How virtual presentations can help your live presentations

Speak Schmeak

Focus There's a level of focus required when you're speaking to a mic or video camera that is different than when you're with an audience. I highly recommend working with a professional videographer and learning to use a teleprompter. I learned how to use a teleprompter yesterday. It was easier than I thought it would be in some ways; in other ways, it was harder. The easy part was following the words and not getting behind.

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when the speech hands you lemons.

The Eloquent Woman

We'd planned to videotape the presentation, which involved putting a lavalier mic with a very long cord on me and putting the videographer in one of the storefront window bays. I’m always coaching speakers to plan ahead, then be ready for anything on the ground. That's two different mindsets: One to get ready, rehearsing for the ideal; two, to toss that out the window and take what the situation brings. And I got a big taste of that last night in a talk I gave in New York City.