The commute communicator: Practicing speeches in your car

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"I''m still practicing my speech on my way to the office! He''s one of many speakers I coach who don''t have much time to practice, thanks to their busy schedules. Yet I know that practice may be the single most important determinant in whether their speeches are a success.

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Do you need a Competitive Edge in Your Job Interviews?

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Then listen to these free mp3’s , in which Patricia Fripp, CSP interviews Al Hops, creator of The Interview Edge. As part of his consulting practice with President Clinton, Bob Costas and Jim Carrey, Al helped open the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville. The two 20 minute long MP3’s can be downloaded for free of the World Champions Edge website.

How to Capitalize on Your Uniqueness to Ensure Repeat Business

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One of the most practical ways to tap into your authentic message is to begin to dig out of your memory bank the most significant events, most significant people and most life-changing insights that have impacted you. Register or order the CD or MP3 recording.

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Presenting with an iPad

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You no longer take your laptop to a picnic if you want to play music; you take your MP3 player instead. Practice first. Practice prior to your first time in front of an audience.

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Podcasts - Not Much Different from Conversational Speeches

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

That's where the recording and MP3 file are made. With practice the quality of the podcasting, both in presentation and subject matter, improves. The term is so cool:  podcasts. But really there is little difference between scripting and recording a podcast than what goes into conversational speechwriting and delivery. For instance, sentences are short and informal. Actually, there are lots of fragments which aren't sentences.

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How To Create Online Courses


Traditional educational institutions are slower to move when it comes to offering “hot” curriculums based on the industry’s latest best practices. Application : Students should be given a chance to apply the new knowledge, practice and learn from mistakes.

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Get Your Audiences Involved and Get More Business

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CSP will share her practical, how-to approach to using interactive methods to increase audience impact and ensure speaker success whether an individual is delivering a keynote speech, making a sales presentation, or conducting a seminar or training session. with Karen Lawson, Ph.D.,

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Tips For Preparing Your Elevator Speech

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In today’s environment of smartphones, mp3 systems and other personal technology devices, you have about 10 seconds to capture the other person’s interest before they begin to think about looking at their phone or they get that glazed over look of disinterest. Tip to Prepare Your Elevator Speech: Develop a relevant and targeted pitch that describes your business is practicing your pitch out loud, regularly. Practice in front of the mirror with family and friends.

Save Yourself from Post-Seminar Depression Syndrome!

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They come in pretty clam shell sets of DVDs and MP3 downloads and Teleseminar/Webinar/YouTube trainings, from some of the top names, and sometimes the not-so-top names, in the business. There's a million public speaking programs out there. Well, almost.

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Top 6 Touchy-Feely Presentation Rehearsal Tips

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Practice makes perfect, right? What about imperfect practice? If you practice badly, your performance will likely reflect your bad practices. I like putting my audio on my portable mp3 player -- and taking a walk. Not really.

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PowerPoint Tip: Corrupted PowerPoint file

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You can carry a copy of the file on a USB drive, on your phone, or on your MP3 player. Finally, practice recovering from glitches. I got a panicked call recently from a past workshop participant. She supports presenters who were out on the road doing a major presentation in venues across the country. Whenever they started the presentation, its gives them the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD as it’s known). It is likely that the PowerPoint file got corrupted.

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Using video in a presentation: 7 steps to success

Max Atkinson

In retrospect, I realise that I could (and probably should) have included more practical advice on how to use video in presentations. from YouTube ), Emicsoft FLV converter will convert it into an MP3 or other format that you can import into iMovie.

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How to Open Your Presentation with Attention Grabbing Pizzazz and.

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You can listen to the replay as many times as you want because you automatically receive a free copy of the MP3 file to download. You can also download the MP3 file and listen at your pleasure. Practical tips to help you deliver more effective. Executive Speech Coach - Business Presentations Business presentations tips for executives, sales presenters, managers, technical experts and professionals from the "Speech Coach for Executives" George Torok.

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How to Change the World A practical blog for impractical people. « For example, if youre invited to speak about the future of digital music, you shouldnt talk about the latest MP3 player that your company is selling. Practice and speak all the time. You can give it nineteen times to your dog if you like, but it takes practice and repetition. As Jascha Heifitz said, “If I dont practice one day, I know it. If I dont practice two days, my critics know it.

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