times - This dog can't hunt

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That seems to apply to The New York Times. Facebook Live with its constant streaming of online video could become the go-to site for breaking news - and even analysis. There is a saying in the sales world when a product or service is stuck: This dog don't hunt.

(Tradtional) Journalism Industry - The New York Times Reaches Out to Philanthropy

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Many watchers of traditional journalism have been predicting this development: Brandname news corporations, such as New York Times Inc., Place your sponsored content and links on this syndicated site.

New York Post Puts It Out There: Why Can't Clintons Go Away

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The New York Post brought the issue to the surface. Place your sponsored content and links on Jane Genova's syndicated sites.  There's no more elephant in the room regarding the Clinton dynasty. It posed the question: Why Can't Clintons Go Away.

New York Cockroaches Have Much to Teach Us, Including Roger Ailes

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Since Ailes worked in New York City, he should have been familiar with the cockroach syndrome. Place your sponsored content and links on Jane Genova's syndicated sites

"Journalism that matters, More important than ever" - Inward-Looking Promo by The New York Times

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Q3 was not a joyous time for The New York Times in terms of earnings. For example, click onto its site and there is the promo: "Journalism that matters, More important than ever." " That is how the New York Times Inc.

Jared & Ivanka - Will They Be Moving Back to New York City

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As family they were supposed to be the next-loudest voices in the West Wing, The loudest, of course, it was expected would be the new president's. New York City is their comfort zone.   Place your sponsored content and links on Jane Genova's syndicated sites

Drudge Report Frames Trump's Immigration Order Through Liberal The New York Times Coverage

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Yet, for the big immigration order story its headline links to the coverage in liberal anti-Trump The New York Times. Place your sponsored content and links on Jane Genova's syndicated sites.  The conservative Drudge Report has many options for its links.

The Wall Street Journal Reducing Coverage of Arts, Culture, New York News, Combines Sections

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Yesterday, the New York Times Company reported disappointing earnings, mostly as a result of declining print ad sales. On November 14th, it is reducing coverage of the arts, culture and New York news. Difficult times continue in the old-line newspaper industry.

The New York Times: Will This Institution Be Saved/Transformed By Michael Bloomberg

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"In October [2014], the company [New York Times Inc.] million in the third quarter of 2013" -  Gabriel Sherman, "People Are Talking About Michael Bloomberg Buying the New York Times, Including Michael Bloomberg," in New York Magazine, January 23, 2025.

New York Times Co - Should it go private

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Newspaper watchers predict that the New York Times Co's flagship paper will likely be among the handful which are around in 5 years.  Please read what I have to say about the New York Times Co. Coprid -

Amazon - Was It Ambushed By The New York Times Or Is Toxic Corporate Culture For Real?

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Jon Russell at the influential TechCrunch raises the possibility that The New York Times coverage of Amazon's corporate culture might not have been accurate. In fact, last night I decided to order my next book from Barnes & Noble's site.

The New York Times Is an Institution: But do we need it?

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Like the Roman Catholic Church, The New York Times is an iconic global institution. Niches, ranging from business to law to entertainment, are more than adequately covered by digital sites. But the issue is, do human beings need either in 2014? Could both wind up in bankruptcy?

Site and Trainer Review: Speaking Excellence with TJ Walker

Communication Steroids

And from an outside perspective, the New York City-based TJ Walker looks successful. He’s built a good brand around the name TJ Walker, and has just released a new book “Secrets to Foolproof Presentations.&#

Pay Wall: End of THE NEW YORK TIMES?

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As most of us know, THE NEW YORK TIMES is now serious about a pay wall.  This approach to increase revenues and hopefully profits could be the end of THE NEW YORK TIMES.    There are similar sites which will likely remain free.    There are alternative ways of making money from a site

New York Times Co has loss: Can it afford not to be a sweatshop?

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Read the commentary by THE NEW YORK TIMES executive editor Bill Keller and the newspaper's genteel values are obvious.    One wonders if it can afford to stay that way and not morph into more of sweatshop like those operated by purely digital sites. For the second quarter, THE TIMES reports, the company itself suffered a net loss of $119.7 million.    That was mostly from a non-cash write-down of $161.3


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10.10.2010 Names Here’s a study on names (you can access the entire study from the website given here/above) that has received lots of attention— Psychology Today , The New York Times , etc. I don't believe there is any legal way for a woman in Italy, once married, to legally change her surname to that of her new husband. (I

Talking about Relationships

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5.07.2010 Talking about Relationships The cover story in yesterdays AM New York was titled "Oh Boy!" Communication Skills Classes | Add your site ARCHIVE ► 2011 (18) ► April (1) Communication Strategies: Guidelines for Resisting. and reports on a Florida Baptist minister, George Alan Rekers, an outspoken anti-gay activist who wants to "cure" homosexuals.

Relationships and Relationship Conflict

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by Tara Parker-Pope in the New York Times Magazine (April 18, 2010). Communication Skills Classes | Add your site ARCHIVE ► 2011 (18) ► April (1) Communication Strategies: Guidelines for Resisting. ▼ 2010 (41) ► December (5) Communication Strategies: Metacommunication Cyberflirting etc Emotional Checker New Communication Words Communication Strategies: Feedback ► November (4) $5 Off Feedforward Politeness as a Theory of Relationship Development.

THE NEW YORK TIMES - Who Will Actually Pay for Web Access?

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Two years ago, THE NEW YORK TIMES tried earning revenues and perhaps enhancing its brandname through the paid site TimesSelect.    With so much content available for free, we tend to put together our own versions of the news and analysis by clicking on a number of online sites.    THE NEW YORK TIMES is not as vital to our functioning, whatever our profession, as it had been. 


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The grapevine is crawling with rumors that Jared Kushner wants to be rid of his toy: THE NEW YORK OBSERVER.    THE NEW YORK OBSERVER no longer seems to be a must-check.    If it isn't your business to monitor obsessively business news, would you remove your bookmarked sites and insert ones that are free?   Here and here are my other digital sites.

Buzzwords of 2009

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12.20.2009 Buzzwords of 2009 Here is the New York Times buzzwords of 2009; it includes a variety of "communication" terms, for example, sexting (texting sexual messages), vook (a digitized book with video), social distancing (standing away from others to avoid catching or spreading the flu), orphan books (books that are out of print, still in copyright, and whose copyright holders cant be found), and netbook (a small portable, personal computer).

Elections and Money

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11.29.2009 Elections and Money One thing is clear from the case of billionaire Michael Bloomberg who won the election for mayor of New York City after spending over $102 million ($175 per vote), outspending his opponent, City Comptroller William Thompson, Jr., Communication Skills Classes | Add your site ARCHIVE ► 2011 (18) ► April (1) Communication Strategies: Guidelines for Resisting.


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While we teach our students the principles of research and the importance of consulting reliable sources, we read ( New York Times , 9/11/09, B5)that several of the most important medical journals published articles actually written by drug company researchers but used the names of respected academics as authors. For example, it’s estimated that the New England Journal of Medicine published 10.9 9.12.2009 Research?

Anna Wintour starting to "get the web," Conde Nast insiders tell NEW YORK OBSERVER

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Meanwhile, reports  John Koblin at THE NEW YORK OBSERVER, McKinsey is focusing on VOGUE in order to develop a model for how to reset the organization and its publications for a digital age that demands extreme cost-efficiency.    Other sites which are more innovative, such as allowing users to create their own outfits including dragging accessories from other sites, have had more traffic and buzz.


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8.17.2009 e-books An article published in the New York Times , “Moving into a digital future, where textbooks are history,&# discussed the changes taking place in education, specifically the move from written textbook to e-books. Enjoy a free, huge traffic to your sites. Communication Skills Classes | Add your site ARCHIVE ► 2011 (18) ► April (1) Communication Strategies: Guidelines for Resisting.

Public speaking

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9.15.2009 Public speaking A recent letter to the editor (regarding the op-ed piece in the New York Times where a variety of professors gave advice to students and posted recently), makes the point that amid all this good advice, no one mentioned the importance of public speaking. Communication Skills Classes | Add your site ARCHIVE ► 2011 (18) ► April (1) Communication Strategies: Guidelines for Resisting.

Crisis Communications - Pork Wins, Politicos Get The Flu!

Matt Eventoff

Monday and Tuesday were voluminous with brewing crises — one of the biggest political party switches in history, a new potential pandemic, and a decision to fly Air Force One over Ground Zero — all offered valuable, and contrasting, examples of communicating during an early stage of a crisis, and just how critical getting out in front with a central message is. Democratic leadership had a relatively easy task - graciously accepting their new colleague.

"Hulk Hogan v Gawker" - Would you advertise on that gossip site, hire former staff?

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Here is the coverage from the New York Post. And my mistake was even being a part of the Gawker site. Old-line gossip sites like The Enquirer had more of a sense of values and a mission than Gawker seems to have. 

Erotica Site: Will pay $100 for 4,000-word story (say it isn't so)

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Today, there is an ad in the New York City area for a writer. Craigslist's Help-Wanted Section never disappoints in providing material for blog posts which will generate heavy traffic.  This writer will put together an erotic fictional piece running 4,000 words.

Anti-Semitism Lite - I Was Taken for Jewish in Tucson, Arizona

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Then, I emigrated from the New York Metro area to Tucson, Arizona. Admittedly, I have a deep New York Metro accent. Place your sponsored content and links on Jane Genova's syndicated sites

Metro 24

Presentation Zen workshops in Washington DC, March 21-22

Presentation Zen

Washington DC : March 21-22 • Paris : April 14-15 • Barcelona : June 9-10 • Germany : July (city, dates tba) • New York : September (dates tba) • Paris : October/November (dates tba) • London : December (dates tba). Learn more about this cool seminar on the Ideas on Stage site

DC 39

Kerrie Campbell - Will She Be Gretchen Carlson of Legal Sector?

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As the New York Law Journal reports, Sharp will participate in the representation. Place your sponsored content and links on Jane Genova's syndicated sites

2017 39

High Noon in Trumpville - The Donald v. The Preet

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Those include the iconic Preet Baharara from the Southern District of New York. The New York Post reports that The Preet is refusing to turn in his resignation. Place your sponsored content and links on Jane Genova's syndicated sites.  Through U.S.

Bill O'Reilly - Odds Against Him for Comeback

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Here is the latest from New York Magazine. A cunning player, he seemed to assess the odds of a comeback in the New York Metro area as hopeless. Place your sponsored content and links on Jane Genova's syndicated sites