Big Lots, Boardman, OH - Sending Very Wrong Message

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Not only are retailers already over-stocking Halloween merchandise. Instead, our vision was immediately assaulted by merchandise for a holiday which doesn't occur until late December. This afternoon, it had been 92 degrees in Eastern Ohio.    Those of us who still do brick & mortar were in for a nasty surprise. The Big Lots in Boardman, OH actually has the front of the left hand side of the massive store jam packed with Christmas decorations. 

Neiman Marcus Yanks Ivanka's High-End Jewelry From Online, Brick & Morter

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Neiman Marcus has joined Nordstrom in yanking her brands from its merchandise. Ivanka Trump's business interests are colliding with her political activities. That includes both online and brick and mortar high-end jewelry. Here is the media coverage.

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BigStore Too Big in In-and-Out Era

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Often stores keep changing the placement of merchandise to supposedly increase sales. No surprise , J.C. Penney announced today it will be closing 140 stores. Like so many other department stores its concept - The Big Store - is out of date.

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Bank of Walmart - Branding Lessons For Entrepreneurs

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At the low end, it's a dog fight in merchandise, even in the category of groceries. Dollar stores, for example, entered that category several years ago. So, obviously, Walmart had to figure out what else to sell and how to sell it to continue to grow. Indeed it has done just that. What it has come up with is the checking account for Everyman and Everywoman. This leverages its iconic branding in accommodating The Frugal.

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When Winds Die Down, Water Recedes - How to Apply for Job at Home Depot

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That was because more folks were renting, therefore not purchasing merchandise to fix their property. Again, the business experts are wrong. Some of them predicted that home improvement retailers such as Home Depot would take it on the chin.

Amazoning of Brick & Mortar - Now It's Whole Foods

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A smart shopper can get that kind of merchandise for less in a discount store. Walmart, Marc's, Aldi and even the dollar stores have become savvy about stocking cheaper versions of one-time elite merchandise. Human beings are still out there on the street.

2+ Months Holiday Season - Marketers Shooting Themselves in the Foot

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Since mid-October retailers have showcased Christmas decorations and other merchandise. On Facebook, during the third week of October, a woman posted:  Please let me enjoy Halloween. 

Staples - Yet Another Retail Brand Which Lost Its Way

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Why was the merchandise in Staples not priced competitively with that in other Big Boxes such as Wal-Mart. Branding is about emotional attachment. In the late 1980s, the Staples brand meant caring and affordability to us new Accidental Entrepreneurs.

Talbots: Brutal Lessons in Managing Brand Identity

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 The merchandise, although no bargain, was affordable.  Talbots used to be the place to shop for midlevel professional women. The   And, no matter what I selected, I couldn't make a mistake. 

Raj Rajaratnam: What would he pay us for a kidney?

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  A steady stream of email and phone calls came to me from others, requesting a how-to on positioning and packaging the merchandise, price point, and odds of no complications.  Raj Rajaratnam's kidney transplant will likely be billed to taxpayers, now that he's in prison. 

Macy's & Martha: Stroll down litigation lane

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  Macy's sued Martha Stewart when it got wind that she was also hawking her merchandise, licensed to Macy's on an exclusive basis, to J.C. Some things just don't work out. 

Family Dollar - Way It's Trying to Turn Customers into Loss-Prevention Posse

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And with each incident the retailer loses $2 to $200 of merchandise. One out of 11 people will take the five-finger discount, documents the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention. The Family Dollar store in Small Town Americana (i.e.

Tech: Takes more than that to get brick and mortar out of the ICU

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You have probably heard all about how sexy ways of not paying conventionally for merchandise in brick and mortar will pump new cool into that shopping experience. They capture both the identity of the shopper and the merchandise data.

U.S. Postal Service Gets Hang of Era of Ecommerce

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  POLITICO reports that it is piloting a program in San Francisco of same-day delivery for merchandise purchased on the Internet.  Finally the distressed U.S. Postal Service is getting a feel for how to operate in an era of ecommerce. 

Gloveless in New England

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 Finally in one of those dollar stores where the merchandise prices have escalated much higher than a dollar I found black wool insulated gloves. Lose your gloves, you buy a new set, right?  Not in New England.

Staples Taken Private - But Likely Competitors Such as Boxaid Will Continue Eating Its Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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The big boxes carried much of the same merchandise much cheaper. Back in the late 1980s, newbie entrepreneurs such as myself might have found Staples a gift from the small-business gods. It blew into shopping centers in 1986.

Underwear Startups - Economic Indicators Recovery Is Getting Traction

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You can't try on the merchandise.  "From Andreessen Horowitz to First Round, over 100 venture firms and angel investors closed deals for underwear startups since 2012, according to CrunchBase data." 

Glamour - Less of a pull force with fears of The Big One (great depression 2.0) coming

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If the glam industry wants to reach Everyman and Everywoman it has to show us the affordable way to enjoy quality merchandise and services. Vanity Fair used to provide a tutorial on how to become part of the glam (glamour) crowd.

Kroger - It's Like Facebook In That It Wants You Never To Leave

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There you can get organic/natural food, a huge assortment of discount private-label merchandise, prescriptions filled, and highly competitively-priced gasoline.

Deep Freeze: Will this handicap Q1 GDP growth?

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 We could hope that folks are on their computers ordering merchandise and services online. It snowed for about 24 hours.  Then that was the end of that story, for a while.   On the other hand the single-digit cold weather hangs on.

Goodwill Retail - Best Value Brand

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You might be wondering: Okay for a laundry basket, but don't I fear "bugs" in other kinds of merchandise? In Austintown, Ohio, the Goodwill Store at 6000 Mahoning Avenue is packed with shoppers. That's when other discount retailers such as the dollar stores are empty. 

Smartphones, Angst, Frugality: Impulse buying anachronism at check-out

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Companies which depend on impulse purchases at the check-out counter have to re-think merchandising tactics.    BLOOMBERG BUSINESS WEEK reports that sales are down because customers waiting for their purchases to be rung up are preoccupied with their smartphones. 

Girl Talk all about the best consignment shops, Goodwill outlets

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  Girl Talk is totally focused on the best shops providing used merchandise.    They have to provide gently used merchandise that represents diverse brands, including those of their competitors.  "Are you going to that new Goodwill Outlet on State Street?"  "  That's what I pushed my neighbor into considering.    The Outlet is big and well-lighted and has decent bargains. 

P&G - The Company which Invented Brand Management Has Irrelevant Brands

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That's because most of them cost more than private label merchandise. P&G has been a non-performer for a while. And, Jennifer Reingold in Fortune explains how it's trying to get its mojo back.

Carnage Continues in Retail - Saving the Soul of Laid-Off Workers

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Consumers demand stores with smaller footprints and curated merchandise. Early this year, the Society for Human Resource Management reports, 49% of job cuts were in retail. This is bound to get worse. For instance, a price war has broken out between Amazon and Walmart.

No Shocker - Federal Reserve of SF Finds Bias in Hiring Aging & It's Hurting the Economy

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As for necessities of life such as food, branded merchandise can take a hit. The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco has made it its business to investigate age bias in hiring for jobs. The study was conducted by   David Neumark , an economist and university professor. 

Amazon - Was It Ambushed By The New York Times Or Is Toxic Corporate Culture For Real?

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For example, I can purchase merchandise from other ecommerce platforms instead of that of Amazon. Jon Russell at the influential TechCrunch raises the possibility that The New York Times coverage of Amazon's corporate culture might not have been accurate.

Post-Affluence: Salvation Army vs. Goodwill

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" It seems the location had lots to do with the quality, lay-out, and price of the merchandise.  "This top, which still had a Talbot label on it, cost me $1.80 in the Salvation Army." "   That was the talk on the bus today.    The woman, who had been laid off from a bank last year finally got another job at Wal-Mart.    She was boasting about her bargains. 

Market Your Services with Auto- Responders

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The concept of an effective auto responder is this - you sign up for a newsletter or free merchandise on a website and after you have fully registered, a number of emails promoting other products will be mailed to your email address. Auto responders are very important for your business growth. You can use auto responders to promote your products and services.

Brand Frugal: Lessons from Wal-Mart

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  The lighting flatters no one and none of the merchandise.  "Why is the store so crowded tonight, so near to closing time?" " That's what the woman ahead of me on line at Wal-Mart asked me.    It was a long line. 

The Bring-It-In Economy - Dogs Taking Bite Out of Its Potential

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As we know, merchandise ordered online is delivered directly to the residence. The Delivery Economy has made dog bites the new normal for delivery personnel.    One postal worker told me that he had been bitten five times.

Selling: Show Class of 2014 how to do that, they will never be without work

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 The grocer had to unload that perishable merchandise. In the most provincial village in Germany centuries ago and the most sophisticated cities in the U.S. today the key to survival was and is the ability to sell. The Manhattan developer has to rent out that commercial real estate.

Family Dollar: Where is it going?

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  We’ll continue to tweak our merchandise mix to meet customer’s needs and that includes increasing our assortment in food.    Often value goes beyond the price our customer pays for the merchandise

Malling of America: Another bit of Americana dies

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 By half time I have a hunch some attending had ordered some merchandise online. Shopping malls were the original, though unofficial, Third Places.  That's where women and teenagers hung out when not at home or work/school.  We met each other at the mall.

Connecticut - We had our White Christmas, thank you

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 I had a sugar high just observing their merchandise go along the conveyor belt. Today had all the characteristics of Christmas Day.   Before the snow really started to pound New Haven County, Connecticut, the stores were jammed with people.

Brand Boost: Hiring those over-50

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  The fun of shopping there is not only the bargains but also the continuous change in merchandise.  Last night I swung by Big Lots.    You never know what you'll find. This time I did not luck out. 

Borders: End of an Ethos

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  One can come in, bring tons of reading matter to the table in the cafe, order or not order a cup of coffee, hang for hours, and not purchase any of the merchandise

Jersey City, NJ - Hague era may be over, but not extreme (yenta) chutzpah

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 It will give us merchandise and we can attend its events. Former Wall Street player Steven Fulop promised in his campaign for mayor of Jersey City, New Jersey to end the Frank Hague era of political corruption.

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How to Build a High-Traffic Website and Convert That Traffic to Sales!

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Effectively merchandising your site. with Tom Gray. Why is it that speakers spend days, months, and years crafting and polishing their platform presentations but balk at spending 30 minutes polishing their web, blog, and newsletter content?

How does the audience know when you're done?

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This time, she introduced the dancers, and played a game with the audience to give away free merchandise. On Sunday, I watched a performance of a competitive cheer team (I don't think they call it cheerleading any more. ).