Glassdoor - Becoming Metric For Measuring Organizational Leadership

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To assess Yahoo leader, Marissa Mayer, BusinessInsider's Eugene Kim went to Glassdoor. He did a keyword analysis of  2,200 employee reviews. Then Kim connected the dots. Verdict: Employees like Yahoo and their smart colleagues. But essentially they are fed up with the leadership. At the top of the list is Mayer. A major failing is perceived to be her decision-making. Turning to Glassdoor to dig for insight about an organization is bound to catch on. Talent

Public Speaking - Cool As Universal Metric Of Performance Art

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Cool is the universal metric for assessing thought leadership. "Cool" entails showcasing that you align with Now. Venture capitalist, Peter Thiel, is cool. You bet, cool covers how you present yourself in public speaking. Even if you are explaining your research in neuroscience, the tone, organization, content and language should contain elements of cool. How does a 62-year-old Baby Boomer chief executive officer integrate cool into a speech or presentation?

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Brian Williams Goes On Leave: Will This Register in Edelman Trust Metrics?

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Meanwhile we who follow Edelman's Trust Metrics year to year (whether we are at the World Economic Forum in Davos or here taking the numbers in on our laptops) have a hunch this new "mistake" will pull down trust further, at least in the media. Brian Williams is on leave, for now. Could be forever. Likely the powers that be at NBC and the most vocal in the court of public opinion (aka social media) will determine that. 

LinkedIn Profiles: New metric for how we are doing is who, how many are checking it

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 One metric for assessing how we are trending is our LinkedIn Profile. In a volatile global economy, continually disrupted by digital, we are struggling to get a handle on how we are doing.  Are we on an upward trajectory, stuck or even totally 2013? One service LinkedIn provides is continual data about who is checking our profile and how many have been doing that in real time.

Happy Talk As New Metric: What I learned in senior housing

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  One new metric for doing that is assessing their conversations. Although those over-50 might not be digital wizards, we know that the pace of everything has accelerated.  That means we have to size up people faster.  That has become binary. Either they generate Happy Talk or Doom and Gloom. If the latter, we quickly file them away in our neural folders as "Avoid." " Soon enough, they are isolated.

Product-Led Growth (PLG): The Ultimate SaaS Business Growth Strategy To Pursue


This will require at least several mediating sessions where all teams develop new priorities and agree on new value metrics for the product. Keep a Close Eye on the Right Metrics. Product-led companies closely monitor and analyze the following set of SaaS metrics: AARRR metrics (also known as pirate metrics) — stand for Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, and Revenue. AARRR Metrics ARPU Customer Lifetime Value Flywheel Onboarding Product-Led Growth

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How to Prevent Creaming in Higher Education Performance Regimes?

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A weaker version of value-added modeling is risk-adjusted metrics, a regression based approach to accounting for intial student differences when looking at outcomes. Prohibition of creaming via more metrics. metrics creaming accountability One of the most prominent concerns raised about President Obama''s proposed performance-based funding plan for higher education is that it could reduce access by encouraging creaming.

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What We Need to Hear from the President

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I think it would be a mistake to subject all institutions to metrics anytime in the near future. for-profits affordability metrics Obama college costs Reviewing the range of responses to President Obama''s plan to reduce college costs, and the questions that are being raised on Twitter, it seems important that the Administration clarify a few things sooner rather than later. This effort to reduce college costs is a first step and thus it is not intended to solve all problems.

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Employee Engagement: 6 Strategies That Work


This is the highest level since Gallup began tracking this metric. Rather than sending company-wide general surveys, move to a more individualized, metrics-driven approach to measuring the effectiveness of your efforts. Peer relationships metrics.

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4 Ways to Make a Great Impression Speaking at Your Business Meeting


No matter the size of the business, each one has meetings on a regular basis in an effort to optimize performance metrics. Now these business meetings typically go one of two ways: They are highly productive and allow the team to become empowered and move projects forward. Or… They are a time suck accomplishing absolutely […]. The post 4 Ways to Make a Great Impression Speaking at Your Business Meeting appeared first on SketchBubble Official Blog. Presentation Tips

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Marketing Plan Development: The Start to Finish Guide For Executives


Key performance indicators and growth metrics. Set goals and success metrics. Then you’ll have to break down your SMART goals further by time, metric, and preferred marketing mix. Metrics. So average conversion rate per marketing channel could be the One Metric That Matters for them — a.k.a. For more info on One Metric That Matters concept, we recommend reading the book Lean Analytics: Use Data to Build a Better Startup Faster by Alistair Croll.

How to Set Up a Winning Customer Success Program


Again, these metrics are hard to maximize without a customer success strategy. As Mary Barra, Chair and CEO, General Motors, well said : “My metric for success can be summed up in one phrase: earn customers for life.”. Set up and Monitor Your Customer Success Metrics. Without solid metrics and monitoring, your customer success program won’t go too far. The customer success movement is getting stronger year over year.

Health Benefits from Friendship - Not a Numbers Game

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The question now is: With so many metrics on social networks tracking the number of followers and making that public, are people being encouraged to increase the total instead of investing themselves in a handful of quality relationships? Finally, those without a ton of friends on social networks can smirk. The University of Leeds researchers found that the health benefits from friendship isn't a numbers game, Study Finds reports. Rather it's the quality of the friendships.

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How to create a TED talk

Pivotal Public Speaking

In a brilliantly tongue-in-cheek analysis, Sebastian Wernicke turns the tools of statistical analysis on TEDTalks, to come up with a metric for creating “the optimum TEDTalk&# based on user ratings.

The Disney Logo In Play

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  Today, Bob Iger, by so many current metrics, scores high on leadership. The iconic Disney logo can be eliminated from popular culture. Deadline reports there is growing scrutiny of Disney's founder Walt Disney. He was an obviously flawed human being.

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C-Level Presentation Tip #1: Start with Conclusions

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The additional benefits will be happier customers and more accurate metrics. Executive level presentations can strike fear into the hearts of even the most courageous business presenters. Both stakes and visibility are high. But with a few tweaks to your presentation practices, you can navigate successfully in the C-Suite. C-Level audiences are results focused. So play to this by starting your presentation with the conclusion. Don't keep them in suspense or you'll lose them.

The 5 Main Phases of Project Management Life Cycle 


Most managers tend to settle for 3-5 metrics that clearly indicate the project overall health in regards to performance, budgets, timelines and objectives.

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PowerPoint Tip: Effective dashboard slides

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

The term dashboard comes from vehicle dashboards that use indicators to show the status of such metrics as amount of fuel remaining, oil temperature, and battery power. The first step in creating an effective dashboard slide is to decide on the correct metrics to use. When selecting the metrics, make sure that you will be reporting numbers that have context. Once the metrics are well defined, the next step is to decide how to show the metrics.

ToFu, MoFu and BoFu: 3 Sales Funnel Stages Explained


Optimizing your site for speed and mobile can help you to get your pages rank first, Core Web Vitals are a set of essential metrics that will help to quantify the experience of your site and identify opportunities to improve and optimize it. ToFu Metrics. MoFu Metrics.

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The CEO’s Guide to RPA: Robotic Process Automation Explained


To further assess the effectiveness and ROI of your new RPA solution, also pay attention to the following metrics: Productivity. Robotic process automation (RPA) is a top-of-mind agenda for companies across industries. Last year, Gartner identified robotic process automation as the fastest-growing tech segment of the enterprise software market: the software revenue grew by 63% and reached $848 in 2018.

Product Management: 6 Solid Best Practices For Newbie PMs


Setting up and meeting product management metrics. Create an explanation of metrics used to determine that all requirements have been. A product manager ensures that the product a company releases aligns with customers’ needs and expectations. It’s a challenging job that requires a lot of communication and coordination of efforts between different teams.

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Ghostwriters/Speechwriters - We, Too, Have To Bundle Public Relations And Marketing

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At the top of the list is buzzword "metrics." Ghostwriters and speechwriters such as myself have to convince the prospect that we know how to create the material which will generate the metrics. PR pros who can't get a hang of this shift toward marketing and metrics likely will have to retire.

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Analysis of a (Very Short) Speech by Hans Rosling

Manner of Speaking

In other words, he used the same metric (transportation) to demonstrate the relative differences in wealth ( i.e., from being able to save money for trip by plane every year to only being able to save money to buy a pair of shoes). Hans Rosling is a Swedish doctor, statistician, public speaker and Professor of International Health at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. He is also one of the best known presenters at TED.

BuzzFeed: Tech Writer Ryan Broderick Fired for Alleged Plagiarism

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Also, in media currently, metrics are recorded and displayed in real time. BuzzFeed News is now the object of the buzz. Its senior reporter on the tech desk Ryan Broderick has been fired. It's alleged he committed forms of plagiarism in 11 articles, reports The Wall Street Journal. Essentially, that consisted of using other media outfits' material without attribution. Those included HuffPost. This development is news. But it's not necessarily a black eye for BuzzFeed News.

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How to Write an Effective Quarterly Business Review


Make a list of the pre-requisites, the reports that should be created, the metrics that need to be pulled out and the main goals to be discussed. Don’t use indefinite terms and metrics.

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Why Customer Centricity Will Win You More Business (in 2020)


It’s a rather comprehensive metric that is: Easy-to-collect since there are plenty of automated tools for that. Customer centricity is a buzzword you can hardly escape these days. But, despite so much talk, few companies actually understand how to keep their customer focus sharp and, more importantly, why this area is worth more attention. So let’s dig into the matter and take a look at some great customer centricity examples, illustrating why this practice cannot be ignored in 2020.

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Post-Polling, Nielsen, Even Facebook: The people tell it as it is tweeting from smartphones

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Those in the metrics business and investors in Facebook should be shook-up this morning.    During the Democratic National Convention, the people went direct with their observations via tweets, many of them transmitted through smartphones. The Obama speech received 52,757 tweets per minute (TPM).    That was way more than what his opponent got.  That   That says plenty. 

Michelle Obama: Rhetorical effectiveness measured in tweets-per-minute

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  The metric used is tweets-per-minute.  Like Ann Romney's convention speech, Michelle Obama's told of a love story. Yet, the latter's was rated as more effective than that of Romney's wife.    In POLITICO , Kevin Cirilli reports that Michelle's address received 23,003 tweets per minute and Ann's 14,289. Since the tweet count has become such an important measurement, those seeking influnce will push for their supporters to tweet. 

Disappearing Inside The Brand Called You - Joe Kennedy III (and more and more professionals)

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That can be done indirectly through paying attention to metrics such as on social networks.  Dating back to the time when Tom Peters dominated management theory and practice, professionals have been hammered to develop a "personal brand."

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Barack Obama: Anointed King of Tweetville with 52,757 tweets-per-minute (TPM)

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 The Democratic National Convention changed the metrics for influence.    That TPM metric even surpassed his wife's numbers.    Forget Nielsen.    Forget what the establishment media commentators are saying. Forget  Forget polling.    The way influence is perceived and measured is in tweets.    Barack Obama cames out of the Charlotte being anointed, informally, the King of Tweetville. 

7 Tips to Ensure You’re Understood when Speaking to a Foreign Audience

Speaking about Presenting

I’ve heard so many Americans addressing “metric” crowds and talking in yards, miles and pounds, leaving the rest of us clueless. This is a guest post by Leon Potgieter. Americans who travel abroad for the first time are often shocked to discover that, despite all the progress that has been made in the last 30 years, many foreign people still speak in foreign languages.” – Dave Barry.

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The Post-Truth Era - Figuring Out How Much X or Y is Lying

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Forever it seems, the public relations firm Edelman has been presenting Trust Metrics at prestigious forums such as pow-wow of world leaders at Davos every January. The Economist notes that political leaders have pivoted to the post-truth era. But that's really old news. And very limited in its scope. Those numbers are lousy. Actually, in business transactions and even daily life, we have come to expect less than the truth.

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Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Viable Go to Market Strategy


Budget and Resources + KPIs/Metrics: Decide on the key milestones in your go to market strategy and set KPIs for measuring the success of your initiative. Finally, jot down the success metrics and KPIs you will use to measure the success of your launch. The metric is tied to a specific business goal most stakeholders agree on. The ultimate goal of any business is to grow and scale over time.

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Culture = Serious Business

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As Recode notes, more experts contend culture impacts just about every performance metric, be it productivity or stock price. The story history might tell about Uber could focus on what has become known as its "toxic" culture. The latest victim of that is the founder himself - Travis Kalanick. After Eric Holder et al. completed an internal investigation, Kalanick has announced that he is taking a leave of absence. Here are the details.

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Digital Marketers - Ditch All Those Links, Except for CTA

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Study the metrics about results from each. Some digital marketers tend to want everything documented. So you include plenty of links in your blogs, web content and email blasts. Big mistake. Those links provide a pathway for prospects to escape your content - and not return. For example, your link can be to the article explaining X or Y. Your prospect clicks that on. In the article are links to other information.

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Grouphigh: End to manually compiling blogger lists and more

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  Also GroupHigh provides the all-important metrics.    The best list in the world isn't all that helpful without the information from the metrics. JG:  What are some of those metrics? AT: The all-important metrics include PageRank and MozRank, Count of Facebook Shares, Blog Social Profiles, Blog Twitter followers, Weekly post frequency, and Backlinks.

Chief Marketing Officers - As the World Keeps Unraveling, Peril and Opportunity

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If the metrics don't match expectations then they will be ousted. "The average tenure of chief marketing officers and others in equivalent roles at 100 of the top U.S. advertising spenders declined to about 41 months last year from roughly 43 months in 2018."  "  - Nat Ives, The Wall Street Journal , May 27, 2020. Source of statistic is Spencer Stuart). It's not new that the function of the Chief Marketing Officer is the hotspot in organizations.

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How to Create a Great Investor Pitch Deck and Close the Deal


Slide 3 – Traction, Signs of Growth & Metrics That Validate Your Solution. Slide 3 – Traction, Signs of Growth & Metrics That Validate Your Solution. If you have the plan to reuse your pitch deck in some other dates, make sure you are industrious enough to modify old details like “dates” in the cover and metrics. If you’re a start-up, then you probably already heard the term “pitch deck.”

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"Send Us Your Book" - Publishing Still Platform for Consultants to Make Big Money

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A key metric of the value of the book is the Amazon ranking. The calls are coming in again: Requests to research, conduct interviews for, and ghostwrite books for publication. For those in professional services focused on making the big money, the book still remains the price of entry. They are asked, "Send us your book" before being booked for paid consultations and paid speaking engagements. That's good news for ghostwriters like myself.

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"The Real Life M.B.A." - "Real Life" = Yesterday Term, M.B.A. Degree No Longer = Hot Ticket (Coding Is)

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With Amazon rankings being taken so seriously as a metric of influence, thought leaders like Welch would be better off putting off publishing a book until they have a message that is truly useful. No surprise, Jack Welch's book "The Real Life M.B.A." " continues its downward trajectory. Published it mid-April 2015, the Amazon ranking is currently at 3,703. On the other hand, Peter Thiel's "Zero to One" holds at 425.

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Twitter and More - Influence Game in Play

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The reality is this: Those writing the checks have no metrics about whom the influencers are engaging and if the connecting is resulting in actual sales. 2019 is about The Twittering of Everything. If it isn't posted on that social network it doesn't exist. And both those doing the posting and that social network may have tremendous influence. (Or, Or, maybe not.). But influence, marketers are coming to realize, doesn't necessarily drive revenue and profits.

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Bernie Sanders - Won Tuesday's GOP Debate, At Least According To World Of Tweets

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" Based on the Twitter metrics, Sanders' message has gotten through. "The Twitter victor of [Tuesday's GOP] debate wasn't a Republican candidate or pundit. It was Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. [He] He] gained more new followers than any other presidential candidate during the debate, according to Twitter Government." " - Katie Sola, Forbes, December 16, 2015. Here is the article. That seems counterintuitive. At least to a conservative.

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Penelope Trunk - What Would Sigmund Freud Make Of All This

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Sandberg had outstripped her according to every professional metric. This is one for Sigmund Freud. His signature expertise was misplaced aggression. Why would a brandname writer and expert on career matters speculate that Sheryl Sandberg's late husband, Dave Goldberg, had committed suicide? She also put together enormous leaps in logic about his weight gain after he had married Sandberg. Hey, the reality is that many content men pork up amidst the joys of domestic life.

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