Analysis of a Speech by Mark Bezos

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I recently came across this TED Talk by Mark Bezos, the Senior Vice-President of Development, Communications and Events at Robin Hood , a leading poverty-fighting charity in New York City.

Using Twitter to Enhance Audience Engagement

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. There's an intriguing article in this morning's New York Times about elementary and secondary school educators using Twitter or other " backchannels " in the classroom to increase student involvement and participation. The Audience Twitter backchannel New York Times Twitter

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Guest Blog: Lessons from Bethenny Frankel of The Real Housewives of New York City – How to Build Income

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Great ideas combined with a powerful interaction strategy can lead to great business if handled correctly, as Bethenny Frankel of The Real Housewives of New York City fame has showed us over the past few years. Don’t be afraid to dive into new territory. Got Platform?

Blackberry Etiqutte, Pt II…

Matt Eventoff

The debate over “Blackberry etiquette&# in meetings has gotten quite a bit of ink since last week’s post … There were a number of very interesting takes in the blogosphere, some of which I’m going to share this week.

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What America Reads…

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3 – The New York Times 1,039,031 1,451,233. 7 – New York Post 558,140 357, 168. I found this post from Brian Solis very interesting – a list of the top media outlets, by circulation, as well as the 25 most popular blogs in America, as compiled by BurrellesLuce. .

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New York Times Profits Down 85 Percent

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The New York Times Figured Out the New Game

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Finally, there is hope that The New York Times will continue to exist. There are clear signs that it has figured out how to play the new game to win. In , Kevin McCauley notes: "The New York Times Co.

New York City's Brearley - Yet Another School for Scandal

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Here is the coverage by Katie Van Syckle at New York Magazine. Now the elite Brearley, based in Manhattan, joins Choate, Rosemary Hall, Horace Mann, and Poly Prep in being outed as the setting for sexual abuse of students.

New York Time

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The smartphone changed time zones as I keep heading away from New Haven, Connecticut to my new business address in Tucson, Arizona. That's because I still need to hold onto New York Time. The New York clients, to my surprise, haven't dumped me.

Leaving New York - Reverse Careers

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They landed solid jobs or lucrative freelance careers in New York City. Now, the meme has become: I am going to credential my way out of New York City. The mundane epiphany is that they have to credential their way out of New York to a work situation which is less problematic. That usually requires positioning and packaging themselves as attractive to employers and clients outside New York.

New York City Marathon Cancelled: Who to Blame?

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New York Times Has Lousy Q3

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No surprise, the parent of The New York Times reported a lousy Q3. There had been ways around The New York Times' paywall but most of those have been blocked. Overall ad revenues were down 7.7%.

Lindsay Jacoby - Is There New York Metro Suicide Ethos?

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Those deaths happened in the New York Metro area. Is there something about the New York Metro ethos which encourages checking out, versus solving problems, whatever they might be? Here are the details from New York Post.

Hurricane Sandy: New York City Update from TJ Walker

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New York’s Naked Cowboy Endorses Mitt Romney

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The New York Times - Unthinkable Could Happen

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" - New York Post, August 11, 2016. As many know, New York Times Inc. And institutions - that is, iconic brands - are struggling to survive in the new world order. It is likely that in five years, the public company called New York Times Inc.

Delays and Long Lines for Voting in New York City

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Making Data Meaningful

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million people and accounts for 20% of the population of New York State. Inspire Long Islanders to work together in new ways to achieve shared goals. Below is one of the results of this new approach: a four-and-half minute slide presentation that was created in cooperation with the folks at Duarte , one of the premier presentation design companies in the world.

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Law Students Sue New York Law School

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David Boies 0, Lawyering as Profession 0, The New York Times 1

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Targeted by the spies he contracted with were not only women who might be accusers but also journalists such as at The New York Times. Here you can read all about it in Ronan Farrow's feature in The New Yorker. legal system" - that is the new question. 

The New York Times Launches Billionaire Beat

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"The New York Times has shifted chief TV critic Alessandra Stanley to the just created billionaire beat to report on the doings of the top one percent of the one percent.

Leaving New York, By Way of Arizona

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In 2014, 126,000 left New York City. My reasons for fleeing the New York Metro area in 2014 ranged from the high cost of housing, which was getting higher all the time. Essentially my new home is a kind of halfway house. That's what found. Probably  Probably for many of those, it was a soul-wrenching decision. After all, you can make the big money in the Big Apple.

New York Times: ‘Romney Has Nothing Really Coherent Or Substantive To Say…’ Mediaite

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Fox Guest Wayne Rogers Says New York Times Columnist Paul Krugman Is “Retarded”

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New York Post Hammers Megyn Kelly Just Like Drudge Report Hammers Hillary Clinton

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  The most recent smackdown on Megyn by the New York Post is focused on her high E-Poll dislike score. The go-to place for negative buzz about Megyn Kelly is the NewYork Post. It vilifies her the way the Drudge Report derides Hillary Clinton. 

New York - Leaving It Hard, Not Impossible

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If your professional brand is "New York" you probably have decided that's the way it is: You better stay there. It's also obvious that, given your age, there have been fewer opportunities for those great New York jobs and client assignments.

Drudge Report Links New York, New Jersey, Minnesota Attacks

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The influential, conservative Drudge Report is linking the attacks in New York, New Jersey, and Minnesota. Our response should be fear, right. That could be the platform for Donald Trump to ride in to the rescue. He could announce a really-get-tough-with-terrorism agenda.

Attack on academic freedom

The Communication Blog

2.25.2011 Attack on academic freedom Assemblyman Dov Hikind from Brooklyn has apparently (according to the Clarion , February 2011, Newspaper of the Professional Staff Congress/City University of New York) “demanded&# that the department of Political Science at Brooklyn College prevent someone from teaching a course on Middle Eastern politics because the proposed instructor was doing research on Palestinian suicide bombers.

Abedin/Weiner May/December Marriage Has First Contested Divorce Hearing in New York Supreme Court

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scene as well as that of New York City. Today, they arrived separately to the New York Supreme Court. Huma Abedin is now 41 years old. Her estranged husband Anthony Weiner is currently 53.

The New York Times - Yes, If It Folds, Rhetorical Tears Will Be Shed (end of story)

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  The most recent profile is Joe Pompeo's article about the "poisonous" mood at The New York Times.   Sure, it's still a coup for public relations firms to get placements for clients in The New York Times.

"Little Men" - Not your typical New York story of gentrification

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  The conflict over the rent could have turned out to have been the usual New York story, involving lawyers and a likable victim. A death in the family changes a lot.

The New York Times - This dog can't hunt

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That seems to apply to The New York Times. There is a saying in the sales world when a product or service is stuck: This dog don't hunt.

(Tradtional) Journalism Industry - The New York Times Reaches Out to Philanthropy

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Many watchers of traditional journalism have been predicting this development: Brandname news corporations, such as New York Times Inc., would have to shift from being a business to being a good cause supported by philanthropy. 

Careerism - A New York State of Mind

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Only out of the New York Metro area since April 2014, I was stunned by the lack of a careerist spin. Now that I have, it's been easier to make new friends.  "No, my law practice is not that successful. I get by." 

"Bums" - Term in New York Post Headline to Describe Homeless

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Well, in 2016, it is shocking, at least to this former doctoral student of linguistics, that today's New York Post headline refers to the homeless as "bums." "Bums" was a term mothers and nuns in Catholic grade school terrified us with.

Legal Action = New York City State of Mind

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"New York City pays out way more than any other major city to settle legal claims - doling out a whopping $720 million in judgments and settlements during the past fiscal year, a new report [from Governing magazine] says." " -   New York Post, November 1, 2016.  New York City is crawling with lawyers. In addition, the Trial Lawyers Association, reports the New York Post, has political influence in the Big Apple.

Alum: New York Times

Joan Detz Speaker Services

Congratulations to speechwriting seminar alum Bob Yeager, for his New York Times success!

NAACP Legal, New York City - Communications Director (help wanted)

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Here  are details and how to apply. careers

IABC New York’s “The Wired Water Cooler”

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Analysis iabc new york media training worldwideTo see pictures from the rest of “The Wired Water Cooler&# conference click here.

The New York Times Company - Q1 Loss of $14.3 Million

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The New York Times Company had a lousy Q1. " The question on many minds, especially those of employees there, is: Will the flagship newspaper, The New York Times, be around in five years? As Kevin McCauley reports in : "Revenue slipped 1.6