Break the Internet

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In just days, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will vote to end net neutrality—breaking the fundamental principle of the open Internet. If you are concerned, and do not want your ability to surf the Internet to be held hostage by your Internet … Continue reading → Uncategorized Break the Internet Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality - Issue We Can All Have Fun With

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Not net neutrality. But not caring about net neutrality is no reason to pass up this hilarious rant by comic John Oliver on the issue. When net neutrality is mandated, internet service providers (ISPs) can't discriminate against consumers based on what search engines they use.


Net Neutrality in Play - Tina Pelkey Spokesperson for FCC's Ajit Pai

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"Net Neutrality" is being threatened. Tech companies, ranging from LinkedIn to Facebook, support Net Neutrality. Blown up by the Trump Administration could be regulations mandating Internet Service Providers (ISPs) treat all data and all customers equally. 

Speaker Net News

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Speaker Net News SpeakerNet News is a free weekly email newsletter sent each Friday to more than 8,500 professional speakers, consultants, trainers, and authors. If that description fits you then be sure to register for this free newsletter written by professional speakers for professional speakers.

How to Come Across as an Authority in Your Presentation


Forbes has estimated her net worth at $1.27 Nobody could doubt that Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg could speak as an authority on the subject of achieving your goals against all adversity. billion and placed her at Number Eight on the list of Power Women in the United States.

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Make your webinars super interactive

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She wrote this as a tip for Speaker Net News subscribers and gave me permission to reprint it. This is a guest post from Brenda Bence , who is a corporate branding and personal branding expert. You can read more about her at

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Remarkable, inspiring interview with Cesar Millan

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The other day, while surfing the net on the bullet train to Tokyo, I. stumbled on a great interview with Seth Godin conducted by Bryan. Elliott. I had never heard of Bryan Elliott before, but he''s good and he has a very educational website called Behind the Brand which features.

Putting the UW System Tuition Freeze in Context

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To evaluate that claim, let''s take a look at the "net price" of attending UW-Madison and UW-comprehensives-- the cost paid by the poorest students after taking into account all grant/scholarship aid provided to offset the sticket price.

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The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

The Eloquent Woman

Last week, I shared what my clients discover when they give talks in the style of TED , and Famous Speech Friday examined Cindy Wu's 3-minute pitch at Y Combinator , which netted her $1.2

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11 famous speeches by women in engineering & technology

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Entrepreneur Cindy Wu used a 3-minute pitch at Y Combinator's Demo Days to net $1.2 Women are underrepresented in engineering and technology, and when it comes to speaking, often find themselves at conferences with no or few women speakers.

The Future of Work - When That Means No Work for 50% of Us, Embrace of Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Having access to work has always been more important to the majority than a financial safety net. The creation of 209,000 jobs in July 2017 is being cheered. That's  The Now  of the world of work. The future of work can be quite different.

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Be a better moderator: Stay out of your head

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Photo Credit: net_efekt via Compfight cc The topic of "being present" during presentations or while waiting to be introduced to speak has come up a lot lately in my conversations with clients and on this blog.

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Rick Perry and the Blank Mind

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  What I recommend is having a minimal set of notes as a safety net so that if your mind does go blank, you’ve got something to fall back on.    Knowing that the safety net is there will usually help the brain relax and therefore avoid the problem in the first place.    Unfortunately, the net result will be to laugh the whole Rick Perry campaign off in the long run. 

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Executive Communication Skills: Tech Habits

Matt Eventoff

Smartphones, net books and tablets have enabled our ability to work faster, cheaper, more efficiently and often more productively. Technology has changed how we work and often where we work, as we are now all mobile, and always on. Through social media we are able to meet people we might never have met and develop working relationships we would have been unable to develop years ago.

Crisis Communication and Timing – Sony and Johnson & Johnson

Matt Eventoff

In a crisis, and in crisis communication, timing, and time, is crucial. Johnson & Johnson ( J&J ) and Sony Corporation (TYO) both faced crises over the past seven days. They were quite different, as one was unfolding, so it is unfair to compare the actual events. The purpose of this post is to illustrate the importance of time in crisis communication. J&J held their annual shareholder meeting last Thursday, and prior to the meeting CEO William Weldon gave a few private interviews.

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The Power-Cut Presenter

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He embraced the moment and with the aid of a small printed safety net and a willingness to adapt, connected with the audience in a way he never had before. In the second that the lights pop there is a moment of perfect puzzled peace. Have you ever noticed?

Tech Habits Can Crush Careers: 10 Steps to Take Today

Matt Eventoff

Smartphones, net books and tablets have enabled our ability to work faster, cheaper, more efficiently and often more productively. Technology has changed how we work and often where we work, as we are now all mobile, and always on. Through social media we are able to meet people we might never have met and develop working relationships we would have been unable to develop years ago.

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No longer able to protect the crown jewels from the cameras? Time to embrace them

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Attempts to make it otherwise will be as futile as Royal attempts to ban the Las Vegas pictures from appearing in the UK when they are already all over the net. When delivering presentations, our every glance, gesture, and utterance now has the capacity to be filmed.

Famous Speech Friday: Tess Vigeland on quitting with no plan B

The Eloquent Woman

And maybe it’s not this hard for everybody… certainly I’m not the first one to jump without a net… and plenty of people move among jobs and careers and go from one thing to another and they’re good at all those things and they relish it.

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Hockey Night on Ossington Avenue

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And I found the other under a heap of yellowing newspapers in the laneway behind our garage while fishing for a tennis ball that Vito shot wide of my net. I tumble back and land on my seat as the puck dribbles just wide of my net. “I’m I haven’t faced a shot on net and already goaltending on skates is a heck of a lot tougher than Bower makes it look. By accident, I belly-flop on a loose puck during a scramble in front of my net. Protect my net, Stick.”. “He’s

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Our hearts and thoughts are not with you at this time…

More than PowerPoint...

What’s the net effect? Enough with organizations offering generic sentiments and abstractions. Be specific. Give me something concrete, or don’t say anything at all. Let’s say I’m on a company’s email list. It sends me an email telling me to enjoy a happy and safe holiday weekend. It generously tells my family to have one, too. And then 100 other brands send me something similar. And post it on their Facebook wall. And send it out as a tweet.

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Warning: Trailer Trash Words and Phrases that Destroy Your Credibility

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Internet The word is “In – ter – net”. It’s not “Inner-net”. The words that you use tell your audience who you are, where you are from and what is your level of education. Based on those blatant messages, your audience decides on what label to slap on your face. If your audience perceives that you are “beneath” them in education they tend to be less willing to see you as an expert. There is nothing wrong with coming from the other side of the tracks.

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How @TEDMED achieved 51 percent women speakers in 2014

The Eloquent Woman

The net effect is that they''re less available to do non-essential, non-paying speaking opportunities like TEDMED.

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What if?

Max Atkinson

Coaches and autographs When we got there, we had to line up and take it in turns to bat and bowl in the nets, closely watched by the two grumpy looking county coaches of the day, Arthur Mitchell and Maurice Leyland.

How To Design For Mobile

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Much to my surprise, C|Net News is now iPhone-friendly. C|Net’s design very finger-friendly and the links are easy to read and inviting. I’m on my way to get lectured by my dentist and as my lovely wife is driving, I decided to get caught up on some tech news.

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Anatomy of a Speaker's Introduction Part II: What Could Go Wrong?

Speak and Deliver

Get Hooked on Phonics - Phonetically (fo-net-ick-ly) write out complicated words - tech jargon, proper names, foreign words, anything that might be complicated. In Part I , we looked at the different parts of an ideal introduction for a real world speech.

“Single-Task” Your Way to Presentation Success

DeFinis Communications

Sending a text, writing a document, surfing the net, making dinner, feeding the dog, and having a conversation can all happen simultaneously. Multi-tasking, a word no one used a few decades ago, is now firmly ensconced in our everyday language and has become a way of life for many of us.

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Speaking of Religion

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Please post your comments below - or email me at rich@richhopkins,net with your thoughts. Over the past few days, the worldwide Christian community celebrated Easter, and were vocal about it.

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Mental Health Days - What We Self-Employed Already Have Down Cold

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

There was no safety nets. Today, The Wall Street Journal reports that employers are paying attention to the mental health of their team. Mental health days or even a bit of time off to heal will supposedly carry less stigma. Maybe. Time will tell.

No-Tech Survey Monkey - Unitarian Minister Matt Alspaugh Measures Happiness

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It doesn't depend on externals such as net worth. The surprise was this: The Happiness Index at the First Unitarian Universalist Church , based in Youngstown, Ohio was 7+ on a scale of 10 (the latter was the highest.).

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Presenting Business Diagrams: How to Deliver a Strong, Positive Impact


While SWOT primarily serves as a business evaluation technique, you can use it to assess the net benefits/disadvantages of just about anything — including a product, a location, a niche industry or even a job applicant. Business means a lot more than just making profits. For the most part, it is a melting pot where unique combinations of processes, concepts, goals and mantras evolve into brands.

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6 famous extemporaneous speeches by women from The Eloquent Woman Index

The Eloquent Woman

But a look back at the speeches in The Eloquent Woman Index suggests that there may be some very good reasons for speaking without a net.

Public Speaking Tips - Interplay

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I might say (reading their nametag to get the name) John here may have the highest sales volume, but if his net income is no good, John is not a happy guy. I love to interact with the audience. It is much easier now that wireless microphones are so readily available.

Secrets of Power Presentations Book Review

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That way you will not read your speech but have the safety net of keyword notes. Secrets of Power Presentations by Peter Urs Bender This book first published in 1991 and I first read it around that time.

Universal Basic Income (UBI) - Nothing New About It

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That safety net allows me to choose the clients I want to do assignments for. In essence, Universal Basic Income (UBI) provides individuals funds without requiring any work.

Make a Presentation Like Al Gore - Wired How-To Wiki

The Gig Economy Hack - Of Course, There Are Tradeoffs

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Also, the tax deductions associated with self-employment boosted the net. Disruption in itself is neither good nor bad. It just is. What matters is how we leverage it to our economic advantage.    The buzz-worthy example of this is the gig economy hack.

Diamonds (Emails, Facebook and MySpace) Are Forever

Matt Eventoff

It only takes a few minutes, but clean up your ‘net profile when entering the workforce — it will pay off. In 1971 Shirley Bassey told the James Bond fans and the world that “Diamonds are Forever.&#. Nearly 40 years later, this track was re-mixed by Kanye West and introduced a whole new generation to this famous Welsh singer.

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Public Relations Industry in U.S. - Slowing Growth

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In 2016, for example, there were average net revenue gains of 21.8%. While other kinds of professional services, such as law, were struggling during and after the financial crash, the public relations industry was growing.    That was then.

Speaking Forward in 2012

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This is a must to cast a wider net with my coaching than just those I can meet with personally or over the phone. Yesterday, I took a look back at my goals for 2011. Today, as promised, it's time to look ahead to next year, and see what I can do as both a speaker and a coach in 2012.

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