It Came Down to Language (English Could Still Be Useful Major for Career in Law)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Now, reports MarketWatch , seven hair salons and restaurants in Kansas and Missouri have a win. Western District of Missouri Judge Stephen Bough ruled the plaintiffs ought to be covered by Cincinnati Insurance's "all-risk" insurance polices.

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Millennials No "Easy Rider" Generation - Harley-Davidson's Sales Continue Downward

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Harley-Davidson announced it's closing its Kansas City, Missouri plant, wiping out 800 jobs. High search engine rankings. Harley-Davidson can't regain its cultural hold as a symbol of freedom. The "Easy Rider" mindset isn't catching on with Millennials.    For 2017, reports MarketWatch , the company's motorcycle revenue dropped 6.8% to $4.92 billion. Global sales were down 6.7%, with the largest drop in the U.S. , at 8.5%.

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All-Too-Familiar Political Narrative: Illicit Affair, Then Alleged Blackmail

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Well, this issue of blackmail has reared its ugly head in the career of Missouri governor Eric Greitens. High search engine rankings. When members of the media out an illicit affair by a government official constituents et al. brace for the next shoe to drop: disclosure that those in the loop have been blackmailed, have been the blackmailers, or have been threatened with blackmail. That's the #1 peril of having trusted servants caught up in matters of the heart.

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Research Efficiency and Reliability: An Exercise for Public Speaking

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Typing words into a search engine would be free and wouldn’t cost any points.] The more clicks you use, the less efficient your search. Do an Internet search to check on the writer’s expertise and credentials. What is the ethnic population of Missouri? An old television game show from the 1950s, Name that Tune , pitted 2 contestants against each other.

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