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is Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and is licensed by the California State Medical Board to practice Medicine and Psychiatry. Her specialty training in Psychiatry was at the University of Nevada, Department of Psychiatry. She currently is in private practice in Walnut Creek, CA. Her son, Jonathan, is 18 years old and is a freshman in college in Reno, Nevada.

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Half CT Wants Out: This Writer Pulled That Off

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Louisiana and Mississippi are also on the Gallup list of perceived wastelands)? The only way from Point A to Point B was by being totally practical and conservative in judgment.

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Cartoon Caption Contest Results

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Ignore him, if you give him anything he’ll just go spend it on Beggin Strips. Scott Knight, Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s time for the top captions in our September Cartoon Caption Contest featuring the artwork of Dan Rosandich.

Cartoon Caption Contest Results

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This is like a check book: The bottom part is what you think you have, and the top part is what the bank says you have. Jim Nott, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. HONORABLE MENTION (in random order). – I don’t care if you are practicing Lawyer Billing.

Observational Humor — Case Study #101

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Scott joked about being booked to do a comedy appearance in Primm, Nevada, which is a small town about 40 miles from Las Vegas. Ronny told of a practical joke where someone told him to hold his hand up to his face to see if his hand was bigger than his face. Monologue #101. We’ll take a look at the set-up for the jokes. And then present each joke and take a look at the triggers that made the joke work.

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Observational Humor in a Speech Contest

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Linda writes: I’m still a little fearful of creating observational humor, but as John Kinde says, it just takes practice. At the District 33 (California and Nevada) conference, I was honored to represent Division D in the Tall Tales contest. The following was sent to me by Linda Evans, a very talented humor speaker, after she won her district’s Tall Tales contest.

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Observational Humor — Case Study #121

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Burt is a member of the Las Vegas, Nevada chapter and drives from Kingman, Arizona to attend meetings. The answer is: It means that Burt is a practical and resourceful person. This is a blend of Observational Humor and also jokes written for a 90th Birthday celebration. After a few opening lines, I presented most of the monologue in the format of a Question Man routine, where you first give the answer and then read the question.

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