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It’s time for the results of our December Joke Contest. The theme for the contest is Creative Business. The challenge was to combine two unlikely businesses under the same roof and come up with a name for the new business. . New Joke Contests are announced on the first of the month. Here are the top lines for the December contest. ** FIRST PLACE **. Security Devices. Bird Habitats. Specialty Cheese: Locks Nests Muenster. Scott Tredwell, Advance, North Carolina. ** SECOND PLACE **.

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He mentions piracy, but iPhone users who have not jailbroken their phones can't install the stolen software. Mobile platforms aren't always successful. Infoworld is one of the many tech news outlets that I read daily (well, M-F) that contributes to a well-rounded understanding of what's going on in the industry in which I work. Unfortunately, I have yet to see that kind of cross-domain & cross-discipline approach in my daily travels, but I digress.

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President Obama's speech at Westminster awarded a B-

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Indeed, our efforts in this young century have led us to a new concept for NATO that will give us the capabilities needed to meet new threats: threats like terrorism and piracy, cyber attacks and ballistic missiles. In country after country, people are mobilizing to free themselves from the grip of an iron fist. PART 1/3 The whole speech can be watched HERE , 'embedding' of which has been 'disabled by request' and full transcript at the bottom of the page.

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