Podcast: PR Troubles with Ozzie Guillen

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Ozzie Guillen, manager of the Miami Marlins, stuck his foot in his mouth this week by saying he ‘loved Fidel Castro’ and caused a rumble in the Cuban Community in Florida. Ozzie Guillen, manager of the Miami Marlins, stuck his foot in his mouth this week by saying he ‘loved Fidel Castro’ and caused a rumble in the Cuban Community in Florida. Public Relations Miami Marlins Ozzie Guillen

Podcast: PR Troubles with Ozzie Guillen

Communication Steroids

Ozzie Guillen, manager of the Miami Marlins, stuck his foot in his mouth this week by saying he ‘loved Fidel Castro’ and caused a rumble in the Cuban Community in Florida. Tweet Facebook LinkedIn Tumblr Stumble Digg Delicious Ozzie Guillen, manager of the Miami Marlins, stuck his foot in his mouth this week by saying he ‘loved Fidel Castro’ and caused a rumble in the Cuban Community in Florida.

Trayvon Martin Protests Grow in Miami

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Toastmasters Friday: The Quest for the Trophy

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Dallas, for those of you non-basketball historians, lost in the NBA Finals in 2006 to the Miami Heat, who, ironically, will be their opponent yet again. Dallas Mavericks Marilyn Monroe Miami Heat NBA Spock Toastmasters Speaking Dirk Nowitzki Winning and Losing Competition

University of Miami Delta Gamma Sorority - Marketability Of Fun

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At the University of Miami, the Delta Gamma sorority is marketing itself through the Fun Economy. In its recruiting video, reports Chris Spargo at the Daily Mail , the sorority features rooftop pools and sailing at sunset. Absent is any sign of booking it.

University of Miami President Takes To Internet Video For Crisis Communication Announcement

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Analysis Crisis Communications Media Training university of miami hurricanesby Mike Bako, Vice President of Media Training Worldwide Visit Daily National.com for more news and analysis [link] For more information on media and presentation training please visit [link] [link] and continue reading [link] for news and analysis to help you communicate more effectively.

"CSI: Miami" - Flat

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This night's episode of "CSI: Miami" was flat.    Even the mystery involved in ferreting out who was responsible, directly or indirectly, for the fatal accident was disappointing.    Many suspects were fingered and seemed to have motives.    But the culprit turned out to be the son, ensnared in experimental drug use and selling. 

"CSI: Miami" - Finale Mirrors Life

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The finale for "CSI: Miami" mirrors the real-life stunner of the professor who's denied tenure turns murderer.      The segment ends with the audience not knowing how many actually have been killed by the psychology professor who finds out tenure is not in the cards.    In addition to the two killed and one seriously injured, there are the CSI staff who are felled in the lab.    They range from Callie to Wolf. 

"CSI: Miami" - No Goodbye from Eric, Yet

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  I was set for high drama tonight on "CSI: Miami."  Disappointment.  "  I expected that Eric would formally tell H and the rest of the team that he was leaving CSI.    The last we saw Eric he had confided to Cali that he was hitting the road.    No goodbye tonight.    Eric wasn't even in the episode about the Vanishing Groom.    It wasn't the same without Eric. 

Cuts continue at print media: Miami Herald RIFs 49

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The Miami Herald Media Company itself reports  that it is cutting 49 positions.    In the newsrooms of the MIAMI HERALD and EL NUEVO HERALD, a total of 11 full-time and four jobs will be eliminated. We better stop waiting for the layoffs in print media to end.    Even though some of print media such as THE ECONOMIST is beginning to grasp digital tone and content, Reductions-in-Force will be continuous. 

"CSI: Miami" - Eric coming into his own

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  It looks like he will continue his journey toward whatever right in Miami. The beauty of tonight's episode of "CSI: Miami" is that Horatio, who was on the other side of the case, gave support to Eric Delco when the former CSI officer got a little weak in the emotions.    Horatio explicitly told Eric that the two were family.    It had been Eric's sister who Horatio married. 

"Ugly Betty" - Eric from "CSI: Miami" Guest Stars

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Several weeks ago, on "CSI: Miami," Eric confided to Cali that he was leaving the unit.    That means he was out of the loop on the three-part series joining CSI teams in Miami, Nevada, and New York.    He indicated he would tell the rest of the team later.    On the show that never happened.    Eric hasn't appeared since. 

"CSI: Miami" - Eric leaving the team

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It's still a secret kept from the team.    But we the audience know that Eric will be leaving CSI.    Tonight on "CSI: Miami" Calli pried it out of him.    Eric had just returned to work after a full recovery from his bullet wound.    But two deaths in a very brief time sort of hit him hard.  They were a young couple felled by food-borne diseases: E-Coli and botulism.    For Eric, that seemed to be the tipping point.

"CSI: Miami" - H gets help from Dr. Ray, who tells team "think like a bear"

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  Dr. Ray from the Nevada branch of CSI flew to Miami to investigate the murder of a woman from the Vegas area.    His approach, different from H's, brings new life to "CSI: Miami."  Beginning tonight, "CSI: Miami" joins three crime teams to find out who's killing and dismembering young women. 

Sunday's 10 P.M. Slot: Which will triumph in ratings, "CSI: Miami" or "Mad Men"

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Which kind of show will get the most ratings this Sunday night in the 10:00 P.M. slot on television?    Sure some will record one show and watch one in real time.    But most of us, especially the technically-challenged Baby Booomers, will simply have to opt for one and that's that. Competing head to head will be "CSI: Miami" and "Mad Men."  "  Traditionally, "CSI: Miami" has been in the Monday slot at 10:00 P.M. 

"CSI: Miami" sees conflict: Eric Delco back & for the other side

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Several weeks ago, Eric Delco told Calli he was leaving the team.    And with good reason.      He had been shot.    He had been through the death of his sister who had been shot.    And now and then he experienced some memory loss from his wounds.    He was supposed to tell the team officially later.    That later never came or if it did I missed that episode. 

"Moonlight" - Power of Forgiveness

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The action takes place in the black section of Miami, Florida. Surprisingly, Chitron returns to Miami to visit his mother in rehab. The only real meme in "Moonlight" is that making sense of a life can come through forgiving betrayals.

Tease: "CSI: Miami" has repeat, so we have to wait for more info on Eric's exit strategy

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What a tease.    Tonight "CSI: Miami" ran a repeat.    We were all waiting for more information on Eric's exit strategy, or more emotionally accurate, if he is really going to go through his plans to leave the CSI team.    Better luck to Eric fans next Monday at 10 P.M.

Speaking Science: To lead, aim low.with your voice

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That's essentially what Casey Klofstad found out last year , when the University of Miami political scientist teamed up with a few biologists to analyze how differently-pitched voices might affect an candidate's electability. If your voice is low, the votes are yours.

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OBSESSION! Grant G. Sarbinoff Was Allegedly a Busy Guy

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More recently, in real life, a Miami Beach, Florida, attorney Grant Griffith Sarbinoff also allegedly got caught up in an obsession. Obsession is the theme of so much great literature. The classic example is the novel "Moby Dick."

Revolutionary New Touch-Screen Projector

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If you’re looking for the future of presentation technology, you only need look as far as CSI Miami and its futuristic rainbow-lit headquarters. Tags: Technology buzzard CSI Miami holographic laser projection human eyeball Light Blue Optics Light Touch touch screens

Class of 2017 - You May Be Able to Afford Your La La Land

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Seattle or Miami. Members of the Class of 2017, you can dream big. Yes, you can head from your little lives in college to your version of La La Land. That might be in New York, LA, San Francisco, Washington D.C.,

What America Reads…

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36 – The Miami Herald 202,122 270,166. I found this post from Brian Solis very interesting – a list of the top media outlets, by circulation, as well as the 25 most popular blogs in America, as compiled by BurrellesLuce. . Marshall McLuhan is famous for stating “the medium is the message&# and with the introduction of a newer medium (online, web) there is constant debate as to its effect on older mediums (print, broadcast).

2009 36

Insights & Inspirations from SF SketchCrawl

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My first drawing consisted of two ninjas fighting on top of a dragon in the hills of Miami. Weird, I know, but that’s what I came up with as a kid sketching his wild imagination during class.

Public Speaking - Lost In Translation Humor

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An American T-shirt maker in Miami printed shirts for the Spanish market which promoted the Pope's visit. Scandinavian vacuum manufacturer Electrolux used the following in an American ad campaign: "Nothing sucks like an Electrolux." The name Coca-Cola in China was first rendered as Ke-kou-ke-la.

Toastmasters Friday: The Big Stage

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LeBron James has made it back to the Eastern Conference finals, this time with the Miami Heat, leaving Cleveland and his legion of hometown fans behind. Is it finally LeBron's time?

Public Speaking - Bloopers

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A while back I heard about a DJ on WIOD in Miami, Florida who said, "This is Alan Courtney speaking. Bloopers are clumsy mistakes that are usually made in public. The television show TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes and many blooper books are indicators of the interest we have in other people's goofs. Here are two from All Time Great Bloopers by Blooper Snooper Kermit Schafer and one from More Press Boners by Earle Tempel, and how you might use them in a presentation.

Florida Vs Las Vegas

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If you want the Miami Heat, go to Florida. 23 Reasons Florida (Yes, Florida) Is Quite Possibly The Best State in. America (Huffington Post). 23 Reasons Las Vegas (Yes, Las Vegas) Is Quite Possibly the Best City. in America. This will make more sense if you read the Huffington Post article first.). Everyone loves Las Vegas weather. You can relax in the sauna, or. you can come inside and enjoy the air conditioning. Las Vegas may be the only American city whose first Postmaster was. a woman.

A Public Speaking Lesson from My Sister

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She’s from Miami, so she too enjoys the peace and solitude. I’ve been on vacation in Maine for the last few weeks. Our family has a house in a small coastal village where we come every year. I love being in Maine, so far away from the bustling Bay Area where I live. It’s a quiet retreat, a respite from the traffic, noise and density of city life. My sister met me here last week.

Uber - What Any Kid in the Bronx Could Have Predicted

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Now, members of the media have released the "Miami Memo." Every urban kid knows: Once you get cockroaches,  your habitant becomes a breeding ground. That's the pickle Uber is in. The  The bad public relations started long ago.

Alum news: speaking at “WIBN Leadership Conference”

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Other speakers come from a wide range of organizations, including Wright Patterson Air Force Base, the Protocol School of Washington DC, Indiana Wesleyan University, AT&T Ohio, Cincinnati Bell, Miami Valley Hospital, and the City of Dayton. Teresa Zumwald, who has attended several of my speechwriting seminars, will speak at the Women in Business Networking Leadership Conference (Dayton OH in September). .

"Blue Bloods" - Is Tom Selleck As Frank Reagan Becoming Stylized Like David Caruso As Horatio Caine

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The same phenomenon overtook Horatio Caine on "CSI Miami." "Blue Bloods" may be showing signs of ossification. For example, in the episode about the Russian thugs taking over the neighborhood and a Middle Eastern immigrant being mistreated, Frank Reagan relied too much on signature gestures. There were the long thoughtful stares, the reference to Jesuit training and the heart to heart with a family member.

Famous Speech Friday: Edwidge Danticat's testimony on death in detention

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials in Miami, and died in their custody soon after being taken off his regular medications.

Is David Caruso still untouchable?

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The question we all have is: is David Caruso, who plays H on "CSI Miami," still invulnerable? Like everything, the CSI series, in all its combinations and permutations, has gotten old.    It's been around a decade.    And, its ratings, reports  Adam K. Raymond in NEW YORK Magazine, have dropped from number-one to number-three.    Therefore, Raymond anticipates a shake-up when the television networks announce the fall line-up.

DAILY BEAST's Gerald Posner joins growing number of "inadvertents"

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Both veteran journalist Gerald Posner and the site he published his piece in THE DAILY BEAST admit  that five sentences had been copied from the MIAMI HERALD.    The plagiarism was declared "inadvertent."  "  That is an impossibility for a seasoned writer.    DAILY BEAST head Tina Brown could make hay with this.    Controversy sells. 

Professions with High Suicide Rates - Ervin Gonzalez

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Respected member of the Miami, Florida legal community, Ervin Gonzalez , 57, is dead. That death is being investigated as a suicide. At law firm Colson Hicks Eidson he won 33 verdicts which each totaled at least a $1 million. This is a tragedy for those who loved Gonzalez.

How to Start Speaking at Events | chrisbrogan.com


See you in Miami on Wednesday. I am speaking at Barcamp Miami next month. chrisbrogan.com Home About Speaking Rockstars Newsletters Contact Best Of How to Start Speaking at Events December 8, 2008 · Comments One day, I wasn’t a speaker at conferences, and then I was.

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Belly Up at Burger King - Fast Food Game-Changer

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  That will be tested out in Miami Beach, report  Henrick Karoliszyn and Corky Siemaszko in the NY DAILY NEWS.  Burger King is packing heat with its introduction of beer with the whopper.    The implications are profound. First of all, since BK is using domestic beer such as Miller and Budweiser, this could be a gift to the beer industry.    The price is right: $4.25 a stand-alone, and $7.99 with a whopper.

Leno Lesson: Just Don't Mess with TimeSlots

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time slot and competing with favorites like "CSI: Miami."  TV is the medium of the aging.    That means its audience will tend to stick with their viewing habits and resist change.    NBC took a mega gamble when it put Jay Leno in the 10 P.M. "  USA TODAY reports that the show, thanks to the promotions that were machine-gunned at us, started with 18.4 million sets of eyeballs. 

Oprah Network is failing! « TJWALKER INTERACTIVE

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Public speaking, media training, presentation training, crisis communications Home Live Video About TJ Products & Services FAQs « Sob story for Miami Heat and its coach John Ensign not running because of sins – Media Advice » Oprah Network is failing!

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